Buy your Motorcycle

I learned how to ride my motorcycle at the Harley Davidson Riding Academy in Oct 2016 and decided to take a brand new road king for a test drive. I did the research and loved the design and figured what a better time to test drive it than on my birthday. So I went down to the same Harley dealer that I learned how to ride and asked if I could take the Road King for a test ride. The sales associate brought me into his office and after signing the release forms he rode the bike up to the front of the shop. He asked if I could do a couple of laps around the parking lot to ensure I could handle the bike. I complied and then waited for him while waiting I tilted the bike and almost dropped her on the ground. I got lucky because when this occurred he out getting his ride to accompany me on the test drive.

As we took off I followed him down the highway the engine on the road king was much stronger than the bike I owned and it took off fast and smooth. We turned off the highway into a side road and  opened up the throttle and it was awesome, what a rush! This was the bike I needed or so I thought at the time it was fast, great handling and came in a beautiful black color. The ride went great and I told the associate when we returned I need to buy this motorcycle. He said sure and started on the details but then came on back down to reality knowing that I needed some more time to save, but thanks for the ride it was a great birthday present.

Riding Academy Graduation Picture
My Academy Graduation picture

You Need to Buy Your Motorcycle

When I say I know what it like looking for months, weeks and hours at craigslist, cycle-trader, motorcycle dealers, used and new bikes. Frustrating when you finally get M endorsement and all you want to do is ride. But motorcycle dealers do not give out test drives. But there are always ways around everything and for motorcycle buyers you can always go to the dealers and check out their used inventory. These are great places to start the dealer will give you at least a year warranty and if you have any problems you can come back to the dealer for fixing. Most reputable dealers have a decent used motorcycle inventory of great beginner motorcycle. Now why am I so adamant about motorcycle dealers well I have had my problems shopping on craigslist and the private sellers and have friends who have bought a few motorcycle nightmares.

But remember to bring  your motorcycle endorsement before you even think about test-driving. I recommend,”The Harley Davidson Motorcycle Riding Academy”, it has a great price and all the Harley dealers should offer it. They integrate it with,”The Motorcycle Safety Foundation” and this foundation is at the cutting edge when it comes to motorcycle safety. The course takes a beginner and in three days they know how to ride a motorcycle and earned their motorcycle endorsement. So, take the course the instructors are awesome and they are helpful and informative, it worked for me.

I have my Motorcycle Endorsement

I got my motorcycle endorsement and saved $2000 to $3000 which is a great starting point for a beginner or starter bike. And I do not know why people call it a beginner bike, its like you could not get a real bike so you purchased a starter bike. Listen, when you purchase your first bike be proud, it is the first motorcycle and a big accomplishment. If the surrounding people do not understand that then too bad because the brotherhood of motorcycle riders does and we will welcome you with open arms. My first bike was Royal Enfield GT 535I in red and it was awesome not because it was fast but because it was my first motorcycle. I remember riding around town and some people always had good comments about the bike. The Royal Enfield is the oldest motorcycle manufacturer; Thats right older than Indian and Harley and they outsell both of them yearly worldwide so never judge until you know the story.

Royal enfield GT 535i red
My first real motorcycle what a great looking bike.

Look and buy Your Motorcycle

When you finally begin looking to buy your motorcycle you should look at 500cc to 900cc depending on the size and what you can handle. Look at the riding you want to do, do your homework search google, craigslist, and cycle trader, research and more research find out about the engine, tires, and specs of the bike look at all the reviews and think about what you want. If you do decide to go the private seller route bring along a friend who knows how to fix motorcycles and have him look it over or ride it. Also, a friend will tell you the truth and when not to buy when you get all star eyed and say I just have to get this bike.

Start small and used and then save up for the bike of your dreams or at least a great down payment and great interest rate, what is great interest rate 0% APR and that is what I received when I bought my new Indian. Decide sports bike, cruiser, motocross, scooter whatever then go see them and sit on them; are the seats comfortable and will it be this comfortable when your riding for 2 hours. Is the weight of the bike good for you, go ahead and lean it to each side get a good feel for it, these are the questions you need to ask yourself when you buy your motorcycle.

Remember the first motorcycle sole purpose is to show you throttle control and great road habits. Along with those good habits always use ATGATT, (All the gear all the time), and I recommend an airbag vest for motorcycles from Helite but all covered at the motorcycle academy and could save your life. In summary as you progress in riding your motorcycle she will let you feel more of the road and you will know how she handles the obstacles on that road, eventually the both of you will become one entity riding down the road exploring the wonder and beauty of riding and this relationship will become stronger and last a lifetime.

My Indian motorcycle delivery
My new Indian Motorcycle delivered to my front door.


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If you enjoyed reading Buy Your Motorcycle please leave a comment or your own review below and I will respond to you.

Enjoy the Ride and welcome to the brotherhood!


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