Performance Mufflers-My New RCX Slip Cut Muffler

Finally, Bought The RCX Mufflers

So I finally went ahead and replaced the OEM mufflers with the RCX Slip-Cut Mufflers and it was the best decision I made. I debated over this purchase for over a year, I remember going back and forth on many aspects of purchasing these mufflers. I remember considering the sound of the muffler, the look of the muffler, the price of the muffler, the weight and so on.

My RCX Slip-Cut Mufflers
Side view of RCX Slip-Cuts with Saddle Bags

The Sound of the Muffler

I looked at tons of videos on YouTube with a ton of reviews on all different mufflers. I saw some pipes that cost $100 and went up to $900 with all different manufacturers. I have heard  loud mufflers that make the bike unenjoyable to ride and other pipes that are not so loud. Some OEM mufflers with removed baffles that make the bike sound louder and not make it look better. I sailed around in a sea of mufflers reviews looking for a place to dock for at least a year and debated the pros and cons of such a purchase.

Riding around with the OEM pipes for over 2 years and have always felt that the Scout Sixty needed more sound to bring out the true bike sound. But, like I said with the endless amount of information online and everyone claiming that their mufflers are the best and you need to spend the money it is no wonder I did not buy the mufflers.

So now 2019 and I finally found the sound I believed would make the bike sound like a bike. I do not know why Indian Motorcycle put on those OEM pipes but they are heavy and the sound is horrible. I found the RCX 3 inch Slash Cut Slip On Mufflers for the Scout/Scout Sixty for a reasonable price and bought it. The sound that this model allows the bike to put out is fantastic. My bike sounds incredible and for the first time people can hear me when I drive down the road and it feels great.


Side View of Pipes
Close up view of RCX Pipes

The Look of The Muffler

The aesthetics of this Slip on mufflers are slick and refined and the construction is sturdy and firm. As you can see from the picture above they are smaller and lighter which makes it more pleasing to the eyes. I bought the chrome RCX mufflers to match with the rest of the muffler system. They are a high shined chrome with the RCX engraved on the top pipe making it look sharp.

I saw other slip cut mufflers but upon further review I found that it did not meet my expectations. The competition is fierce with mufflers that are shorter, fatter or longer with different designs and colors and some of them looked nice but were way outside the price point I set. I mean do you need to spend that much money to get great sounding pipes? I do not think so, and It  would be better spent on gas and enjoying the ride.

Close up of RCX pipes
Nice view of RCX Mufflers

The Price of the Muffler

The price of the muffler was of much importance to me as is to most of you. If, you riders are like me then you wonder that these RCX 3 inch slash cut slip on mufflers are expensive. Well, let me tell you that they are a reasonable price and you can purchase them from for the low price of $269.99 plus shipping in chrome or black.

Now I share this because I do care about the riders who want to buy a great muffler at a decent price. And that is why the link I set up goes to the site in which I bought mine. Sharing information with fellow riders is an important commodity we can do as riders. We not only can share the road but share invaluable information that will benefit all of us in a positive light.

Here is the Link to the RCX on my bike.


NOTE: If, you installed the Indian performance air intake and flashed it you can just throw on the pipes; however if you do not have the air intake than a flash is the recommendation.

So, along with the pictures that I provided I will also include the video that I made of how it sounds on the bike. Remember when you stand next to the bike the sound is much better and it finally gives the bike some much-needed balls.

If, you enjoyed reading the review on Performance Mufflers please leave a comment or your own review below.

Let your bike breathe!


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