Unlock Your Hip Flexors-Exercise Review of 2018

Unlock Your Hip Flexors-Exercise Review of 2018

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Overall Rank: 4.8 out of 5

Unlock your hip Flexors
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Product name: Unlock Your Hip Flexors


Unlock your hip flexors program:

  • An easy to follow program that you can use today
  • Release your Hip flexors to increase;
  • More strength
  • Better health and well-being
  • And all day energy

Compatibility with all people:

Unlock your hip flexors is a series of sequential flow exercises made for the individual. This program is made of 10 different exercises completed through a full sequence in a specific order using the following stretch techniques.

  • PNF Stretching
  • Static Stretching
  • Dynamic Stretching
  • 3-D Core Stability Exercises
  • Mobility Exercises
  • Fascia Stretching
  • Muscle Activation

This program will include an informative DVD video and Hip Flexor Manuel to guide each person through all the exercises. You will also receive 2 bonuses for free, included in the purchase price.

Bonus 1- Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings

  • Key to a healthy back and posture
  • Tight hamstrings cause lower back pain
  • Will improve your performance
  • Will take only minutes to complete
  • Alleviate lower back pain
  • Incorporated easy into your workout program

Bonus 2- The 7 Day Anti-inFlammatory Diet

  • Heal your body with the right foods
  • Holistic natural diet heal the body
  • Fights inflammation caused by injuries or environmental toxins
  • Fights toxins in food and water
  • Within 24 hours your body will switch to its natural healing process
Hip Flexors 2
The Key to Strength and Vitality!

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

  1. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  2. Will improve your the bodies well-being
  3. 2 Free Bonuses included in price

The Bad:

1. Not for everyone

2. No gym membership needed

3. People with hip surgery need Doctor approval

Tight hamstrings
Don’t let this be you!

Who is this Product for?

This is a great product for anyone who suffers from lower back pain, tight hamstrings, and wants the food they eat to heal them. The Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program is a program that works for all those who suffer these ailments in their daily activities. If your workout and want to get the most of your workout while protecting your body from injury, this is the product!

Guaranteed: Every product made by Critical Bench comes with 60-day money back policy.

Price: $15.00– Was $50.00, but reduced, so act now!

My Final Opinion on This Product

This product priced with the consumer in mind, and given 2 bonuses that will help your achieve correct flexibility. A 60-day money back guarantee delivered in digital format and in paper form, the DVD is easy to follow and your do not need to have a gym or go to one to conduct these exercises. In my opinion I recommend this product to anyone who would like to unlock the flexibility they deserve in their workout program.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program at a Glance

Name: Unlock your Hip Flexors

Company: Critical Bench

Overall Rank: 4.8 out of 5

Verdict: This is a good buy and your can Buy it HERE.

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Will I lose weight?

What is Weight

Defined in the dictionary as the amount of force acting on the object, either due to gravity or to a reaction force that holds it in place. The amount of force that acts on the object and for our purpose that would be the human body. There are people in this country that are fit and lean and exercise every day to stay in shape and that is wonderful, I will call this group A.

The ideal body
The ideal body type for all American males!


These people in group A, do not have a problem with their weight and they have a high self-esteem of their bodies’ which is great. Group A, not concerned with calorie counting or diet restrictions but staying in shape and what classes to attend at the gym. A active group that loves to exercise and enjoy life to the max, they are also the people that get hired to work in the weight loss industry to help sell the latest fat loss product to you,

Female body
Ideal type for American women!


Group B is the people in this country who are overweight and spend their time in what I like to call the fat carousel. What is the fat carousel? It is an ordinary looking carousel created to house the over weight, obese people with the purpose of having them continue using the same diet with a different name. I will give an example, this year it is Keto Diet not too long ago Atkins Diet, High Carb Diet, Low Carb Diet, take a look at the list below is what is available now in the form of new diets.

Fat person
Average American male!


Diet List of the Present

  1. Keto Diet-Difficult to sustain in the long term and restrictive
  2. Atkins Diet– Now called the Eco Atkins Diet
  3. Low Carb Diet-Now called Glycemic Index Diet
  4. High Carb Diet-Concerns of over indulgence of carbs
  5. Mediterranean Diet-Emphasis on fruits and vegetables and olive oil, fish
  6. Dash Diet-developed to fight high blood pressure
  7. Flexitarian Diet-A more flexible approach to dieting
  8. Weight Watchers Diet– A well Known diet that safe and effective
  9. Mind Diet-Combine Dash and Medeteranean Diet to effects brain health
  10. TLC Diet-Theraputic Lifestyle Changes good at promoting cardiovascular health
  11. Volumetrics Diet-Developed for cardiovascular health and Diabetes
  12. Mayo Clinic Diet-Great for Diabetes
  13. Ornish Diet-Severe fat restrictions but good
  14. The Fertility Diet-Follow these changes and you will get pregnant
  15. Vegetarian Diet-Solid and sound but no meat
  16. Jenny Craig Diet-Offers emotional support to followers
  17. Traditional Asian Diet-A reasonable choice eating pattern
  18. Anti Inflammatory Diet-Suppose to reduce inflammation
  19. Fat Belly Diet-Suppose to reduce your belly
  20. Nutritarian Diet- whole plant based foods
  21. Spark Solution Diet-Nutritious low calorie meals
  22. Engine 2 Diet-Heart health and Diabetes control
  23. Biggest Loser Diet-Popularized from the TV show
  24. Nutrisystem Diet-Middle of the road diet
  25. Vegan Diet-Eat vegetables and no meat, restrictive
  26. South Beach Diet-May be too restrictive for followers
  27. Zone Diet-Good for diabetes and heart health
  28. Abs Diet-Lose the belly fat in 12 weeks
  29. Macrobiotic Diet-Restrictive and comprehensive
  30. SlimFast Diet-A reasonable approach to dieting
  31. HMR Program-Expensive and not practical for most people
  32. MediFast Diet-Average weight loss results
  33. Acid Alkaline Diet-Control your PH through dieting
  34. Paleo Diet-Unable to achieve true results in the times of today
  35. Raw Food Diet-Too much work involved
  36. Supercharged Hormone Diet-Hard to follow not good
  37. The Fast Diet-Referred to the 5:2 diet you cut 25% of your intake daily
  38. Body Reset Diet-Hard to follow no long term weight loss results
  39. Whole30 Diet-Short term results and long term promises
  40. Dukan Diet-No evidence that it works
Diets for All
The average American on her next diet!


And I may be crazy but let me tell you that the diet industry bamboozeled us. If!, you are like me and you are in your 50s you might remember the diets introduced years ago. If!, you do not , let me take you on a walk down memory lane. The following is a list of the diets in the US and the year of introduction from the 1970s to the present, enjoy;

Yesterdays Diet List

  1. 1970- Weight Watchers Diet
  2. 1971-The Grapefruit Diet
  3. 1975-The Cookie Diet
  4. 1976-The Sleeping Beauty Diet
  5. 1977-SlimFast Diet
  6. 1978-The Scarsdale Diet-low carb, low cal diet
  7. 1979-The Ayds Plan
  8. 1980-The Cabbage Soup Diet
  9. 1981-The Beverly Hills Diet
  10. 1985-Jenny Craig Diet
  11. 1987-Deal A Meal by Richard Simmons
  12. 1988-Elizabeth Taylor Diet
  13. 1988-The Liquid Diet popularized by Oprah
  14. 1991-Low Fat Everything Diet
  15. 1993-Know More Dieting, the diet to follow if you jazzer sized
  16. 1994-The Ornish Diet
  17. 1995-The Zone Diet
  18. 1995-Low Sugar Diets
  19. 1996-The Blood Type Diet
  20. 1997-Ditching the diet pills after it was found they caused heart problems
  21. 2000-The Subway Diet
  22. 2002-The Macrobiotic Diet
  23. 2003-The South Beach Diet
  24. 2004-The Atkins Diet
  25. 2004-100 calorie craze
  26. 2005- the Biggest Loser Diet
  27. 2006-The Master Cleanse
  28. 2007-The Raw Food Diet
  29. 2008-Nutrisystem Diet
  30. 2009-The Fertility Diet
  31. 2009-Meal Replacement Shakes Diet
  32. 2010-Weight Watchers Point Plus Diet
  33. 2010-The Apple Cider Vinager Diet
  34. 2011-The Dukan Diet
  35. 2012-Cold Press Juices
  36. 2013-A Vegan Diet
  37. 2013-Going Gluten Free
  38. 2014-The Alkaline Diet
  39. 2014-The Paleo Diet
  40. 2015-Whole30 Diet
  41. 2015-The Mediterranean Diet
  42. 2016-Atkins Diet Revamped

As you can see it is a big list and 20 of today s diets were around years ago, I mean weight watchers is 48 years old. These diets sold to us in the past, renamed to fit into today s changing times. You can see that I put all diets in bold to show a reintroduction from the past and reintroduced for today.

Carousel goes round and round
The carousel goes round and round.


Is This Still in Motion?

The carousel continues in motion around and around making sure no one gets off. The program states that you need to follow the program and pick a diet from the today s diet list, it is the new and improved list tested, verified and approved by all the top scientist in their field. They all work within the limits of their rules, if it does not work for you it must be you. Or, choose another diet from the list, it is complete and comprehensive and easy for all to follow just do not climb off the carousel.

You need to stay on the carousel where we will guide you to the next best diet that will work for you. Remember it is not your fault that success has not come to you. The human body has a different reaction for everyone because we are all unique in our own ways. You will lose the weight this time, just stick to the plan and pay up and do not let your life interfere with the dream of being thin. No!, do not stop eating that would destroy the food industry we just want you to keep eating more but follow the plan provided!

This is the program designed for the overweight population that is in place today. You need:

  1. Eat at least 3X a day or 6 small meals
  2. Do not skip breakfast
  3. Keep trying to lose weight,
  4. Do not stop eating, it will destroy your metabolism
  5. Losing weight takes time
  6. Follow a diet they all work
  7. Eat less and you will weigh less
  8. Do not fast it is bad
  9. Keep eating just less
  10. Pay up to lose the weight

I Tried 10 of These Diets and I am Still Fat!

Go ahead and give every single diet listed on today s diets a try and I am sure you will lose 10 or 100 pounds in a short period but it will not stay off. That is right it will not stay off! Why?, because the problem is not the diet the problem is life in a world full of food. Any place you go there are fast food places they all exist because we are a nation of eaters. Everyone likes to eat but not everyone likes what it does to them especially if they do not exercise.

The go to formula is, eat less that you will weigh less which is true but it is the way we use this phrase that confuses us and makes the diet industry millions of dollars a year. Diets designed to fail  but they fail us every day because the diet industry knows that people will try a new diet with the hopes of it working this time. They understand the human mentality is to continue to spend money to lose weight but never reveiling what works. They always tell the consumer that they will lose 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 lbs in weight and not body fat.


Not losing the weight
Yea, still fat no matter what diet I get on.

The Human Body Will Burn the Fat!

Yes, The human body our body is efficient at burning fat. According to Medical News Today When we eat food the body turns that food into glucose to use as its primary source of fuel, which it does day to day as long as we eat. When fasting or in the fasted state (12-36 hours since last meal) the body can not use the glucose any longer because it depleted it since about hour 12, or 12 hours after your last meal.

In the fasted state the body will switch and start to convert certain fat cells into fatty acid which absorbs into the bloodstream. These fatty acids produce ketones which the body now uses as its new energy source. This whole process referred to by scientist as flipping the metabolic switch, and now the body will burn the fat for fuel as the primary fuel source.

Health Benefits of Fasting

According to the (Obesity Journal, Flipping the Metabolic Switch; Understanding and applying the health benefits of fasting, Pub: 31 Oct 20017) who conducted a comprehensive study on different types of intermittent fasting on test subjects and they found a great deal of information on the benefits of intermittent fasting. In this study intermittent fasting is shown to;

  • Improve cardiomitobolic risk factors
  • Decrease visceral fat mass
  • Produce similar levels of weight loss
  • improve lipid profiles
  • improve osteoarthritis
  • Healing of thrombophlebitis
  • Healing of refractory dermal ulcers
  • Tolerance of elective surgery
  • Slow down aging and disease

This metabolic switch occurs between a 12 to 36 hour windows, or if you do not eat for at least 12 hours. The benefits are tremendous and the marvelous implications that this actually means to all of us. This implies that you can achieve your dreams of losing the body fat while improving the bodies’ health and decreasing risk factors. All of this and it will not cost you 1 penny, you no more spending any more money on any diets that do not work. This way of life does work and I am proof that it does work and can work for you.

Your Body will only use Fat as Fuel when Fast for 12-36 hours!

If It Worked for Me It Can Work for You!

Imagine one year ago I went in for my yearly physical to see my doctor and they took the blood and weighed me in at 250 lbs. And a week later they called me back and started talking to me about my cholesterol is borderline, my sugar considered prediabetic and my blood pressure is 155/110. This is not what I would call a great physical because the results were horrible.

But, fast-forward to this week and going to the same physical with the same doctor. I took the blood test but no results back yet, but when I stepped on the scale I weighed in at 232 pounds I lost 18 pounds in the course of 2 months. To be fair I exercise everyday doing cardio and weight training but nutrition wise I  only  fast every day.

I used the following procedure which helped me and can help you. But, remember this worked for me so take from it and create your own. Also, if you have any health conditions check with your doctor first just to be sure.

My COA ( Course of Action )

  1. Week 1 and 2: Do not start eating until 10 am and stop eating at 8 pm
  2. Week 3 and 4: Do not start eating until 12 or noon and stop eating by 8 pm
  3. Weeks 5 and 6: Do not start eating until 2 pm and stop eating by 8 pm
  4. Weeks 7 and 8: Do not start eating 4 pm and stop eating by 8 pm
  5. Weeks 9 an 10: Do not start eating until 5 pm and stop eating by 8 pm
  6. Final Phase if needed: Do not start eating until 7 pm and stop eating by 8 pm

There it is, this is my plan and I begin eating at 5pm and stop eating by 8pm Monday through Friday, on the weekend I do the same on Saturday most of the time and Sunday I usually have 2 meals because I am out with the family. This intermittent fasting works. I no longer need to stop for lunch or breakfast and I am full of energy and feel as light as a feather.

Happy and content
Happy at last!, but how long will it last?


Wrapping it Up

In closing, Intermittent fasting is not a diet it is more of a lifestyle choice. It will not only help you achieve all of your dreams of losing the weight but will also prolong your life. A higher quality of life  through intermittent fasting and science has just begun in their studies. One day soon the world will finally realize that intermittent fasting was the key to finally helping the body fix itself, and dont you want to live to see it.

If!, you enjoyed reading will I lose weight please leave a comment or your own review below and I will respond to you.

Achieve Your Dream Body,



Fit Over 50-Ideal Body Weight Update

So I am I 54 years old and am finally down to 249 lbs with 29% Body Fat which puts me in the Obese range for my weight. Now I will concur that I do need to lose some weight but having a BMI of 35 does not make me obese and I will tell you why.

According to my BMI I am 35, which is my Body Mass Index or BMI for Short. And according to the tables I am Obese, yes Obese and they believe this to be true. Are they right?, well the BMI is a measure of size based on the mass and height that applies to men and women. The only problem that I have with BMI is that it does not take into consideration the Body type of the individual which correlates the your frame and bone structure.

So they only take into considerations your height and weight which is fine for getting a trend for the whole of society but not for anyone single individuals. They do not take into account your muscle or your body type.

Body Types

  1. Ectomorph: These are people who are lean and long with problems gaining muscle.
  2. Endomorph: People in this category are big, they have a high body fat percentage, pear shaped and can store fat.
  3. Mesomorph: Muscular and well-built, with high metabolism and responsive muscular cells, they have no problem putting on muscle.

So these are the 3 body types that people fall into all around the world, but people do not  just fall into 1 category, usually they will fall into a combination of all 3. Because we are all different and unique we fall into all 3 by percentages.I am 63% Endomorph, 38% Mesomorph and 0% Ectomorph. A combination of all 3, and depending on how much muscle weight I put on I switch between Endomorph and Mesomorph but will never be Ectomorph.

People all across America go in for their yearly physicals and are told they are obese because their BMI and they need to lose weight immediately. Now as Americans the doctor is correct we do need to lose some weight but to follow the BMI would be ridiculous. Changes have to be made so that people can get a firm handle on how much fat they need to lose. You see, our body weight has skin, fat water, bones, muscles and organs to name a few. When we as people want to lose weight what we need to lose is body fat. And to loose body fat you need to test your actual body fat and use this as your foundation. I  placed the calculations that I use so that I can achieve my goal of 18% Body fat. Please feel free to use this chart to help you achieve your goals and achieve your ideal body weight.

So what is your ideal weight.

My Ideal Body Weight

A. Current Weight:_249 Lbs_

B. Current % Body Fat __29%__

C. Body Fat Weight (249 x .29 = 72.21 Lbs)

D. Lean Body Weight:(72.21 Lbs- 249 Lbs = 176.79 Lbs)

E. Body Fat % Goal:__18%__

F. Body Fat Weight of 18%=(249 Lbs x .18 = 44.82 Lbs)

G. Desired Weight Goal at 18% = ( 176.79 Lbs + 44.82 Lbs =  221.61 Lbs )

H. I Need to lose ( 221.61 Lbs – 249.0 Lbs = 27.39 Lbs )

So this is what it looks like and here is an example for you to try.

A. Current Weight: ____

B. Current % Body Fat: ____

C. Body Fat Weight (A x B = C)

D. Lean Body Weight:(C- A = D)

E. Body Fat % Goal:____

F. Body Fat Weight of 18%=(A x E = F)

G. Desired Weight Goal at 18% = ( D + F =  G)

H. I Need to lose ( G – A = weight needed to lose )

As you can see in order for me to be at 18% Body fat my weight needs to be at 221.61 lbs, so I need to lose 27.39 pounds and I can do this through exercise and nutrition. And remember nutrition is the key to losing the weight. Once you commit, then do it!, you will lose the fat and feel better, I assure you. Below you will find the Percent of body fat for men and women according to the ACSM.

Body Fat Standards for Men and Women
Click Image to Enlarge

According to the ACSM which is the holy grail of fitness, I fall almost at almost poor.  Bad and I need to bring this up or lower my body fat percent to at least 21 percent but my goal is 18%. Now why is this so important, because it is body fat that we all want to lose. It is the true indicator of where you are at and where you need to be. People weigh themselves and look at that number on the scale and say they are fat. This however is not the truth, that number on the scale represents a complete picture of your weight to include the following;

  1. The bones all of them that give you your foundation.
  2. All your muscles
  3. The organs
  4. The skin
  5. Your blood
  6. And your fat

That number on the scale is a combination so stop looking at the scale and stop judging yourself. If?, you want to break free from the vicious cycle of weight gain there are plenty of ways online that will help you achieve this. For me, intermittent fasting and exercise is what works and you can take it from me and create your own blue print for success. Here is what I did to lose weight;

Feel younger and stronger no matter what the age!
Over 50 and still exercising.It is all possible if you believe you can.

Be sure to clear it with a Doctor if you have any health issues

  1. Weigh yourself, and if you like take a picture of yourself, weighing should be done in workout clothes or naked.
  2. Get yourself a  personal body fat test.
  3. Start working out 3-5x a week, do 30 minutes cardio and 30 minutes weight training when you workout.
  4. Nutrition, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, protein and cut down on your carbs.
  5. Intermittent fasting-I do 8 hours of eating and 16 of not eating and three 24 hour fasting periods.
  6. I use the solo flex muscle machine for strength training and the nordic track incline trainer for my cardio training.

So what is the take away from all of this?

Well it is 2019 and by this time next year you could be at your ideal weight enjoying everything you wanted to do or be at the same place as you are right now.

You are in charge of you! No one else will do it for you, Your mind moves your body. You control your body and you control what you eat.

Losing weight is not magical, it something you get when you implement a plan of action and it is simple.

The time is now my friend to lose the weight! Get your life back it is yours and you deserve great happiness and you will feel like a new person.

If you enjoyed reading Fit over 50-Ideal Body Weight leave a comment below or leave your own review and  I will answer you as soon as possible.

The Time is Now!


How To Stay Fit As You Age

The human body is beautiful and its designed to move and work for a lifetime. The body will allow you to move through space and accomplish everything needed to live a normal daily life. But as you age you move less and less, this has a direct correlation to the amount of exercise you accomplish daily in your life.

  1. As you age so does the rest of your body.
  2. The older we get the more pain we experience.
  3. With more pain comes more rest which gives us more body fat.

So how do you stop the cycle of pain and body aches and pain, well you use nutrition, the components of fitness and exercise. Sounds simple because it is
simple, the reason we get confused is that of all the misinformation online and how to stay fit as you age requires some work but not much.

Healthy Assortment of Fruits and Vegetables.

The Nutrition

I can not begin to count the number of diets on television and online. There are high protein, low carbs diet, high carbs low protein, Atkins diet, Mediterranean diet, Weight Watchers, Keto diets, etc. Do all of these diets work yes but;

  1. Some require lots of work and time.
  2. A couple of them require you to buy their foods.
  3. You have to prepare meals in advance.

So you spend time buying them and then you spend time making them and finally you eat them.

  • Do I eat 3X a day or 6x a day
  • When do I eat it
  • How do I eat it
  • How many times
  • Do I drink shakes

The list goes on and on, do any of these people have real jobs with real families. I mean, I all ready cook dinner for my family and now you want me to also cook separate meals for me. Yea! right, twice the effort and twice the time and I have to go to work tomorrow. Then they say, go shopping and prepare all your meals on the weekend when you have more time. Sure this sounds great after such a lovely work week I can come home and do more work!

Does any of this sound familiar to you? well many diets work and you will lose the weight but;

  1. It is not sustainable in the long run.
  2. It is not cost effective.
  3. The weight will come back after you stop using the diet.

So what is the answer, I do not know if there is a right answer to such a complex question because the body likes to maintain weight. But, I will tell you what works for me intermittent fasting. And this is the fancy term for not eating, for me I pick an 8-hour window to eat which is from 10 am to 6 pm and the rest of the time I do not eat. This gives me 16 hours of fasting from 6 pm to 10 am the next morning and helps me fall into the ideal fasting hours that exist between 12-36 hours. Do this at least 5 days a week and I gaurantee you will lose fat and feel healthier.

So how do I do it?

  • Eat for 8 hours during the day mine is from 2pm through 10 pm
  • Only drink water, coffee no sugar.
  • You can drink diet drinks
  • Drink plenty of water at least 8 cups.

So will I lose weight?, I have and it steady losing 1-2 pounds a week and feeling less hungry the more I fast during the fasting periods. Your body adapts so consult your doctor to get started and keep eating what you love and exercising this all works.

By Brandon Wiggins-own work.

Exercise Has Components?

As we grow older we get weaker and our bodies begin to break down because of inactivity and lack of exercise.

Our bodies are like engines, they require daily activities to function, a cars engine needs starting everyday and driven on the road. Like a car we also need to be run daily but unlike a car we need exercise and we achieve this through the 5 components of fitness listed below;

  1. Muscular StrengthThis is pure body power, like how much can you bench press 1 time.
  2. Muscular Endurance– Being able to do a certain physical activity for a long time.
  3. Cardiovascular Endurance– Doing something nonstop that elevates your heart rate while working the lungs for at least 20 minutes.
  4. FlexibilityYour joints being able to move through a full range of motion.
  5. BodyFat–  Amount of fat mass as compared to your muscle mass, bones and organs.

Got it!,  exercises has components now what;

  • Now create a program that will use all of these components and work for you.
  • See a doctor if you are over 40
  • You should be able to cover all of this in under 60 minutes.
  • I use the SoloFlex muscle machine and have for over twenty years and BowFlex 1090 Dumbbells which were bought recently.

Workout example:

    • Warm up on the treadmill for at least 5-10 minutes.
    • Muscular and Cardiovascular Endurance to walk or run on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes while keeping your heart in your target heart rate zone (220-age=target zone).
    • Decrease your body fat by doing an aerobic activity for 20-30 minutes a day.
    • Increase your strength by doing 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions of a full body workout at least 3X a week, or 1 body part a day for Monday through Friday, (IE. Chest on Mondays, Back on Tuesday, Legs on Wednesday, Shoulders on Thursday and Arms on Friday.)
    • Increase your Flexibility by doing stretches at the end of the workout.
Here is what the SoloFlex muscle machine looks like. A true work of art.

Wrapping it up

So as you can see it does not take much effort to stay fit as you age. I am over 50 years old and do a 60-minute workout Monday through Friday and rest on the weekends because the weekend belongs to my family. I know that this formula works for me and believe that it can work for you with a few changes. Just because you are older does not mean you give up. It means you have to get up and exercise do not let society dictate what you can and can not do. I mean you are in the best years of your life you have more wisdom and more money. So enjoy, use moderation and workout Monday through Friday it works. Buy the SoloFlex Muscle Machine, Bowflex 1090 Dumbbells and the Incline Trainer and you will be on your way to better health.

Stay Alert and Stay Alive!