Bullet Bottle Opener

Bullet Bottle Opener

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Price: FREE!

Owners: Ape survival

Overall Rank: 4.7 out of 5

The Free Bullet Bottle Opener
Open your next beer with a bullet!

Bullet Bottle Opener

  • Dear Gun Enthusiast

    If you ever served in the military or just like guns you will appreciate The Bullet Bottle Opener, complements of Ape Survival. This makes a great gift for your friends or family members. I consider it a standard issue equipment and you will use it for years to come.

    Ape Survival has 700 of these great bullet bottle openers available for free, all you have to do is provide a ship to address and cover a small shipping charge. That is it!,  nothing else, the bottle opener will be in the mail to your home address.

    This makes the perfect gift for gun owners or anyone else who is a gun enthusiast. But if you want to get your hands on one you must act because these bottle openers will not last long. Remember, only 700 of these bullet bottle openers are for free and once these are gone you will have to pay to get one!

    Makes a great gift
    Comes with a nice gift box.

They Love Guns

I have family and friends that just love guns but when the holidays come around it is hard to shop for them. There is always so much at the local gun store and if you do not know the specific gun it is impossible to get a great gift.

Until now, once again Ape Survival has come through for all of us. Here is a great gift for a special friend or family member or even an office buddy in your secret Santa grab bag. This opener brings comments every time you use it, someone will always say something about it.

This custom-made bullet opener is made simple but sturdy classy and tough. And now because they ordered too many of them they are free to anyone that orders them. This Christmas gift will be much appreciation by the person receiving it. This is the perfect gift and it is FREE!, not only will you give them a great gift, but it will only cost you a small shipping charge.

If you have friends who love beer and guns this is the perfect companion for them and it comes in its own gift box. But, you must hurry and order it because once these are gone they will cost you to get. Do not delay any longer, order your bullet bottle opener today!

Bullet Bottle Opener
Get your bullet before they are all gone!

My Final Opinion on This Product

This bullet bottle opener is a strong and durable opener designed for daily use. It makes an awesome gift to anyone who loves guns and drinks beer. This bottle opener would be ideal for the motorcycle riders or anyone who loves guns and ammo, it will not only provide years of reliable service but years of enjoyment. In my opinion I recommend this product to anyone who rides a motorcycle or drinks beer or both.

If you enjoyed my review on Bullet Bottle Opener please feel free to leave a comment and or leave your own review below and I will respond.

Open it with a Bullet!


4 thoughts on “Bullet Bottle Opener

  1. Barbara February 22, 2019 / 7:42 pm

    I have beenon your website before and you have helped me in finding a present for my best friend husband that is celebrating his brithday soon. I was about to get off the website but as I was navigating throu your pages I have seen this article about the bullet bottle opener. What can I say except for thank you again? I was still looking for a little detail to go with the books I ordered for hte birthday and i think this is an original and perfect gift to go along with the motorcycle books!


    • JesusB February 23, 2019 / 6:31 pm

      Barbara,I am so glad that my website was able to provide you with the perfect gift for your loved one, it always warm my heart to know that I have helped someone.Thank you,JesusB


  2. Cris February 22, 2019 / 7:45 pm

    My husband actually has one of these. It sits on our bar, and has been the topic of conversation several times over. It’s heavy, durable, and, most importantly, fully functional. Great addition to the watering hole of any gun enthusiast. We’ve had ours a long time. It’s been used, abused, and dropped more than once… and it still looks like it did the day we bought it. So it will probably last forever. Makes a cool and unique gift for anyone with a home bar.


    • JesusB February 23, 2019 / 6:25 pm

      Cris, They are actually quit durable and reliable, I am so glad you are enjoying it.Thanks,JesusB


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