Motorcycle Rain Gear

Not Going Riding, Because of the Rain!

Motorcycle Rain Gear is a subject that we as motorcycle riders do not put much thought into. I mean who wants to sit around and think about what rain gear to put on when you go riding. There were many times when I went riding on a clear beautiful sunny day and all of a sudden the clouds would roll in and then rain drops.

This scenario will play havoc on many motorcycle riders when not prepared for the weather and you will pay for it. Now, riding a motorcycle in nice warm weather is no problem and it actually feels good on our skin.

But, when the temperature drops on us and it feels at least 10 degrees colder than the actual temperature riding gets bad fast. An example, is if we went riding and the temperature at our departure was 60 degree but the wind makes it feel like 50 degrees and we absorb that cold into our bodies how much so depends on the gear that we choose to wear on the ride.

Rain gear in grey color
Rain Gear in Dark Grey


Pay Attention!

It behooves us to pay attention to the local forecast and plan for what may lie ahead of we on the open road. It is common sense to plan for the ride and prepare to ensure your comfort on the bike. Now, can you just go out and go for a ride and hope for the best, yes, you can but you will give up comfort and safety in the process.

This is why it is so important to pack rain gear every time you may think that it may rain. The rain will drop the temperature down fast and cause you unnecessary discomfort when trying to ride in it. The rain will amplify the effects of the weather to the point where 60 degree weather with the rain will feel like 40 degrees because you are wet and miserable.

Viking Cycle Motorcycle Rain Gear has sells a nice rain suit that you can just throw on if caught in a rainstorm. This rain gear offers protection from the wind and rain which will keep you toasty warm while on that long ride. It is a 2 piece riding rain suit that comes in sizes from Small to XXL and in three different colors.


Side View
Safety Strip for better visibility



Elastic band to secure coat



Leg View
Boot strap to secure pants



Cuff View
Secured cuffs to keep wind out



Product Features:

  • You can hand wash it
  • Made from waterproof fabrics.
  • The hem, sleeve cuffs, and waist all have elastic.
  • Reflective Piping front and rear.
  • Heat shield on calves for added protection.
  • The stirrups are removable.
Viking Rain Gear in Orange
Black and orange suit


Ride In The Rain

This rain gear by viking designed for those riders who are not afraid to go riding in the rain. It is made to provide the freedom and comfort that you expect when riding in the rain for prolonged periods. The color options in this rain gear provide high visibility to drivers in the rain and gives the rider an added level of security. This is always good because as a rider you can focus on the destination and not the elements.

Highlights of Jacket and Pants

Wrapping It Up

The Viking Rain gear is the gear to buy when you need to ride in the rain, it will keep you warm and comfortable my friend. Listen, getting caught up in the rain on your motorcycle is not fun. Even worse when you do not have any rain gear because the your clothes will absorb the water into your body and being wet will get you closer to hypothermia.

If your looking for a great way of staying warm and dry and want to look cool on your bike then you should look at purchasing this combination. And choose between 3 different colors that will match the color of your bike. It is sold by Viking and designed of strong materials to withstand the harsh elements of the road.

You can purchase it HERE!, for $49.99

If you enjoyed reading Motorcycle Rain Gear please leave a comment or leave your own review below and I will respond to you.

Stay Dry My Friend!



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