Motorcycle Airbag Vest-Making Riders Visible To Drivers

The Vest

I remember when I first got my free high visibility yellow and black vest from the military motorcycle safety office. I remember because I did not know they were free and all you had to do was provide them with proof of the , M endorsement on your license. This was a great vest it had pockets and a place to store your ID card something important when living on-post and plan on leaving the post for a ride. I wore this vest for a while and then up graded to a Held protector vest. The new vest was and still is a fantastic investment but on the pricey side. I do believe that every rider should wear one whether they ride at night or during the day. It becomes a nuisance when you begin wearing it, but as you get use to it you think less about it. To wear or not to wear a Motorcycle Safety Vest is all up to you the rider it does however provide more visibility for you so the cars can see you and not hit you.

Here is my first military motorcycle safety vest, a great vest.

Be Visible!

The sole purpose of wearing the motorcycle safety vest is for cars and people to see you on the road. I mean we put up with the vest being uncomfortable sometimes the added weight, added heat in the summer and a host of other scenarios. But why go through all the trouble of wearing one I mean even I sometimes wonder are they worth it. Is all the hassle of throwing that vest on over the jacket worth it. My answer is yes, believe me there are numerous studies that have found that wearing a high visibility vest decreases your chances of being hit by about 30%

A motorcycle rider wearing his vest.

Because of just sitting on a motorcycle whether it be on a sports’ bike or cruiser or just about any other style of motorcycle allows the car driver to see you even if a split-second sometimes; Which is all you need to get out of a critical situation. The highways and side roads of America have all drivers, some are safe some are not. let me explain. Most people get up and head out to work every morning with every intention of being as safe as they can.

In their mind they drive as safe when they are on the highway driving at 75MPH keeping up with the flow of traffic. And when they travel this fast and read and answer a text they say I just need to look for a few seconds. Drivers swing open doors, stop, swerve into your lane with no turn signal, talk on the phone and text. People are do not always use their best judgment they get stressed and upset sometimes while driving, and which leads to less attention when driving.

And here we come on our beautiful black cruisers with black leather jacket and chaps and a black helmet and gloves we look damn good traveling down the road. We look good but to drivers we become invisible who now fails to see you and slam! you just got hit. Was the driver at fault or was it the bikers fault?, who knows!, the biker paid for it with his body. Now, should you look like a Christmas tree  riding down the road?, No I am not but I do believe that you can compromise and wear a vest. At least they will see you better out on the road and you can enjoy the ride. Be visible to all the other drivers and wear a motorcycle safety vest or an airbag vest!

My Held Airbag Vest Review

Product Description:

  • Inflatable airbag vest with back protector
    that inflates upon activation.


Product Specs:

  • Turtle CE Approved Airbag effective deployment in 0.1 seconds.
  • SAS-TEC back protector 1621-2 certified.
  • Neon yellow for High-Visibility at night.
  • Interior Textile 3D mesh for comfort and support.
  • Robust front 3 clips


  • Small (90lbs-150lbs)-XL (175-230)

My Rating:

  • 9.5 out of 10

The Held Airbag Vest Overview

Are you serious!, they make an airbag vest for motorcycle riders, this just sound too ridiculous to me. Well I am here to inform those who have not heard that there is at least one company out there that does sell high quality motorcycle airbag safety vests, the held airbag vest. This would be the upgrade in safety for those riders who would want to go a step further in body protection. It looks like a regular motorcycle safety vest but heavier and with a kick in performance. The Held vest comes in yellow or black and it has three clips in the front and a chord that comes down from the middle of the vest that

Here is my motorcycle Held Protector Vest, great looking vest.

attaches to your motorcycle. How it works is you load a compressed air cartridge in the side pocket connected to a chord that attaches to your motorcycle. Then, when you decide you want to go riding you would just clip the lanyard to the motorcycle and off you go, arrive at your destination and unclip it. And, no worries if you forget to detach it the unit will not discharge because it takes 66 pounds of force to release it.

It will take about a week of riding with the vest to get accustomed to the procedure and become more protected while riding. And what happens when it does discharge, well if you do come flying off the bike for whatever reason the vest inflates in Millie seconds and now the front, your back, neck and spinal cord protected. The vest actually aligns your head forward and keeps your back straight and protected. Then it takes several minutes to deflate on its own.

The vest sells for $681.14  and yes, pricey but how much is it  to spend a few nights at the emergency room lately. They are expensive, but they will reduce my risk of injury and they are worth it so much that I purchased a yellow one and have wore it for a year now. And yes they do work, It deployed once when I almost dropped the bike on a dirt road; I caught the bike but came off the bike fast and the vest deployed even faster. So I urge you to buy the held airbag vest this smart investment could prolong your life while riding on the road.

I hope you enjoyed my review on Motorcycle Airbag Vest-Making Riders Visible to Drivers if you would like to leave a comment or your own review please do so below and I will respond.

Be Visible and be Safe.


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