Local Motorcycle Rides-First of 2019

My First Ride of the Season

Riding by the Church
Riding by the Church on Post

This was my local motorcycle rides first of 2019 and of the season and it was cold in Minot N.D. Here we are again as the new riding season has begun for the riders of Minot North Dakota. Today was a short ride and I  included a highlight of my ride with some tunes, I hope you enjoy it.

Riding out the Gate
Leaving the Front Gate

So, I will begin to explore the world of motorcycle blogging, I mean how hard can it be, you turn on the camera and speak. Well, let me start by telling all of you that this last Christmas I received a GoPro 5 Black and purchased a helmet mount for my helmet. I know that soon I will have to purchase a helmet microphone to be able to speak into the helmet while I ride.

Only the Best Stay North
Only the Best Stay North

I am still new to this whole motorcycle blogging but I assure you that you will be a part of my biking adventures for this season. Now, I know that that this will be a long and drawn out process for me, I have no real experience and still need a communication device for my helmet. That may be true but having adventures and sharing them with everyone else who is into motorcycle riding will be my goal.

Finally 70 MPH
Finally 70 MPH

This 2019 motorcycle season I intend to mount my GoPro and ride out to new adventures as much as I can. I will explore many new roads and take all of you on my adventures. My hope is not so much as to make money on this but to get subscribers to my channel who will watch me ride through North Dakota. I am pretty sure that it will be rough in the beginning but if you stick with me I know that it will be worth it.

My Sons Contacts

The reason for this ride was to get my sons contacts from vision source in Minot. My son who I love will start track season and he needs contacts. He competed last year in track and field and did pretty good in the events that he participated in. He used them last year, so why fix it. So, this year I went out and picked up his contacts because I am the one who runs around during the day. This should be a great track season for him and I we are so proud of him.

My son tried many sports like basketball, and football in the past but, he has found the same love I found for track and field when I was in High School. I like the idea that he choose track and field because I had such great memories of my meets in High School and sports has always made me feel better about myself while building character and self-confidence. Track helped me and prepared me both in the physical and emotional sence for my Boot camp at Fort Benning Georgia all 13 weeks of it.

Minot AFB
Minot AFB Sign by the intersection

Nice Ride But Cold Fingers

The ride was cool and I can not believe how much I missed riding my 2016 Indian Scout Sixty. I remember I put on my leather jacket, boots, helmet and cold weather heated gloves. Yes, I said heated gloves but I did not plug them in because I thought it was not as cold. I was wrong, by the time I reached Vision Quest in Minot my fingers were in pain from the cold and I could not wait to get inside and warm up. After retrieving the contacts I hoped back on my Indian and rode back home dealing with my cold fingers.

Next time I ride which will be tomorrow I will hook up the wires to warm up those gloves. I will not take any more chances on my fingers and if it warms up I can always unplug the gloves and secure the cord. But other than having cold painful fingers the mission was a success and the riding was fantastic.

If you enjoyed reading about my adventure please leave a comment below and I will respond as soon as possible.

Riding in the Cold!


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Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear-2018 Winter

Welcome to November 2018 in Minot North Dakota. Today is 7 November 2018 and the current temperature is 17 degrees but it feels like 2 degrees and snowing on and off most of the day. Here in North Dakota it gets cold and the temperature today is just the appetizer the main course is still on its way. The main course comes in mid January with temperatures’ in the -30 to -40 degree range. At these temperatures’ something that is mechanical takes extra time to warm up especially motorcycles.

Having winter riding fun

Wait!, did you say motorcycles?, Yes I did, I keep my motorcycle ready to go in the garage just waiting for the snow and ice to clear the road so I can ride. You need cold weather motorcycle gear and look at what the weather is like and how much time you have to ride before the next snowfall. It is critical that you time everything just right or you will be stuck in a snowstorm.


It was not always this difficult to ride in the winter I remember back when I lived in New Jersey on Ft Dix I use to ride on range road from the start to the end and this was a great ride with lots of twisty curves, hills and straightaways. I use to always say how much I hated to live in New Jersey and how I could not wait to move out of there. I never stopped to think what I had in New Jersey and everything it offered me.

Sure New Jersey had some bad smells in certain parts and bad commuter traffic but it also had the beach 30 minutes from my house and an Indian dealer 45 minutes from me. It had many fine restaurants, malls and places to go especially in the winter. I had all of it but I never got it until it was gone. When I moved to Minot North Dakota AFB I knew it would be different but never realized how much of a change this place would be.

If, you live in Minot N. D people say, (Why not Minot), will I have many reasons why not but the most important to me is that there is no ocean here. North Dakota has;

  • Great camping
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Shooting
  • Boating
  • Archery
  • Sking
  • Winter sports
  • Rivers
  • Lakes

All magnificent outdoor activities that my family and I enjoy in the summer but no ocean. What they do have is cold winters and for that you need to purchase cold weather motorcycle gear for the 2018 winter. Let us begin with the head and what to wear under the helmet.

1. Balaclava by Geartop, best full face mask, premium ski mask and neck warmer for motorcycle and cycling in black

Great balaclava for all riders

  • Color: Black, Pink and White
  • Sex: Unisex
  • Manufacturer: GearTop
  • Size: One Size Fits All
  • 588 Customer Review, 4.3 out of 5 stars
  • Item Weight: 0.16 ounces
  • Product dimensions: 10.2×5.5×1.2 inches
  • Best Price Here: $11.78

Now let us move on to the rest of the body and what to wear and not be cold. Now I know that leather is the best when it comes to riding but sometimes the weather is too cold for leather and you need something more. Below you will find my recommendations for that something more. All this gear will keep you toasty warm when you continue to ride in the winter.

2. Joe Rocket Survivor Mens, Waterproof 1 Piece Motorcycle Rriding Suit

Winter riding suit
  • Color: Black
  • Sex: Mens
  • Manufacturer: Joe Rocker
  • Size: Large- XXLarge
  • Customer Review, 4.1 out of 5 stars
  • Item Weight: 7.15 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 21.3 x 20.1 x 6.3 inches
  • Best Price Here: $359.99

3. Motorcycle Heated Gloves

Motorcycle Heated Gloves

  • Color: Black
  • Sex: Mens
  • Manufacturer: Volt
  • Size: Small- Large
  • 40 Customer Review, 4.0 out of 5 stars
  • Item Weight: 3.0 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 12 x 2 x4 inches
  • Best Price Here: $107.97-$179.95

4. Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company Mens Afterburner Boots

Men's Motorcycle Boots

  • Color: Black Leather
  • Sex: Mens
  • Manufacturer: Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company
  • Size: 8-15
  • 160 Customer Review, 4.0 out of 5 stars
  • Item Weight: 5.6 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 14.1 x 14.1 x 5.1 inches
  • Best Price Here: $151.99

Here are my top choices for cold weather motorcycle gear. If, you are like me and find it hard to store your motorcycle for the winter do not fret. The weather can get pretty cold and nasty depending on where you live but preparing for the ride and weather will help you ride safe and warm.

I hope that I helped you in make an informed decision on what cold weather gear to buy to ride in the winter. I also ride in the winter whenever possible and I live in North Dakota. It gets pretty cold in the plains and where I live currently the temperature is 14 degrees but it feels like 6 degrees not great riding weather but with the right gear you can ride.

If, you enjoyed reading Cold Motorcycle Gear-Winter 2018 please leave a comment or your own review below and I will respond.

Stay Warm My Friend!



Motorcycle Cruise-December Plains Ride

An Errand Ride!

I was able to go out and ride on December 1 it was another cold day here in Minot North Dakota. I began with the full intentions of running an errand to a store in Minot and come home so that I could work on the online business. I mean, my online business will fix itself or grow into a wealthy website by itself. I now begin donning on all the winter gear and apparel which usually lasts about 20 minutes in duration. Walked into the garage and started my 2016 Indian Scout Sixty in Pearl white and was off on the motorcycle cruise. I drove out to the main road where I made a left turn in front of the PX/Commissary. This has got to be the worst street to turn left on, there is always traffic depending on the time of day, but today it so bad and I made that left.

Driving Off Post

Drove to the light by the restaurant and waited for the light to turn green, I then drove to the second light and made a right turn and drove all the way down to the stop sign where I made a left turn. This  interesting street is one where as you ride you can notice the big Air Force transport planes on the right and some building on the left. It is kinda cool to see all that firepower just waiting for something to happen somewhere in the world. I slowed down to 15 MPH to pass the guard shack at the gate and then up to 35 MPH. This motorcycle cruise December plains ride going to be an errand run, go to the store pick up what you need and get back home.

Arrived at The Store

Well, I arrived at the store bought what I needed to buy and was back on 83 heading north. Rolled-on the throttle and with any luck be back home in about 20 minutes. Man, this sounded good in my head but when the heart wants to ride the head reprograms your destination and the heart wins. This is not good I have 70 miles on the odometer already and it usually goes to 135 before the fuel light comes on, what to do?

These North Dakota highways stretch for miles and miles.

Motorcycle Cruise Nirvana

So I ride past the front gate and say to myself,”I can go to 100 on the odometer and everything will be just fine”, rolled-on the throttle to 75 MPH and now cruising the Dakota plains. It has become a motorcycle cruise rolling down 83N heading towards the Canadian border. As I notice the surrounding scenery a feeling of peace with myself, no worries, just me and the open highway. I am at one with the iron horse.

    • The cold wind on the thighs, arms and hands
    • The road beneath me, every bump and crack
    • Power of the motor and the bike wanting me to give her more gas
    • Smell of everything around me
    • I felt like nothing else matters and the freedom just washes over me

I look down at the odometer and realize that I am at 115 miles, time to turn around, but first some pictures of the beautiful scenery here in North Dakota.

Fuel Light!

After the break, it is time to get back on this beast and ride on back to the homestead. I  do love this part of the ride after a break the feeling of getting back on the bike and riding off is spectacular! Love this so much that I will take a break on a shorter rides just so that I can get this feeling once more. It is hard to explain this if you do not ride so start riding because this one sensation is only the beginning when it comes to motorcycle riding. On the way back the fuel light comes on at 124 can you believe, she usually gets 135 but not today and that is just fine because soon I will be back on post getting fuel at the gas station.


Yea!, I do believe it is over, I ride back sad, knowing that this wonderful experience will soon come to an end and soon I will be able to go on another adventure. Yes, adventure I said, because every time I get on this bike it is like no other ride at any other amusement park and that includes six flags. This exhilarating feeling that you experience when all the elements come smashing into you, this living, breathing feeling of you, the bike and the road, riding into unforeseen adventures is wonderful. This is the Yoga for motorcycle riders that administered as much as possible depending on the climate that you are in. So this was the December 1 motorcycle cruise ride and it was fantastic, the wind blowing at 5 MPH and the temperature was 30 degrees and it felt like 20 degrees.

I hope you enjoyed reading, Motorcycle Cruise-December Plains Ride if you would like to leave a comment or leave your own review please do so below and I will respond.

What a great ride!

Keep Riding all Year Long!


Here I am on my break, that road behind me just goes on forever!

Winter Motorcycle Riding

Today, I was finally able to do some winter motorcycle riding where I live. The weather cold and below 0 degrees and now it has finally went back to normal here in Minot North Dakota. So I began my motorcycle winter riding gear ritual;

  1. Put on my old Army camouflage pants and leather chaps.
  2. Slipped on my thick warm socks and threw on my winter riding boots.
  3. Then I put on my cold weather poly pro and my leather Jacket.
  4. Safety airbag vest.
  5. Freeze out hoodie and ear plugs.
  6. Full face helmet and Oakley sunglasses.
  7. Heated gloves that plug into the bike.

Now this ritual for riding changes depending on the temperature that you plan on riding in, today the temperature was 40 degrees and with the wind it felt like 32 degrees. A nice temperature for this time of year in North Dakota. After getting all of my gear on I started my Indian Motorcycle and was ready for some winter motorcycle riding. I closed the garage and made the usual turns onto the main street which led me to the front gate of the post. I arrived at the Stop sign by the entrance of the military post and made a left turn onto Highway 83 riding north. Funny because, if I continue on 83N for approximately 45 minutes I will be at the Canadian Border and can cross over to a whole new country with all new adventures.

Another view of the peaceful stop.

But today I rode along the road and the wind around 15 MPH and the passing trucks did not help as they passed me by. Not too many of cars today I guess people still working. Yea, I remember how that felt to be a worker but now that retired from the military I ride during the day and it is wonderful. As I rode I noticed the left over snow and the openness of this great state, everywhere you look you can see for miles and miles, when you ride in North Dakota you notice everything as you ride because of how vast it is. But when you see something cool then you know that the ride was definitely worth it.

Up about 10 miles on 83N I see a sign on the right for Lake Darling 12 miles so I make a left and ride on. I notice the farms and corn fields on either side as the wind is calm but you still feel the chill as you ride. As you get closer to the lake located in the Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge, you begin to see the lake coming into view on the right and it is beautiful.Upon arriving I can see that the lake still has some ice sitting over the surface the temperatures are not warm enough to melt that ice. And, all of this I see while I ride my motorcycle, sure I could drive my car and seen the same scenery but I would not earn it like I just did from the environment. I arrive and stop to take in the view and snap some pictures of this great ride. After some time of taking in the views, temperature and its peaceful moment I start the bike and head back.

A selfie at the Lake

Riding back I see one car in the opposite lane in all the 12 miles heading back, this place is awesome for riding a motorcycle. There are never that many cars on the road, you can be on your motorcycle going 75 MPH and never catch up to the car in front of you due to the roads bing so long. So I try to keep her under 70MPH and take in as much scenery as I can. And I do, I see more left over snow, some cows and more corn fields. I finally reach  Route 83 and turn right and head south back to post doing 70-75MPH a few more cars but nothing significant on the way back.

I arrive, make a right and am back on post heading home knowing that soon this ride will be over. There will be more days this week and I will ride again even if the weather is 32 degrees or warmer. Although riding in much colder weather you do need to be careful of black ice, ice patches and the threat of snow while your riding. But do not let this deter you from winter motorcycle riding its an awesome adventure for anyone who wants to build more experience in their riding arsenal. I recommend winter riding to everyone because not everyone rides in the winter but they should.

Stay Warm and Keep Riding!


If you enjoyed reading Winter Motorcycle Riding please leave a comment and I will respond.

Winter Motorcycle Riding-Man it’s Cold Outside!

My beautiful winter months in North Dakota

Welcome to Winter, the time to put away the bike and feel the cold weather chilling your bones to the core.

Time to think about Halloween, Thanksgiving and yes Christmas it’s not time to unplug the bike from the battery tender, check the air in the tires, fill up the gas tank and go for a ride in the windy cold weather.

Is it really too cold to ride a motorcycle in the winter? I mean the snow, black ice, freezing rain, cold wind, freezing fingers, legs and no mater how many layers you wear you are still cold and miserable winter.

Some of you say hell yea, it’s too cold and I will wait for the spring when the weather is much nicer. Who needs to be in that temperature with a bike, that’s a lot of gear to wear do some winter motorcycle riding. I say I do, Yes, winter motorcycle riding is a wonderful experience it’s brisk the scenery is fantastic and you get to ride all year round.

I live in North Dakota and I ride in the winter so tell me, how cold is it where you’re at. The trick is to pick the really nice days, make sure the temperature is above freezing and don’t venture too far from home in case it starts snowing and you need to get home.

You need good tires for this type of riding.


The temperature should not be a big factor in winter riding I mean you are riding on a motor that gets hot. Your legs will stay comfortably warm due to the heat being generated by the motor.
Yes 32 degrees Fahrenheit feels like 23 degrees when you are riding and sometimes colder it’s cold wind chill factor. But if you dress in layers like I do:

  • A thermal liner over my t-shirt and long john top and my leather jacket.
  • A liner under my leather motorcycle pants.
  • Wool socks under my heavy-duty motorcycle riding boots.
  • A freeze out head liner under the full face helmet.
  • Heated gloves that plug into the motorcycle.
  • I also put a windshield on my cruiser and this really helps out.

So, as you can see the weather doesn’t really affect me much after all these articles of clothing are put on. Once I am set I ride slower for the first 10 minutes to warm up the tires and engine. Although I failed to mention you should warm up the engine at least 5 minutes before riding and add some engine stabilizer at every fill up it helps protect the engine.

Taking a break for something warm to drink.

What about the Bike?

Well what about the bike how will she react to winter motorcycle riding. All you need to do is take several precautions and take care of yourself for a safe enjoyable ride. You need to;

  1. Check your fluid levels at least once a week, before your ride ideally.
  2. Check your tire pressure before every ride, this one is very important and it should go without saying.
  3. Check your mirrors, yes they could have shifted and you are bulkier now.
  4. Disconnect the battery tender before riding.
  5. If you park more than a week move the bike up or down a couple of feet every week to protect from tire flattening.

Take it easy the first couple of miles to warm the tires and engine to an optimum operating temperature. Then ride like you normally would when riding in the spring except now if you get really cold you stop for coffee or cocoa.

Proper Gear

ATGATT=All the Gear All The Time but now you need to add cold weather gear to that equation. Truthfully, I used to get really cold fingers when riding but after I purchased plug in heated gloves I no longer worry about my hands. Yes, the gloves make the ride because if your head and fingers are warm you can ride a long time in the winter. But you might consider the following:

  1. Some kind of Balaclava or Freeze out head protector.
  2. Thermal top and bottoms thick and can fit under your motorcycle leathers.
  3. Nice thick wool socks under some nice leather riding boots.
  4. A motorcycle safety vest or airbag vest.
  5. 2-3 layers of insulated clothing under your thick leather jacket.
  6. A neck warmer if not wearing a Balaclava.
  7. An extra pair of riding gloves in the saddlebags in case it gets warmer.
  8. A tire inflation pump in the saddlebags just in case.
  9. I also recommend putting in, “Ride-On” for prevention of flat tires they will at least get you home after a puncture.
  10. Full Face helmet it’s just too cold for any other type of helmet.

Let’s Go For A Ride

So now you finally got everything on that you need for the ride and you look like the Michelin man, hey no one said it was going to look nice but you will be warm and safe. At this point you ride out onto the open rode nice and warm, if you are not warm you add more clothing next time. I mean this is not an exact science it’s all about trial and error and what works for you because what works for me won’t exactly work for you or anyone else. Also, when you start riding there are some things you should keep in mind:

    • Remember the gloves are bulkier so you have less feeling in your hands so you need to adapt to the throttle.
    • At a stop sign or a traffic light remember your legs are bulkier so be careful stepping down.
    • When riding look for ice and snow on the road surface and avoid if at all possible.
    • If you run over snow or ice come off the throttle and don’t slam on the brakes.
    • Give yourself more space to slow down in case of black ice unseen.
    • Riding in the winter is about enjoying the ride.
    • Do not speed and go, throttle easy and steady.
    • Enjoy the weather you are part of the few who have made the transition to yearly riding in the snow states.
A nice cup of Hot Chocolate after a great ride.

Back Home, Sipping some Hot Chocolate

Finally back home the ride is over a little sad and a little happier because you made the ride enjoyable and it might have been one of your better winter ride. There is nothing like coming home after an awesome winter motorcycle ride and taking a warm bath or drinking a nice hot chocolate. You feel like you have accomplished a great deal, the weather was brisk but the scenery was fantastic. You are a part of the few who refuse to store their motorcycle for the winter. The, “I will ride the winter months no matter what”, riders. I know that if you take my advice and decide to ride in the winter you will not regret it even if you ride for only 30 minutes it will be worth it.

Ride on through the Winter!