About Me

Welcome to MotorcycleGear4Riders we are here to help all riders who enjoy getting all their gear on and straddling a leg over a motorcycle and heading out into the open road. We are here to ensure enjoying the ride does not mean being cold, wet and miserable. Riding is about your journey, the sights and smells and not about the destination. Not so much the speed as much as the tranquility and zen like state one achieves in the perspective of the scenery. And that scenery sometimes comes with the heavy wind that pushes you or the cold that freezes your fingers and numbs your legs. And the rain that hits you straight, sideways and every which way and freezes your whole body to the bone. But as riders we can always count on the subtle heat of that engine between our legs, always warm and keeping us just warm enough to roll-on through to that wonderful destination. So look around and find all the gear for all year riding and know that here at MotorcycleGear4Riders we are also riders.


I remember when I was young and still in High School I had a good friend named Chris and he rode a Harley a nice loud Harley. It was not brand new but it was a motorcycle and it was cool and from this point on I knew that one day I would learn how to ride and buy me one. Well after High School I joined the Army and sent to Korea for a whole year I worked long hours but the weather was fierce cold and I had no time to buy a motorcycle. Then I went to Colorado for about a year and a half again worked long hours and even colder winters and blizzards again no time to buy a motorcycle. Then I ETSd and yes! I thought finally I can buy a motorcycle and ride, Nope! Went to college for the next 5 years! (took a break halfway through to analyze my life). Had some time but not enough money, college life can be a real drain when you work part-time. After graduation I went to work full-time but could not handle the shirt and tie bull so went into the Army again but this time in the National Guard and eventually worked full-time for them. So yes the years went by, but now I can finally learn to ride and buy my bike but terrorist had other ideas. I deployed to Iraq then to Afghanistan definitely no time for riding a motorcycle there. (Although I did ride a regular bicycle in Afghanistan for a while) I regress.

So the years went by as I am sure does for most of you. Life is an unpredictable, unexpected wave that at times slams you hard with no mercy and at other times lets you ride her with a bogey board or surfboard just coasting in full control of the world around you. Upon leaving Afghanistan and retiring from the Army my mind once again drifted back to my High School days and Chris and yes he still rides. Enough, I went to a Harley dealer and found out that they could teach me how to ride, I went and they sure did in about 3 days I could ride a motorcycle. This was a lifelong achievement and I had done it, I earned a certificate and picture. Thank You, Harley Davidson I will always be grateful.

I learned how to ride but still not enough cash to buy a motorcycle but then I found a Royal Enfield Continental GT what a great racer, red and 535i cc just enough to teach me throttle control and street smarts. After about a year I finally was able to save enough money and buy me an Indian Scout Sixty in white and ride her as much as the weather will allow me to. I do not dislike Harley or any other motorcycle but they were out of my price range at the time and I loved the ride of the Indian motorcycle. Although I do love the 2018 Harley Davidson Freewheeler with the new 107 engines and that would be a blast for long trips with the wife.


We believe that you should be able to go to one place and be able to find all the gear to ride all year long in any season. We are here to help all riders from all to over come to one place and find the gear needed for the ride. You should spend your time riding not looking at all the different places for your gear. That is why we want to help you ride in comfort in any type of weather. The Internet is a huge market place with millions of stores on everything, we are here to be the store to go to for all your motorcycle gear and needs. And remember we also ride so roll-on and check out our website your going to love it.


So what is the destination? I do not know what will be your destination, we can not tell you that nor should we try. We know that there is a big beautiful world out there and you need to ride it. Our purpose is to equip you with a store that will allow you to find all the gear you need to ride, day or night, summer or spring, fall or winter. A place to come to and find the gear you need fast, and buy it, so you can get back on your iron horse and continue to ride and explore what lies on the roads ahead of you. And if that road leads to you creating your own website with all the bells and whistles then do what I did and look into Wealthy Affiliates  a great place to learn and grow your niche.

All the best,