My Indian Winter Ride-2nd December Ride!

Hello again, today I went for my Indian winter ride second December ride and on the verge of a snow storm here in Minot North Dakota. Today the temperature was 24 degrees with a riding temperature of 11 degrees due to the wind blowing at 19 MPH. It was not a long ride it only lasted about 30 minutes but I was able to capture some video with my scuba diving camera.
Scuba Diving Camera? Yes, my scuba diving camera that I used in the Florida keys in Islamorada and took some great video and pictures while scuba diving. I just placed the camera in the front of the bike on top of my red bag I have up there. It worked out kinda, I mean I had to edit the video and add music, but it is my first video of me riding my motorcycle.

Ride that motorcycle!

Was it cold?, you bet it was and my feet they did get cold. I now know to wear my timberland boots with some thermal socks on all future winter rides, and, I will let you know on my next ride how it worked out.

About the Ride

I set up the video camera and was off, made a right down my street then another right at the end onto the main street. I drove to the end and made a right and passed a horse farm on the left and a defensive driving course halfway through. Then turned around and drove around checking out all the sights here on post. And ended up with about 11 and a half minutes of film footage then edited it to  around 6 minutes. Then I inserted a title and some of my own trumpet music mixes that I played and recorded on my computer in the past. It came out good, I mean with the music and the riding everything just fit good.

I hope you enjoy my first video MotoVlog, just me the camera and the bike riding around on post with some cool music to help relax you.

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Ride all Winter!


Motorcycle Cruise-December Plains Ride

An Errand Ride!

I was able to go out and ride on December 1 it was another cold day here in Minot North Dakota. I began with the full intentions of running an errand to a store in Minot and come home so that I could work on the online business. I mean, my online business will fix itself or grow into a wealthy website by itself. I now begin donning on all the winter gear and apparel which usually lasts about 20 minutes in duration. Walked into the garage and started my 2016 Indian Scout Sixty in Pearl white and was off on the motorcycle cruise. I drove out to the main road where I made a left turn in front of the PX/Commissary. This has got to be the worst street to turn left on, there is always traffic depending on the time of day, but today it so bad and I made that left.

Driving Off Post

Drove to the light by the restaurant and waited for the light to turn green, I then drove to the second light and made a right turn and drove all the way down to the stop sign where I made a left turn. This  interesting street is one where as you ride you can notice the big Air Force transport planes on the right and some building on the left. It is kinda cool to see all that firepower just waiting for something to happen somewhere in the world. I slowed down to 15 MPH to pass the guard shack at the gate and then up to 35 MPH. This motorcycle cruise December plains ride going to be an errand run, go to the store pick up what you need and get back home.

Arrived at The Store

Well, I arrived at the store bought what I needed to buy and was back on 83 heading north. Rolled-on the throttle and with any luck be back home in about 20 minutes. Man, this sounded good in my head but when the heart wants to ride the head reprograms your destination and the heart wins. This is not good I have 70 miles on the odometer already and it usually goes to 135 before the fuel light comes on, what to do?

These North Dakota highways stretch for miles and miles.

Motorcycle Cruise Nirvana

So I ride past the front gate and say to myself,”I can go to 100 on the odometer and everything will be just fine”, rolled-on the throttle to 75 MPH and now cruising the Dakota plains. It has become a motorcycle cruise rolling down 83N heading towards the Canadian border. As I notice the surrounding scenery a feeling of peace with myself, no worries, just me and the open highway. I am at one with the iron horse.

    • The cold wind on the thighs, arms and hands
    • The road beneath me, every bump and crack
    • Power of the motor and the bike wanting me to give her more gas
    • Smell of everything around me
    • I felt like nothing else matters and the freedom just washes over me

I look down at the odometer and realize that I am at 115 miles, time to turn around, but first some pictures of the beautiful scenery here in North Dakota.

Fuel Light!

After the break, it is time to get back on this beast and ride on back to the homestead. I  do love this part of the ride after a break the feeling of getting back on the bike and riding off is spectacular! Love this so much that I will take a break on a shorter rides just so that I can get this feeling once more. It is hard to explain this if you do not ride so start riding because this one sensation is only the beginning when it comes to motorcycle riding. On the way back the fuel light comes on at 124 can you believe, she usually gets 135 but not today and that is just fine because soon I will be back on post getting fuel at the gas station.


Yea!, I do believe it is over, I ride back sad, knowing that this wonderful experience will soon come to an end and soon I will be able to go on another adventure. Yes, adventure I said, because every time I get on this bike it is like no other ride at any other amusement park and that includes six flags. This exhilarating feeling that you experience when all the elements come smashing into you, this living, breathing feeling of you, the bike and the road, riding into unforeseen adventures is wonderful. This is the Yoga for motorcycle riders that administered as much as possible depending on the climate that you are in. So this was the December 1 motorcycle cruise ride and it was fantastic, the wind blowing at 5 MPH and the temperature was 30 degrees and it felt like 20 degrees.

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What a great ride!

Keep Riding all Year Long!


Here I am on my break, that road behind me just goes on forever!