Aeromach Floorboards-For The Scout Sixty

Aeromack Floorboards

Here is the alternative to the Indian Motorcycle floorboards if you are on a budget and need the money, say for gas for instance. They are made from CNC billet aluminum and made in the U.S. A which makes them good quality and durable.

Aeromach with all hardware
Aeromach with all hardware


And you can see all the hardware included in the incredible low price of $249.99 which is $50 less than the Indian floorboards. Now, are these are better than the Indian floorboards?, No, I am not, these floorboards are for those of us who want to get a quality item without breaking the bank. These are all American made and are durable which means it should last the life of the bike.

Aeromach close-up view
Aeromach close-up view


Just look at this close-up you can see the quality of the workmanship that is put into every pair of floorboards. Every pivot point is made from strong CNC billet aluminum and it comes in matte black for that awesome look on any bike. The platform is a strong rubber to hold the boot in place and it is 9″ long and 4″ wide giving you the comfort on those long rides.

Aeromach bottom view
Aeromach bottom view

Product features

  • This,  Aeromach best-selling product made in the USA
  • CNC machined from 6061 Billet Aluminum and powder coated in a show quality Matte Black finish.
  • New 9″ x 4″ rubber pads feature a CNC
    “Cross-Cut” pattern for comfort and grip. Foot position
    drops approximately 1″
  • Replaces the stock foot pegs and can be used
    with optional Heel/Toe shift lever (CI-2030.) Stainless
    Steel mounting hardware included.
  • For use with 2015 and higher Indian Scout & Scout 60 Models.
  • Does fold up

Aeromach folding up

So here they are in the folded position for when you need them up. They are a great pair of floorboards and after careful review of the Indian motorcycle floorboards I do believe that these will be the ones that I will purchase for my scout sixty. Not only will they make my bike look great but it will line up well with the scout sixty lines and save me some money.

Below you will find the summary of the product but, did you know that this company made parts for the M1 tank and space shuttle at one point in their history. Now, knowing this you should feel more assured of ordering this because if it is strong enough for a tank than it should be strong for the Indian Scout Sixty.

A great buy for the money and you will save some money. On their website it is $255.99 and if you go with the Indian Motorcycle floorboards you will spend at least $299.99 before taxes and shipping. So the choice is yours.

Aeromack Floorboards Summary

Title: USA which Floorboards (CI-2020)

Product Description: Scout/Scout Sixty powder coated matte black-CNC billet aluminum floorboards

Pros/Cons: Pro-matte black, Cons-Not available in chrome

Product Specs: See top at features

Warranty: 1-Year

Price: $249.99 best price (Click here!)

My Overall Review: 9 out of 10 is due to it not coming in chrome

If you enjoyed reading my review on Aeromach Floorboards, please feel free to leave a comment or your own review in the comment section below.

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