My New Indian Viking Century Motorcycle Tail Bag

Great Motorcycle Tail Bag by Viking
My New Viking Tailbag

Why buy a new tail bag

So, I have been debating whether or not to buy a motorcycle tail bag for my scout sixty. I thought that I could just get away with just having my saddlebags, but after riding around for a couple of years I know realize that I need one. I mean going downtown and just going to the mall or going shopping and having to carry my helmet every I go, or getting some food or a couple of items from the super market no longer become a hassle. With my new Indian Viking Century Motorcycle Tail Bag life has just become a little easier.

Viking Motorcycle Tail Bag

A Place To Store My Stuff

When I go riding around town I like to see places that I have never seen before and especially on my bike. But, as I ride along I always feel a little hesitant to stop at new places because I will not be sure of what I might buy and where to put it. Now, I believe that I have solved that problem now I will have a place for stuff and a place for my helmet.

Helmet Storage and waterproof bag

This new Viking Century Tail Bag is an important addition for my bike and one that I will need when I get back into scuba diving. Yes, I said scuba diving, when we move from North Dakota we will be going to Hurlburt Field AFB on the Emerald Coast. So, I will need a place to put the following items on my bike;

  1. My BCD (Buoyancy Compensating Devise)
  2. My 1st and 2nd Stage and octopus
  3. My Fins
  4. My mask, snorkel and wetsuit

I believe between my tail bag and saddle bags I should have enough room to bring my bike to the dive shop and have all my equipment.

A Great Bag by A Great Company


Awesome Features and Leather!


Viking is a great company that has been around for a while and is well known in the biker community for quality products. The viking century tail bag is a well made all leather bag well worth the money.


  • Key Lockable
  • Mounting Hardware included
  • Patent# D715045
  • Material: Leather
  • Dimensions: 20″ x 10″ x 12″
  • Storage Capacity: 1098 Cubic inches
  • Lid Opening: 15.5 x 9″
  • Weight: 9lbs
  • Expendable: No
  • Weather Resistant: Yes

The Features

  1. Smooth and sleek design
  2. Double straps and chrome buckles
  3. Includes hidden quick-release buckles
  4. Made of quality Viking Leather
  5. Reinforced body
  6. Top carry handle and detachable shoulder strap included
  7. Can be mounted to sissy bar or on passenger seat
  8. 2 side pockets for smaller items
  9. Internal mesh pocket for extra storage
  10. Black Leather


Lots of Room
Enough room for all your things!


I believe that time will tell whether or not this is a great tail bag. The bag should serve me well and  because of the hard shell and the black leather it just makes it look that much better.

And some of you out there like me are probably thinking that it will not match their bike because it is black, but i must disagree with you. I have a 2016 White Scout Sixty with Tan Saddlebags and I believe that it being black flows better with my bike. 

So, I recommend this bag to anyone looking for a strong high quality motorcycle tail bag made of leather that will allow you to go on some long trips with friends or family members. I really love this Viking Motorcycle Tail Bag and recommend it. The price is $169.00 and currently they have 30% off for St Patricks Day Sale


Please feel free to leave a comment or question below and I will answer you.


The Better Tail Trunk!


Performance Mufflers-My New RCX Slip Cut Muffler

Finally, Bought The RCX Mufflers

So I finally went ahead and replaced the OEM mufflers with the RCX Slip-Cut Mufflers and it was the best decision I made. I debated over this purchase for over a year, I remember going back and forth on many aspects of purchasing these mufflers. I remember considering the sound of the muffler, the look of the muffler, the price of the muffler, the weight and so on.

My RCX Slip-Cut Mufflers
Side view of RCX Slip-Cuts with Saddle Bags

The Sound of the Muffler

I looked at tons of videos on YouTube with a ton of reviews on all different mufflers. I saw some pipes that cost $100 and went up to $900 with all different manufacturers. I have heard  loud mufflers that make the bike unenjoyable to ride and other pipes that are not so loud. Some OEM mufflers with removed baffles that make the bike sound louder and not make it look better. I sailed around in a sea of mufflers reviews looking for a place to dock for at least a year and debated the pros and cons of such a purchase.

Riding around with the OEM pipes for over 2 years and have always felt that the Scout Sixty needed more sound to bring out the true bike sound. But, like I said with the endless amount of information online and everyone claiming that their mufflers are the best and you need to spend the money it is no wonder I did not buy the mufflers.

So now 2019 and I finally found the sound I believed would make the bike sound like a bike. I do not know why Indian Motorcycle put on those OEM pipes but they are heavy and the sound is horrible. I found the RCX 3 inch Slash Cut Slip On Mufflers for the Scout/Scout Sixty for a reasonable price and bought it. The sound that this model allows the bike to put out is fantastic. My bike sounds incredible and for the first time people can hear me when I drive down the road and it feels great.


Side View of Pipes
Close up view of RCX Pipes

The Look of The Muffler

The aesthetics of this Slip on mufflers are slick and refined and the construction is sturdy and firm. As you can see from the picture above they are smaller and lighter which makes it more pleasing to the eyes. I bought the chrome RCX mufflers to match with the rest of the muffler system. They are a high shined chrome with the RCX engraved on the top pipe making it look sharp.

I saw other slip cut mufflers but upon further review I found that it did not meet my expectations. The competition is fierce with mufflers that are shorter, fatter or longer with different designs and colors and some of them looked nice but were way outside the price point I set. I mean do you need to spend that much money to get great sounding pipes? I do not think so, and It  would be better spent on gas and enjoying the ride.

Close up of RCX pipes
Nice view of RCX Mufflers

The Price of the Muffler

The price of the muffler was of much importance to me as is to most of you. If, you riders are like me then you wonder that these RCX 3 inch slash cut slip on mufflers are expensive. Well, let me tell you that they are a reasonable price and you can purchase them from for the low price of $269.99 plus shipping in chrome or black.

Now I share this because I do care about the riders who want to buy a great muffler at a decent price. And that is why the link I set up goes to the site in which I bought mine. Sharing information with fellow riders is an important commodity we can do as riders. We not only can share the road but share invaluable information that will benefit all of us in a positive light.

Here is the Link to the RCX on my bike.


NOTE: If, you installed the Indian performance air intake and flashed it you can just throw on the pipes; however if you do not have the air intake than a flash is the recommendation.

So, along with the pictures that I provided I will also include the video that I made of how it sounds on the bike. Remember when you stand next to the bike the sound is much better and it finally gives the bike some much-needed balls.

If, you enjoyed reading the review on Performance Mufflers please leave a comment or your own review below.

Let your bike breathe!


Jetpack Link
Get Started Today

Motorcycle Parts Accessories-For My Scout Sixty

All required hardware included
Includes all needed hardware

Hand Deflectors for my Scout Sixty

These are the National Cycle Hand Deflectors for the Scout and Scout Sixty made to keep your hands safe and warm. Now, I know that you might be hesitant on buying a pair of these for your bike and that it will not hold up to the harsh winds of the road. But let me assure you that if you like to ride in the winter or under wet conditions this is the product for you.

I ordered a pair of these hand deflectors for my 2016 Indian scout sixty because short of wearing my heated gloves my hands get cold in the winter while riding. I know this last winter I wish I had thought of buying these sooner but I did not. They would have cut down on the cold wind and kept my hands warmer and made my life better for riding.

Now I know that spring is here and summer is next and the weather will just be nice enough not to use them. But, these motorcycle parts accessories for my scout sixty will keep my hands safe from any road debris, dry in the rain and eleveat hand fatigue.

The reason I went with National Cycle brand is that I own a 2-up windshield and it works in all types of wind and weather conditions. I love this company so much that I ordered a smaller windshield for the summer that will fit all the same hardware of my 2-up windshield. I recommend windshields from National Cycle for motorcycles they are in my opinion some of the best out there.

Wind Chill Factor on Bike
Wind Chill Factor Chart

Here is a wind chill factor chart that describes the effects of the wind on your hands while riding. So, if you ride your motorcycle on the highway at 60 MPH and the temperature is 50 degrees it will feel like 39 degrees. This I know is true because living here in North Dakota I have gone out in 40 degree weather and it has felt like 25 degrees. And my head, torso and arms were warm due to the 2-up windshield but my hands were cold and miserable. But, not anymore.

Product Features

  • Material: High Impact Acrylic, steel and chrome
  • Convenience features: Makes windshield act like fairing, plenty of room for lever movements
  • Color: Light Grey 26% tinted
  • Ease of Installation: Easy installation
  • Part number : 5521
  • Fitments: 2015-2018 Indian Scout/Scout Sixty models
  • Item Weight: 1 Lbs.
  • Warranty: 3-Year Unbreakable Warranted

National Cycle Hand Deflectors

Title: Hand Deflectors for Scout/Scout Sixty

Product Description: Great aftermarket part

Pros/Cons: Pro-durable, long-lasting, USA made, Cons-only 1 color

Product Specs: See top at features

Warranty: 3-Year Unbreakable Warranted

Price: $80.95 best price on (Amazon)

My Overall Review: 9 out of 10

Awesome Shorty Windshield
Awesome looking shorty windshield

SwitchBlade Chopped Quick Release Windshield

So, I currently ride around with my 2-up Switchblade windshield for the last 2 riding seasons and it is awesome. I have at times riden in such a relaxed state on my scout sixty that my eyes drop below the top of the windshield and this sometimes becomes a problem. I then began thinking how to lower the windshield to make the bike look better and the ride more enjoyable and looked once again to National Cycle and found the chopped quick release windshield.

Quick Release Shorty
Quick release windshield

Discovered that they made a switchblade chopped quick release windshield and I could use the existing hardware from my other windshield. Both are quick release and both made durable and tough. I called up National Cycle because I had the 2-up and spoke to them about my situation and he told me I could purchase just the windshield for $122.95 from them. This was awesome news because then I could buy a smaller windshield but not break the bank.

Note: If you do not have the hardware you can buy the whole shield on amazon for $242.95

The strength of the windshield
Polycarbonate Strength

I received the Shorty windshield and installed it as well as the hand grips and the difference is night and day. I mean when I went for a ride I could see over the top of the windshield even when relaxed and the buffeting on the helmet is nominal. Now I enjoy the riding with more field of vision and have my hands protected from the debris and weather.

Product Features

  • Material: High Impact Acrylic, steel and chrome
  • Convenience features: Makes windshield act like fairing, plenty of room for lever movements
  • Color: Light Grey 26% tinted
  • Ease of Installation: Easy installation
  • Part number : 5521
  • Fitments: 2015-2018 Indian Scout/Scout Sixty models
  • Item Weight: 1 Lbs.
  • Warranty: 3-Year Unbreakable Warranted

National Cycle Chopped Windshield

Title: Switchblade Chopped Quick Release Windshield

Product Description: Great wind deflector

Pros/Cons: Pro-durable, long-lasting, USA made, Cons-none

Product Specs: See top at features

Warranty: 3-Year Unbreakable Warranted

Price: $242.95 best price on (Amazon)

My Overall Review: 10 out of 10

In Summary, If you need a great pair of aftermarket hand deflectors that are a precise fit to your Indian scout/scout sixty then these are the pair to buy. They come in tinted to help out with the sun and for a well-made product that should last many years.

The National Cycle Chopped Windshield is the answer to the many new windshields that currently are put out by Indian and Harley Motorcycle companies. This windshield is not only functional and long-lasting but it makes the bike look cool. A great buy and when paired together with the hand deflectors this set-up will help you enjoy those long summer rides.

They are nice and pleasing to everyone you meet and that compliment the look of the bike. So I recommend this product for use to all my friends who ride a scout or scout sixty in motorcycle land, it is a worthwhile investment that will make your ride much more comfortable.

If you enjoyed reading my review on Motorcycle Parts Accessories-For my Scout Sixty, please feel free to leave a comment or your own review in the comment section below.

Enjoy Longer Rides!



Motorcycle Rain Gear

Not Going Riding, Because of the Rain!

Motorcycle Rain Gear is a subject that we as motorcycle riders do not put much thought into. I mean who wants to sit around and think about what rain gear to put on when you go riding. There were many times when I went riding on a clear beautiful sunny day and all of a sudden the clouds would roll in and then rain drops.

This scenario will play havoc on many motorcycle riders when not prepared for the weather and you will pay for it. Now, riding a motorcycle in nice warm weather is no problem and it actually feels good on our skin.

But, when the temperature drops on us and it feels at least 10 degrees colder than the actual temperature riding gets bad fast. An example, is if we went riding and the temperature at our departure was 60 degree but the wind makes it feel like 50 degrees and we absorb that cold into our bodies how much so depends on the gear that we choose to wear on the ride.

Rain gear in grey color
Rain Gear in Dark Grey


Pay Attention!

It behooves us to pay attention to the local forecast and plan for what may lie ahead of we on the open road. It is common sense to plan for the ride and prepare to ensure your comfort on the bike. Now, can you just go out and go for a ride and hope for the best, yes, you can but you will give up comfort and safety in the process.

This is why it is so important to pack rain gear every time you may think that it may rain. The rain will drop the temperature down fast and cause you unnecessary discomfort when trying to ride in it. The rain will amplify the effects of the weather to the point where 60 degree weather with the rain will feel like 40 degrees because you are wet and miserable.

Viking Cycle Motorcycle Rain Gear has sells a nice rain suit that you can just throw on if caught in a rainstorm. This rain gear offers protection from the wind and rain which will keep you toasty warm while on that long ride. It is a 2 piece riding rain suit that comes in sizes from Small to XXL and in three different colors.


Side View
Safety Strip for better visibility



Elastic band to secure coat



Leg View
Boot strap to secure pants



Cuff View
Secured cuffs to keep wind out



Product Features:

  • You can hand wash it
  • Made from waterproof fabrics.
  • The hem, sleeve cuffs, and waist all have elastic.
  • Reflective Piping front and rear.
  • Heat shield on calves for added protection.
  • The stirrups are removable.

Viking Rain Gear in Orange
Black and orange suit


Ride In The Rain

This rain gear by viking designed for those riders who are not afraid to go riding in the rain. It is made to provide the freedom and comfort that you expect when riding in the rain for prolonged periods. The color options in this rain gear provide high visibility to drivers in the rain and gives the rider an added level of security. This is always good because as a rider you can focus on the destination and not the elements.

Highlights of Jacket and Pants

Wrapping It Up

The Viking Rain gear is the gear to buy when you need to ride in the rain, it will keep you warm and comfortable my friend. Listen, getting caught up in the rain on your motorcycle is not fun. Even worse when you do not have any rain gear because the your clothes will absorb the water into your body and being wet will get you closer to hypothermia.

If your looking for a great way of staying warm and dry and want to look cool on your bike then you should look at purchasing this combination. And choose between 3 different colors that will match the color of your bike. It is sold by Viking and designed of strong materials to withstand the harsh elements of the road.

You can purchase it HERE!, for $49.99

If you enjoyed reading Motorcycle Rain Gear please leave a comment or leave your own review below and I will respond to you.

Stay Dry My Friend!



Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets of 2019

Leather Jackets are the best protection when riding a motorcycle. It not only offers great protection but also becomes a fashion statement. Gone are the days when leather was plain and black and hot to wear while riding in the summer months.

Here is the list of the best leather motorcycle jackets of 2018 and it is a great list with prices in everyone s range. The new jackets that are not only the coolest looking but the best of 2019. This is a great list of leather motorcycle jackets for her as well as him.

Here you will find jackets ranging from $17.46 to $499.95. These leather jackets come in all different colors and benefits and the best place to buy them at the best price. This list consist of  ten different jackets that make up the list and all reliable and economical.

Women Cruise Motorcycle Jackets By Viking Cycle Video

Women's leather Motorcycle Jacket

The following list of best motorcycle leather jackets of 2019 is a comprehensive list of leather jackets that are made with leather to original specs. The list goes from number one to number ten in random order, so, as to not get fixated on price but style and great features.

Viking Cycle Cruise Motorcycle Jacket for Women

Viking cycle cruise motorcycle jacket.jpg

1. Viking Cycle Cruise Motorcycle Jacket for Women

At number one ladies, you will find the classic cruiser jacket that is sure to bring envy to the other women riders. It is a beautiful leather black leather jacket that will have you comfortable and warm on your special ride. But, will love the braids running down the side of the jacket.

Viking out did themselves, when they created this jacket. A timeless classic with a touch of class and elegance. You are  gonna love the way this jacket fits and the way you are gonna feel in it. This jacket will not only protect you from the elements but it will ensure you are kept safe if you come off the bike.

A great classic leather jacket for you at a great price and it comes in at number one.

Product Specs

Made by: Viking

Gender: Womens

Material: Leather

Design: Braided

Lining: full removable

Buy It Here For: $79.99

Product Overview

  • Its soft yet durable Top Quality Cowhide Leather.
  • Durable Zippers. Braided Design On Front Seams.
  • Demist latch position cracks the shield open.
  • Highest Quality at the Lowest Price.
  • Limited time at this price

FMC Bikerlicious Leather Motorcycle Jacket For Women

FMC Bikerlicious Leather Motorcycle Jacket

2. FMC Bikerlicious Leather Motorcycle Jacket For Women

This is the bikerliciouse leather motorcycle jacket for women and it is a real beauty. If you own any motorcycle and you want to look good going down the highway then this is the jacket you want to buy. With ample room the classic look of what a motorcycle jacket should look like.

Finally, a well-made classic design for the ladies motorcycle jacket that you can call your own. I mean, there enough jackets for men online already! Look I admit they need them also but the selection for  motorcycle jackets for women online is not enough.

So, at number 2 we have the FMC Bikerliciouse motorcycle jacket that is sure to make you look hotter than you already are!

Product Specs

Made By: FMC

Gender: Womens

Material: Leather

Liner: Full Adjustability

Buy it Now: $149.99

Product Overview

  • Top choice for many women riders.
  • Comfort liner that is removable.
  • Classic Design Jacket
  • Milted Hide
  • Half waist belt for easy adjustments.
  • High quality leather construction

Lock and Love LL Women Quilted Biker Jacket

Lock and Love LL Womens Quilted Biker Jacket

3. Lock and Love LL Women Quilted Biker Jacket

At number 3 is the LL women s quilted biker leather jacket that will make you look fabulous on the back of any bike or even better when riding your own bike. I will not stereotype anyone out there. I know that women ride their own bike and that is a great and sexy.

My belief that wearing this jacket will make you look even more sexy on that bike. This jacket is cut in all the right areas to bring out all of your sexy features. This jacket can also go with just about any outfit in just about any occasion.

It will be great for wearing to work on a daily basis, or throwing it on to meet your friends for girls night out, or just to lounge out at just the right party and meeting the right one. Whatever the occasion, this jacket will serve you well.

A 100% POLYURETHANE(Shell) 100% POLYESTER(Lining)

Hand wash cold/ Lining turned out and dry shade

Black/ Colorful leather coat and slim pattern

Slant zipper design and two side pockets with zippers

Big special collar and four rivets on the collar

Short pattern design and made in China

Buy it from: $19.01- $49.01

Product Overview

  • Collar: Optional stand collar or lapel collar
  • Style: Slant zip placket, rivets design
  • Pattern: Slim fit short pattern, multi pockets
  • Lining: Full lining design is comfortable
  • Season: Spring and autumn, easy to match with pants, shorts and skirts
  • Occasion: Great for work, office, date, club, party, lounging and other occasion

Leather Planet Women Lambskin Leather Bomber Biker Jacket

Womens Leather Bomber Jacket.jpg

4. Leather Planet Women Leather Bomber Biker Jacket

I have one word for you when it comes to number 4 and that is cute, it is an adorable jacket that is comfortable and a pleasure to wear. You are gonna like this coat wraps around your upper body and snugs you. It comes with a satin lining that makes the wearer feel like they do not have a jacket on.

A high quality leather jacket that comes with a satin lining creating a great look on you. This jacket is made of soft leather which will give you more comfort all day long. It pairs with just about any shirt to create a look for going to work, or a fabulous look for going out with your friends on the weekend.

It is a great jacket at a great price and the price starts below $100, this would make a great present for you or a good friend.

Product Specs

  • High quality leather jacket
  • Comes with satin lining
  • Stylish look
  • Will make you look attractive
  • Will make you feel more comfortable
  • Soft leather

Buy Here: $98.99 – $139.99

Product Overview

100% lambskin genuine leather

Lambskin leather is soft and comfortable. Stylish. cool and nice jacket
outwear, no regrets when you get it in your hands. A good
choice as a gift to your friends and families in autumn and winter.

Classic style casual jacket.

The style is the same as shown in the pictures,

Comes in varied sizing.

LL Womens Hooded Faux leather Jacket

LL Womens Hooded Faux leather Jacket

5. LL Womens Hooded Faux leather Jacket

LL Womens Faux Jacket

Here is a great example as to why Lock and Love sells lots of jackets. The women s hooded faux leather jacket is an adorable creation to their line of coats, it is available in many colors and lined. A nice cut and fitted jacket that you are sure to use in your daily adventures with your friends.

Made with just the right curves to accent your body, it comes with exterior zippers that not only look good but are functional. It is a great jacket and it will make you look beautiful in white when you want to make that statement to the rest of the pack.

I just can not believe the incredible value that this jacket gives you it has so many features at such an incredible price, but you better hurry because these prices will not stay this low for much longer.

Buy it now for: $17.46 – $59.95

Product Overview

100% POLYURETHANE(shell) 100% POLYESTER(lining)


Please make sure when you checkout it is by LOCK AND LOVE

Size may run small. Please order a size up if you necessary.

Full lining / Exposed zipper details / Medium weight


Comes in different colors

A great look at a great price

ROLAND SANDS DESIGNS Zuma Leather Motorcycle Jacket Brown Men

Details about ROLAND SANDS DESIGNS Zuma Leather Motorcycle Jacket Brown Men's.jpg

6. Roland Sands Designs Zuma Leather Jacket Brown men

Yes, finally a cool looking motorcycle jacket that offers serious protection while cool looking. So listen,  real genuine buffalo leather jacket that you can put on and  protect you while looking good, then this is the jacket you need.

It has an aggressive riding fit with pre-curved sleeves and a relaxed collar opening. And CE certified Level 2 shoulder and elbow armor included in the jacket. A $750 Retail Value and you can            

      buy it for $168.99

This is the jacket that, you wanted to buy in all the stores and online and now you have found it. When you go for that ride to your friends house or that restaurant on the weekend and want to wear something nice yet safe, this is the jacket. When you and your girl go on that long and scenic ride along the country side exploring new roads then this is the jacket.

Product Specs

  • Nice Jacket
  • Great protection for Riders
  • Front chest vents for summer days
  • Full protection included
  • Leather zipper pull
  • Retails for $750.00

Best Price: $168.99

Product Overview

•Aggressive riding fit with rotated, pre-curved sleeves, dropped back and relaxed collar opening

•Stretch nylon panel sleeve inserts

•Zip pockets and cuffs

•Easy Side adjustable waist tabs

•RSD race hump

•SAS-TEC CE certified Level 2 shoulder and elbow armor included

•Foam back protector included

•The Zuma has an aggressive sport style fit and wears small, depending on body type we suggest going up one size

New Men Razer Motorcycle Biker Armor Mesh & Leather Black Riding Jacket

New Men's Razer Motorcycle Biker Armor Mesh & Leather Black Riding Jacket

7. New Men Razer Motorcycle Biker Armor Mesh & Leather Black Riding Jacket

This is the new Razer motorcycle biker armor mesh and leather black riding jacket made for those guys that like the way black leather looks on them. It is an original cut leather jacket that keeps you cool on those long summer rides. It comes with 5 armored sections in the jacket to provide the rider with ample safety. You will like the way this jacket fits and hugs your body while riding your motorcycle down the road.

This is not only a great looking jacket but it is chuck full of features that will leave you comfortable. Have you ever worn a black leather jacket and taken a ride in the middle of a nice hot summer day only to arrive at your destination all sweaty. Well with the built in frontal chest and sleeve mesh you can now arrive cool and refreshed because it will allow the hot perspiration out and the cool wind in. Making your summer rides more enjoyable and comfortable.

This is the jacket that you are gonna go to for all your summer rides and it is a steal at $94.99 so, buy it now!

Product Specs

  • New and original
  • Regular leather cut
  • Made by JacketsforBikes
  • Keeps cool in the summer
  • 5 armored sections in jacket
  • Black Motorcycle Jacket

Buy it here: $94.99

Product Overview

  • Five section removable double density armor for back, shoulders and elbows.
  • Outer shell is 1.1mm Cow Hide Leather with poly mesh in sleeves, front and back of torso.
  • A Fixed mesh liner.
  • Strong YKK zippers in front and sleeves.
  • Mesh along the front of sleeves; front and back of torso provide excellent ventilation around arms, under arms and torso.
  • Waist adjustment.
  • Sleeve zippers and snap on buttons.
  • Front and back reflective piping.

Alpine stars Stella Jaws Women Perforated Leather Jacket Black

Alpinestars Womens stella Jaws Performance Leather Jacket

8. Alpine stars Stella Jaws Women Perforated Leather Jacket Black

Ladies, here is the alpine stars leather jacket for great style and great safety features. The breath ability of this jacket is by far the best out there and made with durable leather for years of wear. It comes with CE certified shoulder and elbow protectors as well as back pad padding.

Alpine stars stretch panels’ in just the right spots to increase your comfort when you ride with a pre-curved sleeve construction. You will also like it comes with a removable thermal liner for those chilly mornings and you still have to get to work.

Have you ever been caught up in a rainstorm and remember that those important papers are in your leather jacket pocket? Now, you pull over under a bridge and verify that yes, all those important papers are now wet and ruined. Yes, happened to me but we can change that from ever happening again, because this jacket comes with inner waterproof wallet pockets and they work.

It is an Alpine stars leather jacket and you are worth every penny of this price because this jacket will last you a lifetime.

Buy it Here: $499.95

Product Overview

  • Max Perforated paths for maximum ventilation
  • Durable 1.2 / 1.4 leather outer construction
  • Removable CE-certified Bio-Armor shoulders and elbow protectors
  • Chest pad compartments (Alpine stars Nucleon chest pads available as
    accessory upgrade)
  • Back pad compartments with PE padding
  • Strategic placed poly-fabric stretch panels’ helps movement and
    comfort on the bike
  • Pre-curved sleeve construction
  • Elbow and rear accordions for increased comfort in riding position
  • Multi panels’ liner construction to improve comfort .
  • Removable thermal liner
  • Soft collar construction for an optimized comfort
  • Velcro and D-Ring waist adjustment for improved riding fit
  • Velcro wrist adjustment for improved riding fit
  • Reflective detailing on sleeve and back to improve rider visibility
  • 2 zippered chest air intake vents
  • 2 zippered hand pocket
  • Inner waterproof wallet pocket
  • Microfiber comfort edge on collar and cuffs
  • Embroidered logos
  • Waist connection zipper allows attachment to Alpine stars riding pants

Viking Cycle American Eagle Leather Jacket for Men

Viking Cycle American Eagle Leather Jacket for Men

9. Viking Cycle American Eagle leather Jacket For Men

Can someone say classic cowhide leather motorcycle jacket in black!, Viking Cycle has brought back the classic motorcycle jacket for all of those old school bikers out there want the right jacket. It is the jacket that started out all the other jackets and it is available now.

It is made of cowhide leather with a full adjustable front belt for proper fitting and 5 front pockets. A rugged looking black leather jacket made for your daily commute or just riding around town on a Friday or Saturday night. You will appreciate the strong thick leather and the amount of wind protection it does offer you when cruising down the highway with some friends.

 priced at $99.99

Product Specs

  • Brand: Viking Cycle
  • Gender: Men
  • Material: Cowhide leather
  • Waist: Belt: Full Adjustable

Best Price Here: $99.99

Product Overview

  • Top Grade Cowhide Leather.
  • Quilted polyester liner.
  • A Classic leather jacket design.
  • “Live To Ride” on backside.
  • Functional Multi-Pockets, with belted waist.
  • High quality zippered cuffs.
  • Great Looking Jacket

Joe Rocket Classic ’92 Women Jacket

Joe Rocket 92 Womens leather Jacket

10. Joe Rocket Classic ’92 Women Jacket

The Joe Rocker classic ’92 is a throwback that has become a work of art for those seeking some nostalgia or just searching for the right jacket in their life. You are gonna love the way this jacket looks on you with just the right pair of jeans, your friends are gonna love it. It goes with great outfits and can be worn to just about any occasion.

Whether you are gonna meet your friends for a Saturday night movie night or have that special guy pick you up, this is the jacket for you.

Looking to make a statement or just looking to be comfortable all night long while you hang with your friends then get this jacket! It has reflective stripes to better visibility while riding and a removable liner for those chilly nights in the country or city.

This jacket will not disappoint you and you will be happy you bought it.

Product Specs

  • Brand: Joe Rocket
  • Gender: Women
  • Material: Leather
  • Liner: Removable
  • Stripes. Reflective

Buy it Here: $269.99

Product Overview

  • VariableFlow ventilation at the biceps with underarm grommets for additional venting.
  • 4-point SureFit waist adjustment.
  • Removable satin quilted liner.
  • 2 outside pockets.
  • 1 inside utility pocket.
  • Mandarin style collar.
  • Detailed laser-etched logos.
  • Ample reflective striping.

So, if you have read this far you have come to the end and that was my list of the best of 2018 and I am sure you will find a leather motorcycle jacket that will not only be in your price range but will be the jacket that you want to buy. I will always love leather motorcycle jackets and the way they make me feel, whether I ride my motorcycle or spending a great weekend with my wife, the jacket will always improve my life for the better.

I hope that you find that special leather jacket, the one that gets you going in the morning and bring joy to your life.

If you enjoyed this years list of Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets of 2019, please feel free to leave a comment and or write your own short review of which product you liked the most.

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Motorcycle Tank Bag-Made By Indian

Motorcycle Tank Bag

So there are many differant bags that you can buy online for your motorcycle and they are good. But, I have found that the Indian Motorcycle tank bag is a nice addition to your existing accessory arsenal. It is made of leather exterior that comes with a clear window to place a cell phone or something else.

It secures to your Indian Motorcycle using high strength magnets and in no time installation is complete.

The tank pouch for your motorcycle is a great investment.

I remember when I had bought my motorcycle and I was a new rider having to put my cell phone in my leather jacket. This worked out for a while, I mean if I needed my phone I would just stop the bike and answer a call. I then began taking longer trips on more roads and spending more time riding, so remembering more roads became more difficult and time-consuming.

So, now if I needed to find a place I would have to actually stop the bike and start my GPS app. More time sitting and less time riding not good for me. So, I began researching what was online at the time and found that a tank bag is what I needed to go riding to new and interesting locations.

What a great invention the tank bag is, it is held in place by strong magnets and you can put a cell phone in it, keep it dry and look down to check on the route  It is a convenient piece of equipment that every biker should own.

I own a smaller tank bag that does not fit my IPhone but I will soon buy this gorgeous tank bag and I will be able to fit my IPhone and then I can just plug in my destination and head out on the open road.


  • Genuine leather Pouch
  • Clear Plastic Window
  • Strong Magnets Fit Secure
  • Item weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 13.5 x 6.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Item #: 2880619-05
  • Best Deal on Amazon: $169.99

In Closing

This motorcycle tank bag is a great investment for anyone who rides. You will now have a safe and secure place for your cell phone when traveling to any new destination. It is secure and held in place with powerful magnets and it comes in a lovely tan leather.
It is durable and weather resistant for those times that you ride in the rain. I do recommend this product to anyone who owns a scout/scout sixty in a variety of colors. It is an investment that you will use for many years to come and the map will always be right where you need it to be.

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Indian Motorcycle Seat-Best of 2018!

Indian Motorcycle Seat

I upgraded to a newer seat my used Indian Motorcycle extended reach seat is up for sale. It only has less than a thousand miles on it and there are no rips or tares on it. Everything is in place and  functional.

Extended seat side view
Side View of Seat


Here is a side view of the extended seat, as you can see it is in pristine condition and ready will fit the scout/scout sixty. This came is from my 2016 Scout Sixty.

Seat bottom view
Bottom view of seat


And this is the bottom view of the seat, no damage and everything is in place and ready to go.

Also selling the extended driver backrest support and pad. So, Indian Motorcycle has all 3 selling brand new for about $580 plus tax but you can buy it all 3 for $449.99 and now the price is r $349.99 plus shipping if you do not live.

Support and Seat
Extended support bracket and pad

This is an incredible value for the money and the shape of these 3 parts are like new.


Side view of support
Side view of bracket and pad


So if you want to buy these 3 beautiful accessories please act now!.

Top view of support and pad
Front view of bracket and pad


Brand New: $579.99 plus tax

Was: $449.99 plus shipping

Now: $349.99 plus shipping

You can reach me through my email at and let me know how you would like to pay for it, because you can pay through my PayPal. If you are in the Minot ND area I can give you the product. I hope this finds its way to a deserving rider because they deserve a great home.
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Indian Motorcycle Luggage Rack-For More Stuff!

Indian Motorcycle Luggage Rack

When it is time to go on a long journey with a few of your riding friends and you need even more room than the saddlebags can provide this luggage rack is a good choice. I know that there are those out there in motorcycle land that ride someone with them and this would not be for them. But when your significant other also rides a bike then this luggage rack would be an awesome addition.

It is an original equipment accessory that fits the Indian scout/scout sixty. There are no additional bolts or accessories that would have to buy to make this work for you. And straps or bungee cords to keep everything organized and secured.

It does not come in black only chrome but just look at it, the shine is incredible. It bolts on to the bike with 2 front bolts and a rear bolt; and it also comes with a beautiful Indian emblem in the center that makes this accessory pop!

Product feature

    • Material: Made of Steel
    • Weight Capacity: 7lbs of cargo
    • Ease of Installation: Easy
    • Finish: Chrome
    • Item# 2880900-156


This strong and sturdy Solo Rack is a versatile cargo carrier for an Indian Scout. It installs on the rear fender and features Indian Motorcycle branding. Styled to integrate with the bike’s smart, sporty design. The rack’s design makes it easy attach cargo using either tie-down straps or a cargo net.

Solo Luggage Rack Summary

Title: Solo Luggage Rack-Chrome

Product Description: A strong and sturdy luggage rack

Pros/Cons: Pro-Easy installation, Cons-Does not come in black

Product Specs: See top at features

Guarantee: 1-Yearfrom date of purchase

Price: $199.99 best price HERE

My Overall Review: 8 out of 10 is due to not coming in black


In Summary,  This is a great buy and would make a great addition to those riders that need more room when traveling far from home. I recommend this product with a rating of 8-10 because it does not come in black and people like that color.

But other than that little quark Indian Motorcycle has done a good job once again in introducing this luggage rack to the masses. It is easy to install and maintain and sturdy enough for extra cargo on those long unforgettable trips. A good buy at Buy it for only $199.99.

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Mustang Motorcycle Seat-For My Indian Scout

So for our tax returns I decided that a new mustang seat and Indian floorboards would be a great upgrade to my motorcycle while I wait out the snow storm brewing outside. I mean I have the original Indian beige seat that I bought with the bike but it is not that comfortable when you ride over 2 hours. And yes I bought those air cushions and it works well but it takes away from the Indian look. Also a nice pair of Indian Motorcycle floorboards would not only look great but would be more comfortable for my long trips of adventure.

Black Mustang Seat
Mustang seat in Black

Accessorizing my Scout Sixty with the mustang seat would be a great investment and here are the seat features;

  • Offers you the support and comfort for the whole journey
  • The Mustangs proprietary foam molds
    to the shapes and angles needed for optimal cruising comfort
  • The 13″ wide solo seat provides ample room for comfort without compromising the look of the bike
  • Marine-grade fiberglass seat pan designed for a secure install and a long-term durability
  • The cover designs are brand-new concepts developed just for the Scout

Mustang seats, around since 1980 and they are an American company that build all their seats right here. Each seat comes with 1 year warranty and hand crafted for that specific bike application.

A great seat at a great price!
The Mustang Leather studded seat with chrome studs-For those who want the best!

Product Description:

  • Product dimensions: 19.8 x 15.5 x 10 inches
  • Item weight: 14.4 pounds
  • Colors: Black/Brown
  • Studs: available for both black/brown
  • 13″ Width
  • Easy Installation
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Best Price: Here for $278.10 for the Black Seat
  • And $278.99 for the Brown Seat
  • The Mustang Leather Studded seat with chrome studs available at Here for $485.99
  • The Indian motorcycle driver backrest will not fit with the seat but the Indian motorcycle passenger seat will.
  • Rating: 10 of 10

Close up Indian Floor boards
Close-up of Indian motorcycle floorboards

The Indian Motorcycle Floorboards are a great aftermarket addition to any Scout/Scout Sixty. If you been on a long motorcycle ride and are sick of the pegs then you need these floor boards. They  mount where the pegs would mount and adjusted for the right fit of each individual rider. They allow you to move your feet around on long rides and add a retro feel when riding. All the mounts and hardware  included.

Product Information:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Convenience features: Rubber inlays for a sure grip
  • Ease of Installation: Medium
  • Color: Black
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Item# 2883056-658
  • Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase
  • Best place to buy: Here for $299.99
  • Rating: 9 of 10

Indian Floor boards for Scout
Indian Motorcycle Floorboards

And these Indian Motorcycle floorboards created for the Indian Scout/Scout Sixty they come in black with a rubber on the surface for better grip. They fold up when not in use or when banking a steep corner and they have metal protectors on the flip side.

I recommend both products and if you are a proud owner of an Indian Scout/Scout Sixty your tush will thank you on the long rides and your feet will have more room to stretch. They are both great products and they would make an excellent addition to any owner looking for more enjoyment out of their riding.

If you enjoyed reading my review on the Mustang motorcycle seat and Indian Motorcycle floorboards please feel free to leave a comment below or leave your own review and I will respond back.

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SwitchBlade Motorcycle Windshield-For My Scout Sixty

Switchblade Motorcycle Windshield

Upon completing my Harley Davidson Academy Certification I decided it was time to buy a motorcycle. Now,  I did have some money saved up for such an occasion. After many weeks I finally found my first bike the Royal Enfield GT 535i so I bought it and began to accessorize. After riding a few times I realized the importance of having a motorcycle windshield especially if that riding took me on the highway. The bike was light so having the windshield made my riding life better.

My Royal Enfield GT 535i
My Royal Enfield with the after market windshield.

As you can see by the picture it was a nice after market universal fit windshield that fit with finesse. It did shake at times. What this windshield allowed me to do was ride more often in the upright position at higher speeds which was great for my lower back.

Well this bike was a great bike and she brought me to many wonderful places. But, when I found out that Minot North Dakota was our next station, I knew that this was the time to finally invest on an Indian Motorcycle. But which one would I buy I mean I liked the Dark Horse, the Springfield, the Scout and Scout Sixty all great bikes. Then I remembered what my motorcycle safety course taught me,  move up as experience grows. This narrowed my field to the Scout and Scout Sixty, I checked out reviews and went on demo rides and finally decided on the Scout Sixty in white.

My brand new 2016 Scout Sixty
My 2016 Scout Sixty in White.

After going, on a few rides I decided that a windshield would be a great addition especially in North Dakota were the winds can reach 25MPH. So I searched the internet and found a great one for 2-up riding because I knew that I would eventually have my daughter or wife riding with me.

The features of this windshield are as follows;

  • Windscreen: Switchblade
  • Material: Lexan Polycarbonate
  • Material Finish: Quantum Hardcoated
  • Color: Clear
  • Thickness: 4.0mm
  • Secondary material and finish: Steel/Chrome
  • Mount type: Switchblade quick release mount kit required
Windshield strenght

So along with these feature and the strength of the actual windshield I bought it. Let me start by saying that this was a great buy on my part because I do love everything about this windshield. It is big enough to keep the wind of my chest and the passengers face, it comes off the bike for when you need it to. I know that you are skeptical about the scratches and the road debris, But, let me assure you I have had road debris hit the windshield at 75 mph and after the ride and further close inspection have found no scratches.

The company is National Cycle since 1937 making windshields right here in the U.S.A. And their customer service is superb and here is just one example that happened to me. When I received the windshield and the mounting bracket I began installing the bracket and broke off the side bolt on the right bracket. My fault because I over torqued the bolt and it snapped. Upon calling the company and explaining what I had done they immediately rushed me a new set. Wow, this is call great customer service and you can tell that they are in the business of making life long customers.

My Beautiful Windshield
Just look at that awesome windshield.

My Switchblade Motorcycle Windshield Summary

Title: Switchblade 2-up Quick Release Windshield

Product Description: A high end strong windshield fabricated in the U.S.A for 2 riders

Pros/Cons: Pro-Protection for 2 passengers from the elements, Cons-none

Product Specs: See top at features

Warrentee: 3-Year

Price: $251.95 Here

My Overall Review: 9 out of 10

In Summary, I  use this windshield on many rides. It is easy to put on and easy to take off and does not interfere with any controls or the headlight. A great investment because now I  actually get more riding in. It is great on sunny days as well as rainy days when it keeps you drier in unexpected downpours. If you are in the market for a strong windshield that will protect you from road debris and the elements buy this one, you will not regret it.

If you enjoyed reading my review on my Switchblade motorcycle windshield, please feel free to leave a comment or your own review in the comment section below.

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