Motorcycle Leathers-FMC Men’s Rally Leather Chap

Name: FMC Mens Rally Leather Chap

Buy Here:

Price: $119.99

Owners: FMC

Overall Rank: 4.8 out of 5

Rear view of chap

Product name: FMC Mens Rally Leather Chap


  • Brand: FMC
  • Gender: Male
  • Material: Leather
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Lining: Mesh


  • Unisex with 2 jean style front pockets
  • Buffer for zipper to prevent catching
  • 4 leg snaps
  • Adjustable back lacing
  • Mesh lining is heavy-duty
  • Non-rusting hardware

These chaps are a heavy-duty leather made pair of chaps that work great in all weather. They come in black leather with a durable mesh lining to add to the comfort. The zippers are non-corrosive and heavy-duty for continues usage. The 4 leg snaps on each leg make putting these on and taking them off easy. It is unisex so it can be worn by male or females.

I own this chap and it is heavy-duty and well fitting. I own them for about a year now and have worn them in all types of weather on long and short rides and they performed perfect. You can wear a thin or thick pair of jeans and in the cold they will keep your legs warm and comfortable. A great pair of chaps at a good price and you can buy them here.

Rear view of leather chap
Rear view of motorcycle chap

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

  1. All Leather
  2. Comfortable mesh interior
  3. Size from 3X small-5X Large

The Bad:

1. Does not come in another color

2. Not insulated

3. Does not come with any designs

Interior view of chap
Interior view of Chap

Who is this Product for?

This is a great product for all motorcycle riders who would like to stay safe and warm while out riding. It makes your life simpler when going to dinner on the weekend. It will also be barrier against the wind and rain when going on a long road trip and keep you warm and comfortable.

Warranted: Lifetime policy.

Price: $119.95

Heavy Duty Zipper
Heavy-Duty zipper

My Final Opinion on This Product

This motorcycle leather chap are a strong and durable leather that  designed to hold for a lifetime. It provides great weather protection and ease of wear for the rider. The rider will also appreciate that this product warranted and designed to last a lifetime. In my opinion I recommend this product to anyone who rides a motorcycle I own a pair and they are great!

Heavy Duty Belt Buckle
Front Belt Buckle

FMC Mens Rally Leather Chap at a glance

Name: FMC Mens Rally Leather Chap

Company: FMC

Overall Rank: 4.8 out of 5

Verdict: This is a good buy and you can Buy it HERE.

If you enjoyed my review please feel free to leave a comment and or leave your own review below and I will respond.

Protected by Leather,



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