Performance Mufflers-For My Scout Sixty

Crusher Maverick Slip-On Muffler for Indian Scout Sixty

Title: Crusher Maverick Slip-On Muffler

Product Description: A high performance motorcycle exhaust slip-on

Pros/Cons: Pros-5% increase in horsepower, Cons-Not as expensive while on sale

Product Specs: See below at features

Guarantee: 1-Year

Price: $431.99 BEST SALE PRICE on Here

My Overall Review: 10 out of 10 for overall quality and workmanship


  • Exhaust premium chrome-plated steel
  • 5% horsepower gain without intake, header or fuel mapping modifications
  • 2.5″ muffler diameter
  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • Approximately 14 lbs. lighter than your stock mufflers
  • These are sold in pairs
  • Made in the USA
Side View of Crusher Maverick Exhaust
Side view of the Crusher Maverick Slip-Ons.


Shed 14 pounds on the bikes weight when you switch to these and gain a 5% increase in horsepower without messing with the intake or headers.The slim design which makes the 2.5″ muffler diameter stays in line with the Scouts smooth lines and it matches the stock headers to preserve the overall lean profile of the Indian Scout. Styled billet aluminum tips with high-temp black ceramic coating and brushed stainless steel banding with the Crusher emblem. The high-flow baffles produce a unique throaty exhaust note when you get on the throttle.

This is a high-performance exhaust that sounds beastly in your scout sixty. It has a deep sound that fits with the Indian scout sixty. It flows from mid bike to the end tips and it comes with a beautiful emblem on the side.

So,  this is a cool looking exhaust that will look like the old one. It will drop the weight of the bike by 14 pounds which is great for long trips and better gas mileage. And will give you a 5% gain in horsepower. But, the best part of it is the no need to remap the fuel or mess with the headers or intake.

Out of all the exhaust systems currently being sold for my 2016 scout sixty I give my recommendations to the Crusher Maverick Slip-Ons Mufflers because of their quality and workmanship and did I mention they are made in the U.S.A. These are a great pair of slip-on for the Indian Motorcycle and you can purchase them by clicking Here.



If you enjoyed reading my review on Crusher Maverick Slip-Ons, please feel free to leave a comment or your own review in the comment section below and I will always leave a reply.

Let them know it’s a motorcycle!




2 thoughts on “Performance Mufflers-For My Scout Sixty

  1. kmv March 4, 2018 / 8:45 pm

    Those are some really nice looking mufflers! I was sold when I saw the increased hp and drop in weight. I personally like a bike that is on the leaner side.

    Do you know if there is any change in db level with these? I’m wondering if the gain in hp and less weight comes at the cost of a louder bike.

    Thanks for the review!


    • admin March 6, 2018 / 10:49 pm

      Thanks for the read, yes there is an increase in sound but it is not bad. The bike sounds great with these slip-on and you do gain about 10% more in horsepower. I don’t worry to much about the noise because I wear earplugs when I ride but overall the sound that it produces for the Scout Sixty is simply amazing.Thank you,JesusB


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