Where is the Spring-I Want to Ride!

Where is the Spring!

I can speak for all of us motorcycle riders when I say we endured a harsh long winter and now it should be over. It is April a time when the flowers start to bloom and the average temperature should be in the 50s. A time when people begin their spring cleaning and ready themselves for the summer months and vacation time.
Just look at the above picture beautiful,  I mean it looks like a great place to visit on an awesome ride. A place that you could ride to and park the bike, take off the helmet and take a deep breath and let it all in. A place where there is plenty of vegetation, trees and streams to relax and feel the outdoors and become one with nature.

Does such a place exist?

Is there such a place as this in the United States

So many colors, So much beauty!

Yes, but of course such places exist in this wonderful place we call the U.S. I know, I seen these places, I smelled the forest, I seen the southern morning dew with the sound of crickets and have felt the heat of the morning sun on my face. A feeling of pure satisfaction for the soul and be glad for the blessing of life.

Nice and warm

Spring is a season that is special for me because it brings with it a new fresh start. You go through Summer, Fall, Winter then Spring around you the birds are busy at work this is a wonderful time. But, this year spring is not here in Minot, ND we still have snow on the ground and the temperatures are still cold.

North Dakota
North Dakota

Spring is Warmer!

The temperature today in Minot N. D is 31 degrees going up to 37 by 6pm and Sunday a high of 40 degrees. This is not exactly great spring motorcycle riding weather and spring has not sprung. Minot  highways are great for riding I mean it is a large state. You can ride for miles and miles and never see the end of the road, you can go 65 MPH or 75MPH and never catch up to the car in front of you.

This in fact is a great because it cuts down on accidents and crazy cagers cutting you off. I remember living in New Jersey and I wanted to go to my favorite Indian dealer I would have to take 4 highways to get there and be on high alert at all times. The driving was crazy if it was not the cars in front of me it was cars behind me doing something crazy to get ahead of me. And for what?, they still got to where they needed to go, everything was rush, rush, rush.
Not here, the riding here is always a pleasurable experience and the Canadian border is only 45 minutes away. It is always a pleasure to go for a ride on my Indian Scout Sixty whether I go to the nearby lake and check out the fascinating twists and turns or just ride on the open road to no place, I always enjoy my rides.

I will say if I could, I would add more trees and add more places to go to and an ocean because if this place had that, then I would stay here. I do love the peacefulness and the beautiful lakes that North Dakota has to offer.

Rt 83 East bound
My Indian Scout Sixty on Rt 83 Eastbound side

But the only big downfall is the harsh winters that this place provides you with. I mean I still have snow outside my window and the temperatures are still in the 30s. The winters here are harsh, it is either cold or snowy and this year it was  cold. So what do I mean by cold it actually dropped to -40 degrees in February and stayed below zero for several weeks. Cold!, and since I retired from the Army I would like to ride more often, like year round.

One More Year!

So one more year and we get to move to a place with spring and spring begins even earlier than April. Where is this place that I speak of? Is it a magical place that exists only in my mind? No!, it is an actual place on the east coast of the continental U.S. This place is South Carolina where the temperature today in Myrtle Beach is 61 degrees and will be in the lower to mid 70s for the rest of the week.

A place where you can ride while watching all the beautiful trees and having great restaurants to ride to. And in the summer I can ride down to the beach go swimming and fishing and ride back home, because nothing compares to riding your bike after a wonderful day at the beach.

South Carolina nice long stretches of road
South Carolina nice long stretches of road

Not only swimming but I can get back into my love of the ocean through scuba diving. Before retiring I took all the PADI required classes and interned for about a year with an instructor who was the best instructor I ever met and became certified as a Divemaster. You see, I thought that Florida was to be my wifes first duty station but instead we ended up here in Minot.

Scuba diving
Scuba diving

Can you dive in North Dakota sure you can if you live in Bismarck or Fargo and your diving would be in a lake. Now, nothing wrong with lake diving if you enjoy it than good for you. But here are some facts you might want to consider before starting your plunge;

  1. You need a dry suit
  2. You have to commute to the location
  3. You will not be in warm water
  4. The water clarity is several feet
  5. You will have to book a room

So what, I do all of that now!, Sure, but all the investment and not being able to help teach classes and diving in green murky water does not sound appealing to me.

I dived the Bahamas and most recently Islamorada in the Florida Keys and once you dived in 100 feet of visibility with 80 plus degree water temperature, lakes become less attractive. I do miss diving in nice warm water and will not do any lake diving because of all the logistics involved in it.

Warm water scuba diving
Warm water scuba diving

This time next year we will move to South Carolina and with Gods Grace live in Charleston. Here I will be able to ride all year long, go fishing, go to the beach and get me some great seafood.

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Enjoy Life!


Ride and be Happy-On the Road

The Road

These are the many intricate and elaborate paths that we all have to take to;

  • Go to work in the morning
  • Go get some food
  • Get the gas we need
  • Go from point A to B
  • Return home

For many, the roads impacted by the perceptions that we place on them due to commuting to work. Because we have to commute to a place of misery we never accept it as a happy ride. It is not the roads fault that some of us hate our jobs, it is not the roads fault that there are to many cars and the commuting will take twice as long.

The road is the place that leads us to many more paths on life discoveries, it is our way of exploring the unknown and all the great places that exist along the way. Sure the daily commute is a painful process of daily driving that leads to the same place day in and day out. And of course the road gets wet and slippery with all the snow thats fallen the night before. But it is the road that leads to many paths.

The Many Paths

The Many Paths

I remember when I was a kid every summer my dad would plan the family summer vacation in our 1972 Chevy impala. This was a trip that entailed getting all four of us from New Jersey to Florida and back in the course of 2 weeks minimum, because sometimes it would last 3 weeks. I remember my father getting all the required maps, a cooler with all the refreshments and pillows and blankets.
This trip would take us on the I95 South highway straight through to Florida, but we would definitely stop in all the required stops on the family trip. We would stop at South of the Border and eat lunch and take pictures and drive on to Florida where we would stop at an Orange farm and buy a big bag of oranges. My father always said that Florida had the best oranges and he made it a point to stop and fill up on oranges. Afterwards we would reach our final destination, Miami Beach and check in to the hotel right on the beach for 2 weeks of beach and sun.

These were my first memories of the may paths we take in life to create wonderful memories with our families. These were some great times and the roads of America is how we created them.

About the Journey

About the Journey

Ride and be happy!, sounds simple enough to ride and be happy and thats the mindset needed when we begin our rides to anywhere. Yes, sometimes you have a plan and need to go somewhere to pick something up and bring it back home. At other times you go through your bike checks and ensure you have a full tank of gas and get on your bike and ride.

To not have a plan in mind just a journey that will begin with starting up your bike and riding to the nearest path. A simple yet effective form of therapy that will lead to many years of stress free living because it will be just you and your path.

This journey will not consist of listening to the radio you have a cage for that, no, this ride will be all about exploration and discovery that you make on the road. It will be a magnificent journey that will surprise you on the many beautiful sights the highway has for you. But how do you know when arrive? You will know because you will pull over and say where am I and man is this all worth it. This journey of discovery will show you why you took up motorcycling and reaffirm your commitments in life. You will know why you ride and ride you must!

Riding the wind

Ride the wind

Yes, you shall ride the winds of the earth on the man made paths everyone calls highways. It is sad to me to think that some people will never feel the excitement and heart beat of the earth underneath them while letting the motorcycle take you where their heart desires. Some people will just know what its like to commute or take a long journey from point A to point B never appreciating all the other aspects of the road.

The exhilaration of riding the wind and feeling the ground below you while following a twisted highway or following a long road on the side of a mountain. It is what creates the bond of brotherhood we as bikers pass along to each other on the road in the form of a wave. It is what brings us together at rallies and events and long rides.

Even though you might or might not be on a ride alone you know that you are a part of something special that you belong to the brotherhood and only they can understand what it is to be a biker. It  does not matter what type of bike you ride its never been about the bike its about the experience that you will encounter on the road that makes it so special.

Ride and Be Happy

So Ride and Be Happy

Stop thinking about how much another bike would make you happy, stop buying into the idea that the bike you own is not enough. The bike you own is enough and with today s motorcycle motors it is more than enough to last a long time. Be happy and ride and thank God that you live in a country where you can purchase any type of bike your heart desires.

Be, thankful that you can go out and ride alone or with your friends without the hassles of the government impeding your ride. It amazes me that so many people look to upgrade to something better or something faster. You see, this is what advertisers use into luring you into buying another bike but you do not need the monthly payments on a new bike.

The bike that you currently have should last you a long time and bring you many years of enjoyment and journeys. Do not let the world dictate to you what is best for you only you can do that. I mean I own a 2016 Indian Scout Sixty, it has no anti-lock brakes, and its not a Scout but I love it.

Its taken me on some wonderful journeys here in North Dakota and I get praises on her color everywhere I go. It is reliable and she has a powerful engine. Will I someday get a newer bike? I do not know, but right now in my life this is the perfect bike for me and I love it.

So, think about what you love about riding and start your journey on the many paths. Like life riding a motorcycle offers you many paths of self discovery so find many and go exploring to find the answers.

Life is good, motorcycling just makes you feel it happening now.

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Take the long way home!


Buy your Motorcycle

I learned how to ride my motorcycle at the Harley Davidson Riding Academy in Oct 2016 and decided to take a brand new road king for a test drive. I did the research and loved the design and figured what a better time to test drive it than on my birthday. So I went down to the same Harley dealer that I learned how to ride and asked if I could take the Road King for a test ride. The sales associate brought me into his office and after signing the release forms he rode the bike up to the front of the shop. He asked if I could do a couple of laps around the parking lot to ensure I could handle the bike. I complied and then waited for him while waiting I tilted the bike and almost dropped her on the ground. I got lucky because when this occurred he out getting his ride to accompany me on the test drive.

As we took off I followed him down the highway the engine on the road king was much stronger than the bike I owned and it took off fast and smooth. We turned off the highway into a side road and  opened up the throttle and it was awesome, what a rush! This was the bike I needed or so I thought at the time it was fast, great handling and came in a beautiful black color. The ride went great and I told the associate when we returned I need to buy this motorcycle. He said sure and started on the details but then came on back down to reality knowing that I needed some more time to save, but thanks for the ride it was a great birthday present.

Riding Academy Graduation Picture
My Academy Graduation picture

You Need to Buy Your Motorcycle

When I say I know what it like looking for months, weeks and hours at craigslist, cycle-trader, motorcycle dealers, used and new bikes. Frustrating when you finally get M endorsement and all you want to do is ride. But motorcycle dealers do not give out test drives. But there are always ways around everything and for motorcycle buyers you can always go to the dealers and check out their used inventory. These are great places to start the dealer will give you at least a year warranty and if you have any problems you can come back to the dealer for fixing. Most reputable dealers have a decent used motorcycle inventory of great beginner motorcycle. Now why am I so adamant about motorcycle dealers well I have had my problems shopping on craigslist and the private sellers and have friends who have bought a few motorcycle nightmares.

But remember to bring  your motorcycle endorsement before you even think about test-driving. I recommend,”The Harley Davidson Motorcycle Riding Academy”, it has a great price and all the Harley dealers should offer it. They integrate it with,”The Motorcycle Safety Foundation” and this foundation is at the cutting edge when it comes to motorcycle safety. The course takes a beginner and in three days they know how to ride a motorcycle and earned their motorcycle endorsement. So, take the course the instructors are awesome and they are helpful and informative, it worked for me.

I have my Motorcycle Endorsement

I got my motorcycle endorsement and saved $2000 to $3000 which is a great starting point for a beginner or starter bike. And I do not know why people call it a beginner bike, its like you could not get a real bike so you purchased a starter bike. Listen, when you purchase your first bike be proud, it is the first motorcycle and a big accomplishment. If the surrounding people do not understand that then too bad because the brotherhood of motorcycle riders does and we will welcome you with open arms. My first bike was Royal Enfield GT 535I in red and it was awesome not because it was fast but because it was my first motorcycle. I remember riding around town and some people always had good comments about the bike. The Royal Enfield is the oldest motorcycle manufacturer; Thats right older than Indian and Harley and they outsell both of them yearly worldwide so never judge until you know the story.

Royal enfield GT 535i red
My first real motorcycle what a great looking bike.

Look and buy Your Motorcycle

When you finally begin looking to buy your motorcycle you should look at 500cc to 900cc depending on the size and what you can handle. Look at the riding you want to do, do your homework search google, craigslist, and cycle trader, research and more research find out about the engine, tires, and specs of the bike look at all the reviews and think about what you want. If you do decide to go the private seller route bring along a friend who knows how to fix motorcycles and have him look it over or ride it. Also, a friend will tell you the truth and when not to buy when you get all star eyed and say I just have to get this bike.

Start small and used and then save up for the bike of your dreams or at least a great down payment and great interest rate, what is great interest rate 0% APR and that is what I received when I bought my new Indian. Decide sports bike, cruiser, motocross, scooter whatever then go see them and sit on them; are the seats comfortable and will it be this comfortable when your riding for 2 hours. Is the weight of the bike good for you, go ahead and lean it to each side get a good feel for it, these are the questions you need to ask yourself when you buy your motorcycle.

Remember the first motorcycle sole purpose is to show you throttle control and great road habits. Along with those good habits always use ATGATT, (All the gear all the time), and I recommend an airbag vest for motorcycles from Helite but all covered at the motorcycle academy and could save your life. In summary as you progress in riding your motorcycle she will let you feel more of the road and you will know how she handles the obstacles on that road, eventually the both of you will become one entity riding down the road exploring the wonder and beauty of riding and this relationship will become stronger and last a lifetime.

My Indian motorcycle delivery
My new Indian Motorcycle delivered to my front door.


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Enjoy the Ride and welcome to the brotherhood!