Where is the Spring-I Want to Ride!

Where is the Spring!

I can speak for all of us motorcycle riders when I say we endured a harsh long winter and now it should be over. It is April a time when the flowers start to bloom and the average temperature should be in the 50s. A time when people begin their spring cleaning and ready themselves for the summer months and vacation time.
Just look at the above picture beautiful,  I mean it looks like a great place to visit on an awesome ride. A place that you could ride to and park the bike, take off the helmet and take a deep breath and let it all in. A place where there is plenty of vegetation, trees and streams to relax and feel the outdoors and become one with nature.

Does such a place exist?

Is there such a place as this in the United States

So many colors, So much beauty!

Yes, but of course such places exist in this wonderful place we call the U.S. I know, I seen these places, I smelled the forest, I seen the southern morning dew with the sound of crickets and have felt the heat of the morning sun on my face. A feeling of pure satisfaction for the soul and be glad for the blessing of life.

Nice and warm

Spring is a season that is special for me because it brings with it a new fresh start. You go through Summer, Fall, Winter then Spring around you the birds are busy at work this is a wonderful time. But, this year spring is not here in Minot, ND we still have snow on the ground and the temperatures are still cold.

North Dakota
North Dakota

Spring is Warmer!

The temperature today in Minot N. D is 31 degrees going up to 37 by 6pm and Sunday a high of 40 degrees. This is not exactly great spring motorcycle riding weather and spring has not sprung. Minot  highways are great for riding I mean it is a large state. You can ride for miles and miles and never see the end of the road, you can go 65 MPH or 75MPH and never catch up to the car in front of you.

This in fact is a great because it cuts down on accidents and crazy cagers cutting you off. I remember living in New Jersey and I wanted to go to my favorite Indian dealer I would have to take 4 highways to get there and be on high alert at all times. The driving was crazy if it was not the cars in front of me it was cars behind me doing something crazy to get ahead of me. And for what?, they still got to where they needed to go, everything was rush, rush, rush.
Not here, the riding here is always a pleasurable experience and the Canadian border is only 45 minutes away. It is always a pleasure to go for a ride on my Indian Scout Sixty whether I go to the nearby lake and check out the fascinating twists and turns or just ride on the open road to no place, I always enjoy my rides.

I will say if I could, I would add more trees and add more places to go to and an ocean because if this place had that, then I would stay here. I do love the peacefulness and the beautiful lakes that North Dakota has to offer.

Rt 83 East bound
My Indian Scout Sixty on Rt 83 Eastbound side

But the only big downfall is the harsh winters that this place provides you with. I mean I still have snow outside my window and the temperatures are still in the 30s. The winters here are harsh, it is either cold or snowy and this year it was  cold. So what do I mean by cold it actually dropped to -40 degrees in February and stayed below zero for several weeks. Cold!, and since I retired from the Army I would like to ride more often, like year round.

One More Year!

So one more year and we get to move to a place with spring and spring begins even earlier than April. Where is this place that I speak of? Is it a magical place that exists only in my mind? No!, it is an actual place on the east coast of the continental U.S. This place is South Carolina where the temperature today in Myrtle Beach is 61 degrees and will be in the lower to mid 70s for the rest of the week.

A place where you can ride while watching all the beautiful trees and having great restaurants to ride to. And in the summer I can ride down to the beach go swimming and fishing and ride back home, because nothing compares to riding your bike after a wonderful day at the beach.

South Carolina nice long stretches of road
South Carolina nice long stretches of road

Not only swimming but I can get back into my love of the ocean through scuba diving. Before retiring I took all the PADI required classes and interned for about a year with an instructor who was the best instructor I ever met and became certified as a Divemaster. You see, I thought that Florida was to be my wifes first duty station but instead we ended up here in Minot.

Scuba diving
Scuba diving

Can you dive in North Dakota sure you can if you live in Bismarck or Fargo and your diving would be in a lake. Now, nothing wrong with lake diving if you enjoy it than good for you. But here are some facts you might want to consider before starting your plunge;

  1. You need a dry suit
  2. You have to commute to the location
  3. You will not be in warm water
  4. The water clarity is several feet
  5. You will have to book a room

So what, I do all of that now!, Sure, but all the investment and not being able to help teach classes and diving in green murky water does not sound appealing to me.

I dived the Bahamas and most recently Islamorada in the Florida Keys and once you dived in 100 feet of visibility with 80 plus degree water temperature, lakes become less attractive. I do miss diving in nice warm water and will not do any lake diving because of all the logistics involved in it.

Warm water scuba diving
Warm water scuba diving

This time next year we will move to South Carolina and with Gods Grace live in Charleston. Here I will be able to ride all year long, go fishing, go to the beach and get me some great seafood.

If you enjoyed my post on, “Where is the spring-I want to ride”, please leave your comments below or write your own comment and I will respond to them.

Enjoy Life!


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