Local Motorcycle Rides-First of 2019

My First Ride of the Season

Riding by the Church
Riding by the Church on Post

This was my local motorcycle rides first of 2019 and of the season and it was cold in Minot N.D. Here we are again as the new riding season has begun for the riders of Minot North Dakota. Today was a short ride and I  included a highlight of my ride with some tunes, I hope you enjoy it.

Riding out the Gate
Leaving the Front Gate

So, I will begin to explore the world of motorcycle blogging, I mean how hard can it be, you turn on the camera and speak. Well, let me start by telling all of you that this last Christmas I received a GoPro 5 Black and purchased a helmet mount for my helmet. I know that soon I will have to purchase a helmet microphone to be able to speak into the helmet while I ride.

Only the Best Stay North
Only the Best Stay North

I am still new to this whole motorcycle blogging but I assure you that you will be a part of my biking adventures for this season. Now, I know that that this will be a long and drawn out process for me, I have no real experience and still need a communication device for my helmet. That may be true but having adventures and sharing them with everyone else who is into motorcycle riding will be my goal.

Finally 70 MPH
Finally 70 MPH

This 2019 motorcycle season I intend to mount my GoPro and ride out to new adventures as much as I can. I will explore many new roads and take all of you on my adventures. My hope is not so much as to make money on this but to get subscribers to my channel who will watch me ride through North Dakota. I am pretty sure that it will be rough in the beginning but if you stick with me I know that it will be worth it.

My Sons Contacts

The reason for this ride was to get my sons contacts from vision source in Minot. My son who I love will start track season and he needs contacts. He competed last year in track and field and did pretty good in the events that he participated in. He used them last year, so why fix it. So, this year I went out and picked up his contacts because I am the one who runs around during the day. This should be a great track season for him and I we are so proud of him.

My son tried many sports like basketball, and football in the past but, he has found the same love I found for track and field when I was in High School. I like the idea that he choose track and field because I had such great memories of my meets in High School and sports has always made me feel better about myself while building character and self-confidence. Track helped me and prepared me both in the physical and emotional sence for my Boot camp at Fort Benning Georgia all 13 weeks of it.

Minot AFB
Minot AFB Sign by the intersection

Nice Ride But Cold Fingers

The ride was cool and I can not believe how much I missed riding my 2016 Indian Scout Sixty. I remember I put on my leather jacket, boots, helmet and cold weather heated gloves. Yes, I said heated gloves but I did not plug them in because I thought it was not as cold. I was wrong, by the time I reached Vision Quest in Minot my fingers were in pain from the cold and I could not wait to get inside and warm up. After retrieving the contacts I hoped back on my Indian and rode back home dealing with my cold fingers.

Next time I ride which will be tomorrow I will hook up the wires to warm up those gloves. I will not take any more chances on my fingers and if it warms up I can always unplug the gloves and secure the cord. But other than having cold painful fingers the mission was a success and the riding was fantastic.

If you enjoyed reading about my adventure please leave a comment below and I will respond as soon as possible.

Riding in the Cold!


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