Motorcycle Driving Lights-For the Scout/Scout Sixty

Motorcycle Driving Lights Review

So you go to a friends house for a nice get together with all your friends and a good time but in the back of your mind you see how dark its getting and is the light your bike enough. Looks like another slow ride home tonight and wondering about alternatives. What are my alternatives for motorcycle driving lights, I mean there are so many choices online and I am sick of searching online only to be let down by the quality of the motorcycle light online.

Hey, I know how you feel there are choices galore online and everyone endorses a specific product because they are paid. I mean, I also will make a commission on these lights if you decide to buy them but not from the manufacturer but by the seller. Which means that the lights reviewed on merit and quality. So, researched some lights and have found these to be a great solution for my Indian Scout Sixty at a reasonable price.

The Eagle Lights 8900 BG2H-with full Halo ring are a great upgrade from the OEM lighting set-up. It comes with a Halo ring that stays on when the high beam comes on or ordered to come on with the low beam.


  • Strong lumes output
  • High quality materials
  • Large field of vision
  • Great aftermarket investment
  • Nice safety upgrade
  • Default settings halo is on


  • EAGLE LIGHTS QUALITY- Eagle Lights Halos come wired so the Halo stays on
    whenever the lights are on. No cutting and splicing needed. The Eagle
    Lights 8900 headlight uses high quality poly carbonate lens construction
    for extra durability and heat treated die-cast aluminum for the body.
    Powered by high output LEDs, it is the best and the brightest 5 3/4″ LED
  • PLUG And PLAY- The package comes with the OEM connector that comes standard on
    many different Harley Davidson s and other bikes. Halo ring comes
    pre-wired so you have to do no splicing and no cutting. Halo wired to low beam.
  • GENERATION II DIFFERENCE- No fitment issues, halo comes prewired and, of course,
    more light! 20% improvement over the Generation I and easy install on
    your Scout or Scout Sixty.
  • LOTS OF POWER, LOTS OF LIGHT- At over 1770 Lumens, there is nowhere you
    can not go. With a wide angle of projection and a color temperature of
    over 6000K, the road will be bright.

DOT approved, high lumen output, easy installation! Eagle Lights, the original, the best and the brightest.

Technical Specs:

  • Description 12V DOT/ECE LED High Beam Headlight with Colored Bezel
  • Shape Circle
  • Outer Lens Material Hard coated Polycarbonate
  • Outer Lens Color Clear
  • Housing Material Die-Cast Aluminum
  • Housing Color Black
  • Mounting Type Low-Profile Panel Mount
  • Retrofits 5.75″ Seal Beam Lights
  • Minimum Operating Temperature -40 (°C) / -40 (°F)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature 65 (°C) / 149 (°F)
  • Product Weight 2.17 (lbs) / 0.98 (kg)
  • Lumen Output 1350 LM (Low Beam) 1770 LM (High Beam)

So, after careful review I recommend these Day maker lights for the Indian Scout Sixty affordable and selling for only $129.99 on Amazon. They are made by Eagles Lights manufacturing headlights since 2005.

A great aftermarket light for your Indian Scout Sixty or Scout, and you will finally have a great view of the road at night and enjoy those long midnight summer runs with no worries.

Remember available for the incredible low price of only $129.99.

If you enjoyed reading about my motorcycle driving lights for my scout sixty please leave a comment below or if you would like to leave your own review please leave it below and I will answer it.

Keep it bright at night!


2 thoughts on “Motorcycle Driving Lights-For the Scout/Scout Sixty

  1. Andrew G March 16, 2018 / 12:57 am

    Hey there great job man doing here for writers. It seems as though we are missing the overall idea of the picture of the illumination of the light without that picture. However appreciate the thorough review and looking for an aftermarket product such as this is timely and important Indeed thank you very much


    • admin March 16, 2018 / 7:48 pm

      Thanks for the read, it does illuminate quite well and this would make a great aftermarket part.JesusB


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