Indian Motorcycle Windshield Bag-Tan Leather

Indian Motorcycle Windshield Bag

I remember when I first bought the windshield I knew that one day I would buy the windshield bag from Indian Motorcycle. I thought it was the most beautiful windshield bag out there but the problem was that I did not purchase the Indian Motorcycle windshield. This was because it was not that great as compared to the National windshield that I bought instead.

So what to do with a specific made product that attaches to another specific product, improvise!, I received the Indian Motorcycle windshield bag as a Christmas present last year and when it was time to mount it on the windshield I had to create some alternative hang points.

What I did was remove the windshield from its frame and was able to come up with a solution to a simple problem. I hate it when a manufacturer makes its products to only fit their accessories. Case in point the Indian windshield bag is meant to only fit the Indian windshield. This is not only narrow-minded but you limit your products to people who will buy the complete set. This is a bad idea on the companies part give the consumer the ability to buy attachments that will work with the windshield they have bought.

Believe it or not there are other companies in America that make better higher quality windshields than Indian and we as the buyer have a choice on buying what we believe to be the best for our hard-earned money? So, listen big companies you need to offer attachments for certain products and we will buy it and tell our friends about it and in turn you will get referrals from us.

Product Features

    • Full leather
    • Desert tan color
    • Magnetized snap closure
    • Water repellent
    • 4 snaps with leather extensions
    • Room for cell phones
    • Indian imprinted logo


Indian Motorcycle Windshield Bag Summary

Title: Indian Motorcycle Windshield Bag

Product Description: A genuine leather desert tan bag

Pros/Cons: Pro-leather, tan, rugged Cons-no attachments for other aftermarket windshields included

Product Specs: See top at features

Warranty: 1-Year

Price: $189.99 best price  (Here)

My Overall Review: 8 out of 10 is due to no other attachments included

In summary, I attached this windshield bag to my national windshield and it fit. I used it ever since Christmas in speeds of 75 MPH and have had no problems with it coming undone. The bag designed to have a precise fit with the Indian Motorcycle windshields but fitted to other windshields looks great. That this was a great Christmas present and use it on just about every ride. You will love to use this bag once you purchase it. It is available from Indian Motorcycle for $199.99 but available here for $189.99 a great price for a great product.

So go ahead and buy it here, you will not regret your decision and it will last the life of the bike I recommend it!
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