Motorcycle Riding Pants-My Black Leather Pants

Motorcycle Riding Pants

I remember when I went shopping for my first real motorcycle riding pants, this happened on October 22, 2016, at Cycle Gear of Cherry Hill. Now up to this point I rode around on just my regular, everyday jeans and that suited me fine except when the winter set in and I needed something warmer. Not just warmer but thanks to the safety class I needed something much more abrasive resistant. So I researched it online and went down to my new-found favorite motorcycle gear shop that just happen to be a nice ride from Fort Dix. So I straddled my Royal Enfield and was off to buy me a pair of riding pants. Although?, I wanted to buy a pair of black leather pants I did like the way the denim jeans looked.

Rear view of my leather riding pants
Royal enfield GT 535i red
My Royal Enfield Continental GT 535i.

But, here I was at Cycle Gear talking to a salesman about riding gear and we both agreed that for the winter and road safety that the motorcycle riding pants should be made out of leather. I agreed, I mean I had done the research and the leather pants priced at $159.00 with some discounts a good deal at $149.99, not bad. The fit was comfortable and they had enough room inside for wearing long johns a must for winter riding.

The Best all-purpose riding leathers on the market

  • Heavy duty zipper
  • 1.1-1.3mm full grain leather
  • Perforated above and behind knees for more protection
  • Comfort leather stretch panels
  • CE approved armor at knees
  • Stretch leather panels at waist/ padded kidney belt
  • Zip entry front pockets for convenience
  • Comfortable wear
  • Long lasting and rugged

These motorcycle riding pants were bought by me in October 2016, for $149.99 and it is still available Here for a discounted rate of $139.99. The leather riding pants was worth the $149.99, this was a great pair of leather motorcycle pants that was high quality and made to last a lifetime.

Today, these are my go to leather riding pants for the fall and winter or when the weather is not so great. I have not had any problems with these pants. They are made of a strong leather reinforced at the seams. I like the way they feel and even in the summer they are cool. The downside if any is that they do not have any back pockets and at first it was a hassle but you get use to it and you lose the ass numbness you get after a long ride.

My Leather Jacket Review

Title: Bilt Spirit Pants

Product Description: Genuine leather heavy-duty mens leather motorcycle pants

Pros/Cons: Heavy-duty riding pants strong and comfortable, con, no back pockets

Product Specs: Heavy duty zipper, thick leather with perforated knees and CE Armor at knees

Warranted: 1 year from manufacture

Price: $139.99 (On sale Here)

My Overall Review: 9.5 out of 10

If you would like to purchase these leather motorcycle riding pants it can be found For $139.99.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review on Motorcycle Riding Pants-My Black Leather Pants please leave a comment or if you would like to leave your on review please do so below and I will respond.

Put on the Leather Pants!


2 thoughts on “Motorcycle Riding Pants-My Black Leather Pants

  1. Phil January 11, 2018 / 5:46 pm

    Hi there
    Many thanks for the awesome review on the motorcycle pants, it ticks all the boxes for the professional and casual cyclist.
    It’s one piece of gear that is crucial to a motorcyclist and regardless of what the weather is doing, its still required, as one never knows when the weather could turn nasty.
    After reading through all of the important features that you have so eloquently outlined, it ticks all the boxes.
    What a motorcyclist requires from this garment is protection, weatherproof qualities, durability and flexibility and it has all those in spades.
    Pricewise, it is very affordable and should last for years, if looked after properly.
    Thanks for this great post,
    Best wishes…..PB


    • admin January 11, 2018 / 5:55 pm

      Phil, Thanks for the comment, these leather pants are sturdy and very strong and they do hold up to the inclement weather conditions while riding. They are quite comfortable, not to heavy and you can’t beat the price point. Also your very insightful on today’s motorcycle rider, not all of them are wearing all the proper gear to help them enjoy the ride, let alone a slide on the pavement due to some road mishap.Thank You,JesusB


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