The Helite Safety Airbag Hi-Viability Vest

I bought the Helite Safety Airbag Hi-Viability Vest about a year ago and wear it on every motorcycle ride. This is the best vest that you can wear while riding a motorcycle, the vest comes with many features which listed below;

  • The Turtle vest CE approved airbag effective in 0.1 seconds
  • Removable SAS-TEC back protector 1621-2 certified
  • Textile material is strong and abrasive
  • Retro-reflective tape for night use
  • Robust front clips for easy opening and closing
  • Interior 3D mesh for added for comfort

Held Airbag Vest Front View

This vest offers the highest level of protection at a reasonable price $629-$649 depending on the size. I found that the construction is good and it feels sturdy. I mean I am not a skinny guy I am a big guy and wear an extra large.

Held Airbag in Black

On the exterior of the vest you will find a pocket on mid torso left that happens to be the right size for a pair of earplugs and on the same side you will find a Velcro slip pocket that fits your ID cards. Useful when on a military post and pulling 1 ID when riding up to the guard shack.

This vest offers all of these feature;

  1. Offers the highest level of rider safety protection.
  2. Protects the spine and vital organs.
  3. Back protector on top of the airbag.
  4. Uses a CO2 cartridge and its tethered to the bike.
  5. If you fly off it deploys.
  6. When deployed it creates a rigid neck brace as well as firm support of the SPINE, BACK, CHEST, RIBS and KIDNEYS.
  7. This is the ultimate in rider safety.

And yes, I can go on about this, but this is a great investment and you will not appreciate it until you actually use it. I mean I hope I never have to use it but you never know.

Buy them here $629 up to $650 depending on the size of the rider. I recommend you buy it here because this vest was a great investment.

Strong Recommendation!


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Michelin Commander II Tires-For Scout Sixty

Michelin Commander II Tires

These Michelin Commander II tires that are made by Michelin to optimize the bike’s ride
and handling are an awesome addition to your bike. These tires come loaded with many features and technological innovations that have made this Americas great tire companies. Reviews for these tires on the scout or scout sixty can be found on YouTube and there are a few. They are all positive reviews about these tires when it comes to handling in wet or dry conditions.

Now I know there are other brands of tires that you can choose to put on your baby, but for my baby I will put on a set of these. Do I rally need new tires, No, I do not but the OEM tires that came with the scout sixty are the Kendra tires and I have had some front end skidding in the rain on turning and some other events that make me question the Kendra tires.

The Kendra tires that came with the scout sixty are reliable and have held up to 4000 miles that I have put on the bike, but the performance has not always been there for me. And now I heard that Indian Motorcycle new scout sixty comes with Pirelli tires for the 2018. So it is not just me that decided that the Kendra tires were not as good as hoped for.

Michelin CMDR II Rear Tires
Michelin CMDR II Rear Tires 150/80-16 71H

The Michelin Commander II tires loaded with lots of features that are as follows;

Product Features

  • New look with a premium sidewall finish
  • Last up to 25,000 miles
  • It is made with Michelin Amplified Density Technology
  • Premium handling responsiveness
  • Top layer of rear tire made of Aramid Fibers, this combines resistance and lightweight feel
  • Perfect stability at high speeds
  • Excellent grip on wet surfaces
  • A new longitudinal tread design provides outstanding water evacuation making excellent grip on wet surfaces
  • Warranty: See below

Michelin Commander II Tires Summary

Title: Michelin Commander II Tires for Scout Sixty

Product Description:  An easy steering tire that has longevity and is great in the rain

Item Weight: 16.5 Lbs.

Product Dimensions: 25.5 x 25.5 x 5.9 inches

Section Width: 150 millimeters

Aspect ratio: 80

Construction: Bias

Rim Diameter: 16 Inches

Load Index Rating: 77

Speed Rating: H

Rim Width: 150 millimeter

Pros/Cons: Pro long-lasting, great wet traction Michelin made, Cons- stiff

Product Specs: See top at features

Warranty: 30 day satisfaction guarantees, 3-year flat tire changing assistance limited mileage warranty

Price: Front Tire 130/90-16 for $144.70 on (Amazon), and Rear Tire 150/80-16 for $143.87 on (Amazon)

My Overall Review: 10 out of 10 for such great performance and reviews

2016 Scout Sixty with Commander II Tires
2016 Scout Sixty with Commander II Tires

In Summary,  you can not buy a better set of tires for your scout sixty than the Michelin Commanders II. There are over 600 positive reviews on amazon for these tires alone. They are not only nice looking, but they are more technological and are at the fore front for motorcycle tires. They are excellent tires that last a long time and are great on wet roads,  2 important features to motorcycle riders.

I love these tires so much that I recommend them to anyone riding a scout or scout sixty. And come May 2018 I  will purchase the front and rear commander II for my Indian scout sixty. Because, these tires have great safety features for my bike and they should last me a long time.

If you enjoyed reading my review on Michelin Commander II tires, please feel free to leave a comment or write your own review in the comment section below.

Ride on road surfaces!


Motorcycle Driving Lights-For the Scout/Scout Sixty

Motorcycle Driving Lights Review

So you go to a friends house for a nice get together with all your friends and a good time but in the back of your mind you see how dark its getting and is the light your bike enough. Looks like another slow ride home tonight and wondering about alternatives. What are my alternatives for motorcycle driving lights, I mean there are so many choices online and I am sick of searching online only to be let down by the quality of the motorcycle light online.

Hey, I know how you feel there are choices galore online and everyone endorses a specific product because they are paid. I mean, I also will make a commission on these lights if you decide to buy them but not from the manufacturer but by the seller. Which means that the lights reviewed on merit and quality. So, researched some lights and have found these to be a great solution for my Indian Scout Sixty at a reasonable price.

The Eagle Lights 8900 BG2H-with full Halo ring are a great upgrade from the OEM lighting set-up. It comes with a Halo ring that stays on when the high beam comes on or ordered to come on with the low beam.


  • Strong lumes output
  • High quality materials
  • Large field of vision
  • Great aftermarket investment
  • Nice safety upgrade
  • Default settings halo is on


  • EAGLE LIGHTS QUALITY- Eagle Lights Halos come wired so the Halo stays on
    whenever the lights are on. No cutting and splicing needed. The Eagle
    Lights 8900 headlight uses high quality poly carbonate lens construction
    for extra durability and heat treated die-cast aluminum for the body.
    Powered by high output LEDs, it is the best and the brightest 5 3/4″ LED
  • PLUG And PLAY- The package comes with the OEM connector that comes standard on
    many different Harley Davidson s and other bikes. Halo ring comes
    pre-wired so you have to do no splicing and no cutting. Halo wired to low beam.
  • GENERATION II DIFFERENCE- No fitment issues, halo comes prewired and, of course,
    more light! 20% improvement over the Generation I and easy install on
    your Scout or Scout Sixty.
  • LOTS OF POWER, LOTS OF LIGHT- At over 1770 Lumens, there is nowhere you
    can not go. With a wide angle of projection and a color temperature of
    over 6000K, the road will be bright.

DOT approved, high lumen output, easy installation! Eagle Lights, the original, the best and the brightest.

Technical Specs:

  • Description 12V DOT/ECE LED High Beam Headlight with Colored Bezel
  • Shape Circle
  • Outer Lens Material Hard coated Polycarbonate
  • Outer Lens Color Clear
  • Housing Material Die-Cast Aluminum
  • Housing Color Black
  • Mounting Type Low-Profile Panel Mount
  • Retrofits 5.75″ Seal Beam Lights
  • Minimum Operating Temperature -40 (°C) / -40 (°F)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature 65 (°C) / 149 (°F)
  • Product Weight 2.17 (lbs) / 0.98 (kg)
  • Lumen Output 1350 LM (Low Beam) 1770 LM (High Beam)

So, after careful review I recommend these Day maker lights for the Indian Scout Sixty affordable and selling for only $129.99 on Amazon. They are made by Eagles Lights manufacturing headlights since 2005.

A great aftermarket light for your Indian Scout Sixty or Scout, and you will finally have a great view of the road at night and enjoy those long midnight summer runs with no worries.

Remember available for the incredible low price of only $129.99.

If you enjoyed reading about my motorcycle driving lights for my scout sixty please leave a comment below or if you would like to leave your own review please leave it below and I will answer it.

Keep it bright at night!


Modular Motorcycle Helmet-My Indian Helmet

Modular Motorcycle Helmet

So last week was my birthday and it was great, I received the Indian Motorcycle rug for the motorcycle and the Indian modular helmet. I will review the Indian modular helmet that was a gift to me bought at the Indian dealer in Bismarck North Dakota

The modular helmet is looks good and it has nice colors and some nice Indian motorcycle emblems on the side. The interior of the helmet is light gray and black and comfortable to wear. It has an overhead venting port that you can adjust and adjustable chin vent for excellent venting at highway speeds. The clear visor also comes pin-lock ready with the extra screens and it comes with sun visor inside the helmet that deployes from the left side.;

Product Specs:

    • Integrated sun visor
    • High quality thermoplastic
    • Outer shell: 70% Polycarbonate/ 30% ABS
    • Inner shell: EPS
    • Matte Finish
    • Removable EPS inner shell
    • Washable cheek pads
    • Anti-fog Pinlock 30
    • Top and rear vents
    • Bluetooth compatible
    • DOT/ECE Certified
    • 1 Year manufactures warranty
Back of the helmet
Side view opened visor

This helmet is not made in the US unfortunately. It is made by the following Chinese company in business for over 25 years creating high quality products.

Foshan Nanhai Xinyuan Helmets Co., Ltd.

  • Established in 1988
    • Professional manufacturer specialized in
      designing, producing and exporting all kinds of Motorcycle Helmets and
      Bicycle Helmets.
    • Annual
      output of more than 1,000,000 units.
    • ECE and DOT inspection facilities which imported from Italy
    • “Be safe, be excellent” is our continual goal. It is our great pleasure to be your powerful supplier
      Opened helmet front view

      Side view opened helmet

My Indian Motorcycle Modular Route Helmet Summary

Title: Indian Modular Route Helmet

Product Description: A high quality thermoplastic modular helmet

Pros/Cons: Pro-Protection ECE/DOT certified, Cons-some road noise

Product Specs: See top at features

Guarantee: 1-Year

Price: $219.99 best price on (Here)

My Overall Review: 9 out of 10

In Summary, I do love this helmet, it was a great gift. The protection is superb all around the head and the lining is great! The secure clip that hold the helmet in place is fantastic, it clips on under the chin and it is easy to open the helmet up. This is an awesome feature when you stop and have to talk to another fellow rider. The sun visor is also great attention to detail which eliminates switching glasses or visors. My only pet peeve so far is that it is new and breaking in and I know this will soon not be a problem. I recommend this helmet for a beginner or advanced rider who would like the ultimate protection for their head.

If you enjoyed reading my review on my Modular Motorcycle Helmet, please feel free to leave a comment or your own review in the comment section below.

Ride with a helmet!


Motorcycle Riding Pants-My Black Leather Pants

Motorcycle Riding Pants

I remember when I went shopping for my first real motorcycle riding pants, this happened on October 22, 2016, at Cycle Gear of Cherry Hill. Now up to this point I rode around on just my regular, everyday jeans and that suited me fine except when the winter set in and I needed something warmer. Not just warmer but thanks to the safety class I needed something much more abrasive resistant. So I researched it online and went down to my new-found favorite motorcycle gear shop that just happen to be a nice ride from Fort Dix. So I straddled my Royal Enfield and was off to buy me a pair of riding pants. Although?, I wanted to buy a pair of black leather pants I did like the way the denim jeans looked.

Rear view of my leather riding pants
Royal enfield GT 535i red
My Royal Enfield Continental GT 535i.

But, here I was at Cycle Gear talking to a salesman about riding gear and we both agreed that for the winter and road safety that the motorcycle riding pants should be made out of leather. I agreed, I mean I had done the research and the leather pants priced at $159.00 with some discounts a good deal at $149.99, not bad. The fit was comfortable and they had enough room inside for wearing long johns a must for winter riding.

The Best all-purpose riding leathers on the market

  • Heavy duty zipper
  • 1.1-1.3mm full grain leather
  • Perforated above and behind knees for more protection
  • Comfort leather stretch panels
  • CE approved armor at knees
  • Stretch leather panels at waist/ padded kidney belt
  • Zip entry front pockets for convenience
  • Comfortable wear
  • Long lasting and rugged

These motorcycle riding pants were bought by me in October 2016, for $149.99 and it is still available Here for a discounted rate of $139.99. The leather riding pants was worth the $149.99, this was a great pair of leather motorcycle pants that was high quality and made to last a lifetime.

Today, these are my go to leather riding pants for the fall and winter or when the weather is not so great. I have not had any problems with these pants. They are made of a strong leather reinforced at the seams. I like the way they feel and even in the summer they are cool. The downside if any is that they do not have any back pockets and at first it was a hassle but you get use to it and you lose the ass numbness you get after a long ride.

My Leather Jacket Review

Title: Bilt Spirit Pants

Product Description: Genuine leather heavy-duty mens leather motorcycle pants

Pros/Cons: Heavy-duty riding pants strong and comfortable, con, no back pockets

Product Specs: Heavy duty zipper, thick leather with perforated knees and CE Armor at knees

Warranted: 1 year from manufacture

Price: $139.99 (On sale Here)

My Overall Review: 9.5 out of 10

If you would like to purchase these leather motorcycle riding pants it can be found For $139.99.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review on Motorcycle Riding Pants-My Black Leather Pants please leave a comment or if you would like to leave your on review please do so below and I will respond.

Put on the Leather Pants!


Guantlet Motorcycle Gloves-My Riding Gloves

Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves

I remember when, I first learned how to ride at the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Academy in New Jersey. I bought 2 items before I actually began the class, I bought a Harley Davidson ½ helmet and a pair of leather Harley Davidson gloves. Currently I own both items and use them in all of my many riding adventures. But, I knew that I needed more protective motorcycle gloves after observing  YouTube videos on gear reviews and found the, “Sedici Ultimo Gloves” these durable, leather and protective gauntlet gloves  priced just right.

Product Features

    • Full leather glove
    • Pre-curved fingers
    • Perforated panels through parts of the gloves for ventilation
    • Thermoset carbon protector/cantilever knuckles
    • Pull through wrist straps
    • Double hook-and-loop performance cuff system for security
    • Double layer external seam for protection
Here is the bottom view of the gloves. Durable and comfortable!

These gloves recommended by many riders on You Tube and online, so I decided to give them a try. I hopped on my then Royal Enfield Continental GT 535i and headed down to Cycle Gear which located in NJ. To get there you had to ride through some beautiful country roads and it took me a wonderful scenic 60-minute ride, to arrive at the store. I decided to check out Cycle Gear because it was a motorcycle gear shop near my house, I decided to come back because of the great customer service I received.

When, I decided to start this wonderful website I knew that Cycle Gear would be a great affiliate. They have a wide selection of motorcycle gear and accessories and offer great customer service. And this is why I bought these gauntlet gloves at Cycle Gear and due to the rugged construction, safety features and overall good looks.

My Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves Summary

Title: Sedici Ultimo Gloves

Product Description: A race inspired high end racing glove

Pros/Cons: Pro-Protection for wrist, palm, fingers and knuckles, Cons-sometimes hooks on brake lever

Product Specs: See top at features

Guarantee: 2-Year

Price: $79.99 best price Here

My Overall Review: 9 out of 10 is due to the fingers sometimes hooks on the brake lever

In Summary, I  love these gloves, it was a great purchase. The protection is superb all around the hand and the leather is tough. The Velcro still is as strong as when I bought it over a year ago and the glove shows no ripping or tears. Inside palm light beige color darkened due to my dark brown motorcycle grips that are on the bike. My only pet peeve is that sometimes the knuckle protectors on my middle right fingers of the glove sometimes get caught on the bikes front brakes lever. But, this is not a big deal and it doesn’t deter from you using the front brakes. I recommend these gloves for a beginner or advanced rider who would like the ultimate protection for their hands.

If you enjoyed reading my review on my Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves-My Riding Gloves, please feel free to leave a comment or your own review in the comment section below and I will respond.

Keeping Your Hands Safe!


Mens Leather Motorcycle Jackets-My Riding Jacket Review

Men’s Leather Motorcycle Jackets

I remember my first duty station in the U. S Army it was Camp Casey, Korea it was a long way from New Jersey but it was an awesome place. It was a special place because I never been overseas and this was the first time that I actually worked with foreign troops as mechanized infantry. Korea had a   night-life was great. But the best aspects of being there was the ability to have your clothes tailored. So, I had several suits and pants made for me and some coats of which one still stands out and that was the leather jacket I had made for me. I choose the thickest, strongest leather, the zipper and even gave him my design and this tailor created a work of art.

Here is the official marking of the tailor.
Here is what the interior looks like, all hand made and warm.

The Coat Had

  • Inside lining throughout the whole coat
  • Heavy duty zipper
  • Bomber style with 2 front pockets and 2 inside pockets
  • Rabbit fur and removable liner
  • A full leather detachable sheepskin lined hood

This coat was bought by me in 1986 for $150.00 and a fine bottle of cognac. The coat at the time was worth $250.00, this was a custom-made leather coat created for me was high quality and made to last a lifetime. Today, the coat no longer fits me because peoples body change over time, but this is 31 year old coat and it still looks good. I bring up this coat because it was my first real leather jacket and it was made to last.

My Leather Jacket Review

Motorcycle leather jacket
This is my second best leather jacket
This is what the back looks like, beautiful.

Title: Indian Motorcycle men classic brown leather motorcycle jacket

Product Description: Genuine leather heavy-duty men leather jacket

Pros/Cons: A heavy-duty riding jacket strong and comfortable, con, it runs heavy

Product Specs: Heavy duty zipper, thick leather with sleeve patch, logo engraved on the back and inside of coat

Warranted: 1 year from manufacture

Price: $499.99 (Buy it Now!)

My Overall Review: 9.8 out of 10

My men leather motorcycle jackets was a present my wife gave to me for my last birthday. This is a heavy riding jacket that fits and the 2XL allows me to layer my winter thermals underneath for greater warmth. This leather jacket is a sharp looking jacket that comes with both elbow and shoulder guards. The elbow and shoulder guards come out for everyday wear in the fall and winter. The leather jacket also comes with a plaid liner that is removable as the weather warms up, overall this is a high quality jacket.

This being my primary riding leather jacket I can say that this leather riding jacket is the best present. I love the idea that my wife gave me this jacket because every time I put it on I will think of her. I owned other leather jackets in my life but never owned a leather jacket of this quality except the one I bought in Korea. This coat is in the same caliber of quality as the one that was made for me when I was much younger and that leather is 31 years old. This great leather jacket recommended to anyone who loves the feel, safety and security it provides.

If you would like to purchase this leather motorcycle riding jacket it can be found  by Clicking here.

I hope you enjoyed my reading, The Mens Leather Motorcycle Jacket-My Riding Jacket Review and if would like to leave a comment or your own review please do so below and I will respond.

Ride with your Leather!


Motorcycle Airbag Vest-Making Riders Visible To Drivers

The Vest

I remember when I first got my free high visibility yellow and black vest from the military motorcycle safety office. I remember because I did not know they were free and all you had to do was provide them with proof of the , M endorsement on your license. This was a great vest it had pockets and a place to store your ID card something important when living on-post and plan on leaving the post for a ride. I wore this vest for a while and then up graded to a Held protector vest. The new vest was and still is a fantastic investment but on the pricey side. I do believe that every rider should wear one whether they ride at night or during the day. It becomes a nuisance when you begin wearing it, but as you get use to it you think less about it. To wear or not to wear a Motorcycle Safety Vest is all up to you the rider it does however provide more visibility for you so the cars can see you and not hit you.

Here is my first military motorcycle safety vest, a great vest.

Be Visible!

The sole purpose of wearing the motorcycle safety vest is for cars and people to see you on the road. I mean we put up with the vest being uncomfortable sometimes the added weight, added heat in the summer and a host of other scenarios. But why go through all the trouble of wearing one I mean even I sometimes wonder are they worth it. Is all the hassle of throwing that vest on over the jacket worth it. My answer is yes, believe me there are numerous studies that have found that wearing a high visibility vest decreases your chances of being hit by about 30%

A motorcycle rider wearing his vest.

Because of just sitting on a motorcycle whether it be on a sports’ bike or cruiser or just about any other style of motorcycle allows the car driver to see you even if a split-second sometimes; Which is all you need to get out of a critical situation. The highways and side roads of America have all drivers, some are safe some are not. let me explain. Most people get up and head out to work every morning with every intention of being as safe as they can.

In their mind they drive as safe when they are on the highway driving at 75MPH keeping up with the flow of traffic. And when they travel this fast and read and answer a text they say I just need to look for a few seconds. Drivers swing open doors, stop, swerve into your lane with no turn signal, talk on the phone and text. People are do not always use their best judgment they get stressed and upset sometimes while driving, and which leads to less attention when driving.

And here we come on our beautiful black cruisers with black leather jacket and chaps and a black helmet and gloves we look damn good traveling down the road. We look good but to drivers we become invisible who now fails to see you and slam! you just got hit. Was the driver at fault or was it the bikers fault?, who knows!, the biker paid for it with his body. Now, should you look like a Christmas tree  riding down the road?, No I am not but I do believe that you can compromise and wear a vest. At least they will see you better out on the road and you can enjoy the ride. Be visible to all the other drivers and wear a motorcycle safety vest or an airbag vest!

My Held Airbag Vest Review

Product Description:

  • Inflatable airbag vest with back protector
    that inflates upon activation.


Product Specs:

  • Turtle CE Approved Airbag effective deployment in 0.1 seconds.
  • SAS-TEC back protector 1621-2 certified.
  • Neon yellow for High-Visibility at night.
  • Interior Textile 3D mesh for comfort and support.
  • Robust front 3 clips


  • Small (90lbs-150lbs)-XL (175-230)

My Rating:

  • 9.5 out of 10

The Held Airbag Vest Overview

Are you serious!, they make an airbag vest for motorcycle riders, this just sound too ridiculous to me. Well I am here to inform those who have not heard that there is at least one company out there that does sell high quality motorcycle airbag safety vests, the held airbag vest. This would be the upgrade in safety for those riders who would want to go a step further in body protection. It looks like a regular motorcycle safety vest but heavier and with a kick in performance. The Held vest comes in yellow or black and it has three clips in the front and a chord that comes down from the middle of the vest that

Here is my motorcycle Held Protector Vest, great looking vest.

attaches to your motorcycle. How it works is you load a compressed air cartridge in the side pocket connected to a chord that attaches to your motorcycle. Then, when you decide you want to go riding you would just clip the lanyard to the motorcycle and off you go, arrive at your destination and unclip it. And, no worries if you forget to detach it the unit will not discharge because it takes 66 pounds of force to release it.

It will take about a week of riding with the vest to get accustomed to the procedure and become more protected while riding. And what happens when it does discharge, well if you do come flying off the bike for whatever reason the vest inflates in Millie seconds and now the front, your back, neck and spinal cord protected. The vest actually aligns your head forward and keeps your back straight and protected. Then it takes several minutes to deflate on its own.

The vest sells for $681.14  and yes, pricey but how much is it  to spend a few nights at the emergency room lately. They are expensive, but they will reduce my risk of injury and they are worth it so much that I purchased a yellow one and have wore it for a year now. And yes they do work, It deployed once when I almost dropped the bike on a dirt road; I caught the bike but came off the bike fast and the vest deployed even faster. So I urge you to buy the held airbag vest this smart investment could prolong your life while riding on the road.

I hope you enjoyed my review on Motorcycle Airbag Vest-Making Riders Visible to Drivers if you would like to leave a comment or your own review please do so below and I will respond.

Be Visible and be Safe.


Motorcycle apparel and accessories – Rider Protection

Brief Apparel History

Ever since 1902 when the first motorbike became a motorcycle, riders have wore motorcycle apparel and accessories. Sure back in the 1900s the riders wore Tweed suits and flat caps to protect themselves from the elements of the road. And as time went on they began wearing full length boots and gauntlet gloves inspired by the police and military of the time. By 1910 leather skull caps and aircraft spectacles were the fad of the day, these items offered more protection and prevented road injuries. Imagine riding a motorcycle in all sorts of weather with only your experience and achieved skill level to  guide you in all your road adventures.

A nice leather jacket, great to keep you warm but you would have had to wait until 1928 when Irving Schott designed the first motorcycle leather jacket in NYC. This new leather jacket was all black leather and Mr. Schott named it the perfecto and it sure was for the time. By 1935 helmets became mandatory due to the actor T. E Lawrence died on a motorcycle accident that year and by 1960 the first full face helmet was made.

They were not as elaborate and safe as todays helmets but they were the start of keeping you safer. Today we have all different manufactures of helmets with all sorts of accessories and safety features and designs. As well as different types of pants weather they be jeans, chaps or racing pants they all offer the rider more protection. There are reflective vests, patterns, high tech material and fluorescent colors all made from the best materials and tested to perform in all elements on the open road. We live at a great time in history for the average motorcycle rider and his ever-changing motorcycle apparel and accessories.

Leather Motorcycle Jackets and Pants

Motorcycle jackets and motorcycle pants have a special place in my heart. I do love leather, I love the smell of it and the feel of it and how it makes you feel when you wear it. Even before I began riding my motorcycle I always loved leather jackets but when I saw people riding motorcycles wearing leather jackets and chaps this just looked awesome.

I  do believe that a small part of me began riding as a direct result of wanting to put on a leather jacket and leather chaps and straddling a motorcycle to ride down the road. Motorcycle apparel and accessories was the term society would use to describe the clothes people should wear if riding a motorcycle from point A to point B. Well this is all fine for the rest of society but as a rider they are ;

  • My Leather pants or Chaps, my keep my legs warm and dry and free from road debris,
  • My anti-road rash friend who will save my skin by sacrificing his.
  • That which becomes a part of the riding experience.
  • The leathers that are as much a part of the bike as a part of me.
  • My salvation through rain, sun, wind and fall my riding leather!
  • My jacket,  my keep me warm and dry, protector made from leather that will save me if I ever go down due to a cage not paying any attention or texting on the phone.
Motorcycle leather jacket
This is my second best leather jacket
This is what the back looks like, beautiful

Motorcycle Gloves

There are all kinds used according to the application intended. Classified into street gloves, off-road gloves, summer gloves, winter gloves, gauntlets/racing gloves, fingerless gloves and adventure/touring gloves. Why so many and why should you care, well try running as fast as you can on the concrete and dive forward to the ground your hands will attempt to catch your fall and you will end up with bloody hands.

Imagine traveling on a motorcycle at 55 or 65 MPH same involuntary reaction but with a devastating outcome. Now, wear gloves or do not wear gloves, do what you need to stay safe because you only get 1 pair of hands and they need to last a lifetime.

Motorcycle riding gloves
Gloves come in all shapes and for all riding.

Now when looking for hand protection, motorcycle gloves come in all different categories for riding and designed to protect your fingers, knuckles, and wrists.

Off-Road Motorcycle Gloves:

  1. Used for trail bikes
  2. Made of leather, fake leather or textile
  3. Made for falling on dirt not open road
  4. Made for grip

Street Motorcycle Gloves:

  1. Used for riding on the open road and highways
  2. Hand protection for hard pavement
  3. Made of leather, fake leather or textile material
  4. Protection from road rash
  5. Made for summer and winter

Gauntlet/Racing Motorcycle Gloves:

  1. Made with multiple reinforcements for knuckle, finger and wrists
  2. Made for faster bikes
  3. Offer more protection in palm and wrists
  4. Made in leather but can be found in fake leather
  5. Ultimate protection

Adventure/Touring Motorcycle Gloves

  1. Made for touring and exploring the country or world
  2. Made of textile or leather, waterproof and durable
  3. Made to withstand the elements
  4. Made to protect the hands even when wet

Summer/Winter Motorcycle Gloves

  1. They keep your hands cool in hot weather
  2. Created with better ventilation
  3. Summer gloves made of textile and some provide knuckle protection
  4. Winter gloves have more insulation made from leather or fake leather
  5. Winter gloves, some provide knuckle, wrist and finger added protection
  6. Heated gloves ideal with temperature settings and easy plug in/battery connection to motorcycle

Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

  1. By far the coolest of the bunch
  2. Protection for the palm and no protection for the fingers
  3. No wind protection for fingers when riding
  4. Little protection from the elements
  5. Made of leather or textile

Motorcycle Helmets

Some like half helmets some like full face helmets some like 3/4 helmets hell some do not even wear one. Wear one do not wear one it is up to you the amount of risk you will take. Not judging  just informing you of the different types of motorcycle helmets within the motorcycle apparel and accessories. From most offered protection to least offered welcome the full face helmets which cover the top, back, and front of your head and have a chin bar.

They have ventilation on the top and front of the helmet and some even come with internal visors. The more expensive ones come with a pin-lock system and they do keep the fog out when riding in the cold. The second is the modular helmets these are popular with adventure/touring riders providing a flip top mechanism creating a convenient and versatile helmet for drinking coffee or reading a road map. Although, less safe than a full face they are popular.

Number three open face helmets or 3/4 helmets popular among cruiser and scooter riders these helmets are equal in strength as the full face but provide less coverage and some come with no face shields.

Motorcycle helmets
Helmets, they come in all colors bag not included.

The fourth is the infamous half helmet or brain bucket by far the coolest of the bunch popular with cruiser and vintage riders. This is the most minimalist protection for the rider and the impact resistance is substandard but DOT approved and it beats not wearing one. Number five is the off-road helmets designed for off-road use with poor sound proofing but great ventilation. They have a sun peals, pronounced angular chin bars, lightweight and with googles.

And finally dual sport helmets these are a new breed of helmets. They are a cross between off-road and full face helmets that provide excellent ventilation and soundproofing. These helmets to not lift up at highway speeds a great benefit for the off-roader who needs to hit some highway roads before reaching the trails.


As you can see ever since 1902 people wore motorcycle apparel and accessories and looked good while riding their motorcycle. Some have worn leather jackets and leather chaps some only the jacket. The leather material is a natural fit for motorcycle riding its rugged, sturdy, and comfortable and also protects you in a slide. Some have worn full face helmets some half helmets and some no helmets but most still wear gloves due to the wind and road debris.

I learned a long time ago that motorcycle riding is all about how much risk you will take. I know that the longer you ride the more confidant you become and that is a good. But for me wearing all the gear all the time will save your skin and life. Because it is not about your driving skills so much as the skill of all the cagers out on the road. Wear your apparel if not for you for a loved one because we are all motorcycle brothers.

Live, Love and Ride!


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