My Indian Winter Ride-2nd December Ride!

Hello again, today I went for my Indian winter ride second December ride and on the verge of a snow storm here in Minot North Dakota. Today the temperature was 24 degrees with a riding temperature of 11 degrees due to the wind blowing at 19 MPH. It was not a long ride it only lasted about 30 minutes but I was able to capture some video with my scuba diving camera.
Scuba Diving Camera? Yes, my scuba diving camera that I used in the Florida keys in Islamorada and took some great video and pictures while scuba diving. I just placed the camera in the front of the bike on top of my red bag I have up there. It worked out kinda, I mean I had to edit the video and add music, but it is my first video of me riding my motorcycle.

Ride that motorcycle!

Was it cold?, you bet it was and my feet they did get cold. I now know to wear my timberland boots with some thermal socks on all future winter rides, and, I will let you know on my next ride how it worked out.

About the Ride

I set up the video camera and was off, made a right down my street then another right at the end onto the main street. I drove to the end and made a right and passed a horse farm on the left and a defensive driving course halfway through. Then turned around and drove around checking out all the sights here on post. And ended up with about 11 and a half minutes of film footage then edited it to  around 6 minutes. Then I inserted a title and some of my own trumpet music mixes that I played and recorded on my computer in the past. It came out good, I mean with the music and the riding everything just fit good.

I hope you enjoy my first video MotoVlog, just me the camera and the bike riding around on post with some cool music to help relax you.

If you enjoyed reading and watching my post of My Indian Winter Ride-2nd December Ride please leave a comment or your own review below and I will respond.

Ride all Winter!


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