Garage Parking Mats-For My Indian Motorcycle

Some Information on Motorcycle Mats

Buying a motorcycle mat for your bike! I mean buying a mat that is beautiful and then putting this mat on the garage floor to park your motorcycle on it. Sounds like wasted money thrown into the wind or is it a great investment in keeping your bike tires off the cold floor? I know that it does not sound like a big deal to get one but when I purchased it for my bike I then knew how much I needed this. Some of the benefits are;

  1. To lay down on the side of the bike and work on it while being off the floor
  2. To add air to the tires and check the wear of each tire
  3. To go through my checks before going riding
  4. To do some detailing after a good wash
  5. And to have the bike sit on a mat off the cold garage floor

These are all great benefits and why I decided to buy the garage parking mat for my motorcycle. I do use it now and wonder how I ever got along without it. I mean, I do use it and the motorcycle looks beautiful sitting on it. Do not think of it as a purchase but more of an investment that will help you and your bike out when it becomes riding season again. You will use it and catch yourself and say what a great looking mat, I am glad I invested in this.

These mats became a reality because most people like myself used card board box pieces to do the job of the mat. We as motorcycle riders love to take care of our motorcycle, since there were no rugs we used cardboard, doing what we had to do to protect our investments and with all the different garage parking mats made by all the many manufacturers there is no reason not to get one.

So many motorcycles and so many mats.

Whats out there now

There are so many types of garage motorcycle mats online right now that I could write a book on it. There are mats made with favorite teams emblems, famous qoutes, car makes/model emblems, the list goes on and motorcycle manufacturers make them with all different materials and/or designs;

  • Mats with your favorite team
  • Mats having a ribbed design made of all rubber
  • Ones having ribbed design with a rug
  • Ones having a ribbed design with no rug
  • Made of rubber with a rug attached to the top with a design
  • Flat gray and black
  • Coin grid lock floor tiles to cover entire garage
  • Ones made for cruisers or sports bikes
  • All different colors
  • Interlocking tile flooring multi-color
  • Mats custom-made for specific motorcycle
  • Manufacturer specific rugs
  • All different prices

As you can see there are different motorcycle rugs and they are all have a different price. Now, to add to the confusion, no one online helps anyone else in finding the best one for you. Well, except me I have to tell you that I recommend this great product because I have bought it myself.

Worth the protection!

All mats are the same?

Well no, there are all different garage parking mats online and you have to ask yourself what is the best one for me. There are all rubber bike mats that sole purpose is to keep the motorcycle off the cold garage floor, then there are mats that are made of rubber and have a rug attached to the top, either plain or with an emblem.

Then there are those mats that are flat black and its sole purpose is to protect the garage floor from any leaks your bike might have. This is important because you do have to figure on the condition of your motorcycle and whether it will leak in the future. If your motorcycle needs special attention then this might be the type of garage floor mat for you.

Whatever it is that you decide to buy, you should consider the following;

  • Quality of the product
  • The durability of the rug
  • The appeal and looks, pleasing to your eyes
  • The price, which should be anywhere from $150 to $250 for a decent one

Shop around because not all motorcycle garage mats are the same or made the same, please do the research and find one that fits your budget and rugged enough for your motorcycle. Indian and Harley make some great motorcycle rugs for the money.

Great looking mat for your Harley.
My Indian bike logo mat

Why not choose a cheaper mat

Sometimes, in the life of a motorcycle rider we purchase some items that are just as good if not better then some name brands. I still buy if it is durable, high quality and price is good not because of name brand. Name brands are sometimes better but not always and effective marketing makes other people rich not me. I always look at the different products I want to buy before actually buying the one I want. So, when it comes to my motorcycle I also do the same and the purchase of my Indian motorcycle mat was no different. I did my research and narrowed it down to 2 and choose to get the Indian garage mat because it met all 3 of my pre qualifiers. It was durable, it was made of high quality material and it had great price, not to mention awesome eye appeal, all points covered.

Here is my baby, parked in her spot awaiting riding weather

Why choose a custom mat

Why I decided to go with the Indian Motorcycle mat was because it custom-built for Indian motorcycle owners. I happen to own a 2016 Scout Sixty White and she looks breath taking sitting on that mat. It  brings out the bike more and protects the tires from the cold garage concrete of these North Dakota winters. I chose the Logo Bike Mat because it will give me a place to put down my tools when I need to work on her, or when I need to finish off some detailing work after a nice wash. The garage parking mat lets the family know that that is where dad parks his bike, so leave it alone.

Harley the other Great American Motorcycle Company!

My final thoughts and recommendations

My final thoughts on this matter is that you should go with a custom garage motorcycle mat. They can be plain or not but definitely purchase one for you beloved motorcycle because it deserves the best. I recommend you click here for your  Indian Motorcycle or click here for your Harley Motorcycle. I have found one for your Harley or one for your Indian and they both look pretty cool to tell you the truth at a great price.

Buy these motorcycle rugs now with the links below;

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Motocross MX American Eagle Custom Garage Mat


If you enjoyed my post on the Garage Parking Mats-For My Indian Motorcycle then please leave a comment below, or if you would like to leave your own review please feel free to do so.

Protect Your Investment!


6 thoughts on “Garage Parking Mats-For My Indian Motorcycle

  1. johnny January 28, 2018 / 2:44 pm

    I have never seen mats for motorcycles. I see the benefits. It would have been nice to have something like this when I owned my bike. I used cardboard. I would slide around all over the place.
    With motorcycle mats you have more safety for yourself and less damage to your bike if you do have to lay it on its side.
    Thanks for listing the uses of the mats in your post.
    You did a good job showing how many ways there is to customize your mats.
    I was wondering if they are hard to clean? Especially if you get oil and grease on them.
    Also, are there more places to purchase them than the two examples you gave?
    Thank you for the information,


    • admin January 29, 2018 / 7:13 pm

      Thanks for the comment, the Indian Motorcycle Mats are not hard to clean, you clean them like any other rugs but it takes a little longer. If you get grease or oil on them you just use a degreaser and the stains come out. And yes, there are more places to buy them I just recommended these 2.Thank you,JesusB


      • johnny January 29, 2018 / 9:02 pm

        thanks for the info. Sounds like a good product, also beautiful pictures of bike. I assume some to those pictures are of your Indian. I love those. johnny


  2. Jude January 31, 2018 / 12:16 am

    I was not aware there are so many types of garage motorcycle mats.

    You identified 4 criteria when buying a mat – quality, durability, appeal and price. The important one for me would be durability. The mat would also have to be comfortable on my bad knees and easy to clean.

    Why is it advertised as “Genuine” Indian Motorbike Mat Logo Mat.

    Does the word “Genuine” mean that there are copycats around. How does one know the difference?

    I enjoyed reading your article. The information will help buyers make a more informed decision. ~Jude


    • admin January 31, 2018 / 9:54 pm

      Jude, This mat is comfortable and very durable, it is genuine because there are people out there that copy it, but you can always tell the difference in them. The words are sometimes misspelled or the material is made cheaply on the mat, but if you buy it from a reputable site like Amazon or ebay
      Thanks for your comment and I am glad it will help.


      • Jude Banks February 3, 2018 / 7:43 am

        Yes, buying from a reputable site is the answer. I appreciate your reply. ~Jude


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