My New Indian Scout Sixty Tank Bag

So, I have been going back and forth since I bought my bike on which tank bag to buy. I currently have a small black tank bag that I have used since I had my first motorcycle. The small tank bag I have is not bad but I do find it a bit small for when I am traveling.

It really doesn’t have a lot of room and the only thing that I ever place in it is the garage door opener. It has worked out pretty good so far and so why do I need to change it?

Here is my bike with the black tank bag

That is a great question I believe that I need to change it because I have out grown it. I mean I need more room for other things like a cell phone and some other documents that I might need to carry at the time. And since it is tax season I thought that I might splurge a little on myself.

Interior of Indian Tank Bag

As you can see the interior of the Indian tank bag is really roomy, it opens up to lots of room and still enough room for the cell phone on the front side. You can fit a lot of small items that would be needed on a day of riding.

The Bottom of the Tank Bag

The bottom of the tank bag is felt lined with 2 each magnets embedded at the bottom. The whole bag is made of Indian Motorcycle genuine leather. This bag is truly a work of art and will match and last a long time on your Indian Motorcycle.

Front View of Tank Bag


  • A very stylish solution to carry all your small stuff
  • Genuine Leather Tan
  • Securely fitted in front of driver on tank
  • Water resistant phone holder
  • Stylish stitching
  • 1 year Warrantee

Amazon is currently selling the Indian Motorcycle Tank Bag for $169.99 click here

What’s included is the tank bag, installation hardware and instructions and it is designed to fit the 2015-2020 Indian scout and scout sixty, 2018-2020 scout bobber.

So is this a good buy? well I think so, I think that it is a great value. The Indian Motorcycle Leather Tank bag is designed with the same care and quality of their saddle bags a true work of art. You can rest assured that this tank bag will last a lifetime.

If you have enjoyed the review on My New Indian Scout Sixty Tank Bag please leave a comment and I will reply as soon as possible.

A Place for my phone,


My New Indian Viking Century Motorcycle Tail Bag

Great Motorcycle Tail Bag by Viking
My New Viking Tailbag

Why buy a new tail bag

So, I have been debating whether or not to buy a motorcycle tail bag for my scout sixty. I thought that I could just get away with just having my saddlebags, but after riding around for a couple of years I know realize that I need one. I mean going downtown and just going to the mall or going shopping and having to carry my helmet every I go, or getting some food or a couple of items from the super market no longer become a hassle. With my new Indian Viking Century Motorcycle Tail Bag life has just become a little easier.

Viking Motorcycle Tail Bag

A Place To Store My Stuff

When I go riding around town I like to see places that I have never seen before and especially on my bike. But, as I ride along I always feel a little hesitant to stop at new places because I will not be sure of what I might buy and where to put it. Now, I believe that I have solved that problem now I will have a place for stuff and a place for my helmet.

Helmet Storage and waterproof bag

This new Viking Century Tail Bag is an important addition for my bike and one that I will need when I get back into scuba diving. Yes, I said scuba diving, when we move from North Dakota we will be going to Hurlburt Field AFB on the Emerald Coast. So, I will need a place to put the following items on my bike;

  1. My BCD (Buoyancy Compensating Devise)
  2. My 1st and 2nd Stage and octopus
  3. My Fins
  4. My mask, snorkel and wetsuit

I believe between my tail bag and saddle bags I should have enough room to bring my bike to the dive shop and have all my equipment.

A Great Bag by A Great Company


Awesome Features and Leather!


Viking is a great company that has been around for a while and is well known in the biker community for quality products. The viking century tail bag is a well made all leather bag well worth the money.


  • Key Lockable
  • Mounting Hardware included
  • Patent# D715045
  • Material: Leather
  • Dimensions: 20″ x 10″ x 12″
  • Storage Capacity: 1098 Cubic inches
  • Lid Opening: 15.5 x 9″
  • Weight: 9lbs
  • Expendable: No
  • Weather Resistant: Yes

The Features

  1. Smooth and sleek design
  2. Double straps and chrome buckles
  3. Includes hidden quick-release buckles
  4. Made of quality Viking Leather
  5. Reinforced body
  6. Top carry handle and detachable shoulder strap included
  7. Can be mounted to sissy bar or on passenger seat
  8. 2 side pockets for smaller items
  9. Internal mesh pocket for extra storage
  10. Black Leather


Lots of Room
Enough room for all your things!


I believe that time will tell whether or not this is a great tail bag. The bag should serve me well and  because of the hard shell and the black leather it just makes it look that much better.

And some of you out there like me are probably thinking that it will not match their bike because it is black, but i must disagree with you. I have a 2016 White Scout Sixty with Tan Saddlebags and I believe that it being black flows better with my bike. 

So, I recommend this bag to anyone looking for a strong high quality motorcycle tail bag made of leather that will allow you to go on some long trips with friends or family members. I really love this Viking Motorcycle Tail Bag and recommend it. The price is $169.00 and currently they have 30% off for St Patricks Day Sale


Please feel free to leave a comment or question below and I will answer you.


The Better Tail Trunk!


Performance Mufflers-My New RCX Slip Cut Muffler

Finally, Bought The RCX Mufflers

So I finally went ahead and replaced the OEM mufflers with the RCX Slip-Cut Mufflers and it was the best decision I made. I debated over this purchase for over a year, I remember going back and forth on many aspects of purchasing these mufflers. I remember considering the sound of the muffler, the look of the muffler, the price of the muffler, the weight and so on.

My RCX Slip-Cut Mufflers
Side view of RCX Slip-Cuts with Saddle Bags

The Sound of the Muffler

I looked at tons of videos on YouTube with a ton of reviews on all different mufflers. I saw some pipes that cost $100 and went up to $900 with all different manufacturers. I have heard  loud mufflers that make the bike unenjoyable to ride and other pipes that are not so loud. Some OEM mufflers with removed baffles that make the bike sound louder and not make it look better. I sailed around in a sea of mufflers reviews looking for a place to dock for at least a year and debated the pros and cons of such a purchase.

Riding around with the OEM pipes for over 2 years and have always felt that the Scout Sixty needed more sound to bring out the true bike sound. But, like I said with the endless amount of information online and everyone claiming that their mufflers are the best and you need to spend the money it is no wonder I did not buy the mufflers.

So now 2019 and I finally found the sound I believed would make the bike sound like a bike. I do not know why Indian Motorcycle put on those OEM pipes but they are heavy and the sound is horrible. I found the RCX 3 inch Slash Cut Slip On Mufflers for the Scout/Scout Sixty for a reasonable price and bought it. The sound that this model allows the bike to put out is fantastic. My bike sounds incredible and for the first time people can hear me when I drive down the road and it feels great.


Side View of Pipes
Close up view of RCX Pipes

The Look of The Muffler

The aesthetics of this Slip on mufflers are slick and refined and the construction is sturdy and firm. As you can see from the picture above they are smaller and lighter which makes it more pleasing to the eyes. I bought the chrome RCX mufflers to match with the rest of the muffler system. They are a high shined chrome with the RCX engraved on the top pipe making it look sharp.

I saw other slip cut mufflers but upon further review I found that it did not meet my expectations. The competition is fierce with mufflers that are shorter, fatter or longer with different designs and colors and some of them looked nice but were way outside the price point I set. I mean do you need to spend that much money to get great sounding pipes? I do not think so, and It  would be better spent on gas and enjoying the ride.

Close up of RCX pipes
Nice view of RCX Mufflers

The Price of the Muffler

The price of the muffler was of much importance to me as is to most of you. If, you riders are like me then you wonder that these RCX 3 inch slash cut slip on mufflers are expensive. Well, let me tell you that they are a reasonable price and you can purchase them from for the low price of $269.99 plus shipping in chrome or black.

Now I share this because I do care about the riders who want to buy a great muffler at a decent price. And that is why the link I set up goes to the site in which I bought mine. Sharing information with fellow riders is an important commodity we can do as riders. We not only can share the road but share invaluable information that will benefit all of us in a positive light.

Here is the Link to the RCX on my bike.


NOTE: If, you installed the Indian performance air intake and flashed it you can just throw on the pipes; however if you do not have the air intake than a flash is the recommendation.

So, along with the pictures that I provided I will also include the video that I made of how it sounds on the bike. Remember when you stand next to the bike the sound is much better and it finally gives the bike some much-needed balls.

If, you enjoyed reading the review on Performance Mufflers please leave a comment or your own review below.

Let your bike breathe!


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Indian Motorcycle Sale

Name: Indian Scout 10″ Ape Hanger Handlebar

Buy Here:

Price: $154.99

Owners: Indian Motorcyle

Overall Rank: 5 out of 5

10' Indian Scout Ape Bar
Indian Motorcycle 10″ Polished Chrome Ape Bars

Product name: Indian Scout 10″ Ape Hanger Handlebar


10″ Ape Handlebar:

  • Will fit any Scout/Scout 60- 2015-2017
  • Will keep your back straight and arms relaxed

Handlebar Compatibility:

  • Compatible to all the existing stock cables and controls


  • Polished chrome
  • Made from durable steel

10' Mini Ape Bars on Scout
Looks great on Scout Motorcycle

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

  1. Comes in polished brass
  2. Fits existing stock motorcycle cables and controls
  3. Will make your ride more comfortable on long rides

The Bad:

1. Will attract attention

2. Will make you ride longer

Mini Ape bar in Black
10″ Ape Bar in Black

3. All black currently unavailable

Who is this Product for?

This is a great product for all motorcycle riders who would like to have a better riding experience. These Indian Motorcycle 10″ mini Ape Handlebars designed for the Indian Scout/Scout Sixty, They come in polished chrome to give the bike a classy look. The Ape Handlebars adjusts forward or backwards to put the rider in the best possible riding position and create a comfortable ride.

Warranted: 1 year

Price: $154.99

My Final Opinion on This Product

This motorcycle 10″ Mini Ape Bar is a great accessory for anyone who rides an Indian Motorcycle Scout or Scout Sixty. The Handlebars will allow you to sit and ride in the best possible position and make for a comfortable ride. It will also allow you to steer the bike more around turns. This product is on my to get list for this 2019 riding season. I know that it will be a great addition on my Scout Sixty and I can not wait to get it.

If you enjoyed my review please feel free to leave a comment and or leave your own comment below.

Ride More Comfortable,



Motorcycle Parts Accessories-For My Scout Sixty

All required hardware included
Includes all needed hardware

Hand Deflectors for my Scout Sixty

These are the National Cycle Hand Deflectors for the Scout and Scout Sixty made to keep your hands safe and warm. Now, I know that you might be hesitant on buying a pair of these for your bike and that it will not hold up to the harsh winds of the road. But let me assure you that if you like to ride in the winter or under wet conditions this is the product for you.

I ordered a pair of these hand deflectors for my 2016 Indian scout sixty because short of wearing my heated gloves my hands get cold in the winter while riding. I know this last winter I wish I had thought of buying these sooner but I did not. They would have cut down on the cold wind and kept my hands warmer and made my life better for riding.

Now I know that spring is here and summer is next and the weather will just be nice enough not to use them. But, these motorcycle parts accessories for my scout sixty will keep my hands safe from any road debris, dry in the rain and eleveat hand fatigue.

The reason I went with National Cycle brand is that I own a 2-up windshield and it works in all types of wind and weather conditions. I love this company so much that I ordered a smaller windshield for the summer that will fit all the same hardware of my 2-up windshield. I recommend windshields from National Cycle for motorcycles they are in my opinion some of the best out there.

Wind Chill Factor on Bike
Wind Chill Factor Chart

Here is a wind chill factor chart that describes the effects of the wind on your hands while riding. So, if you ride your motorcycle on the highway at 60 MPH and the temperature is 50 degrees it will feel like 39 degrees. This I know is true because living here in North Dakota I have gone out in 40 degree weather and it has felt like 25 degrees. And my head, torso and arms were warm due to the 2-up windshield but my hands were cold and miserable. But, not anymore.

Product Features

  • Material: High Impact Acrylic, steel and chrome
  • Convenience features: Makes windshield act like fairing, plenty of room for lever movements
  • Color: Light Grey 26% tinted
  • Ease of Installation: Easy installation
  • Part number : 5521
  • Fitments: 2015-2018 Indian Scout/Scout Sixty models
  • Item Weight: 1 Lbs.
  • Warranty: 3-Year Unbreakable Warranted

National Cycle Hand Deflectors

Title: Hand Deflectors for Scout/Scout Sixty

Product Description: Great aftermarket part

Pros/Cons: Pro-durable, long-lasting, USA made, Cons-only 1 color

Product Specs: See top at features

Warranty: 3-Year Unbreakable Warranted

Price: $80.95 best price on (Amazon)

My Overall Review: 9 out of 10

Awesome Shorty Windshield
Awesome looking shorty windshield

SwitchBlade Chopped Quick Release Windshield

So, I currently ride around with my 2-up Switchblade windshield for the last 2 riding seasons and it is awesome. I have at times riden in such a relaxed state on my scout sixty that my eyes drop below the top of the windshield and this sometimes becomes a problem. I then began thinking how to lower the windshield to make the bike look better and the ride more enjoyable and looked once again to National Cycle and found the chopped quick release windshield.

Quick Release Shorty
Quick release windshield

Discovered that they made a switchblade chopped quick release windshield and I could use the existing hardware from my other windshield. Both are quick release and both made durable and tough. I called up National Cycle because I had the 2-up and spoke to them about my situation and he told me I could purchase just the windshield for $122.95 from them. This was awesome news because then I could buy a smaller windshield but not break the bank.

Note: If you do not have the hardware you can buy the whole shield on amazon for $242.95

The strength of the windshield
Polycarbonate Strength

I received the Shorty windshield and installed it as well as the hand grips and the difference is night and day. I mean when I went for a ride I could see over the top of the windshield even when relaxed and the buffeting on the helmet is nominal. Now I enjoy the riding with more field of vision and have my hands protected from the debris and weather.

Product Features

  • Material: High Impact Acrylic, steel and chrome
  • Convenience features: Makes windshield act like fairing, plenty of room for lever movements
  • Color: Light Grey 26% tinted
  • Ease of Installation: Easy installation
  • Part number : 5521
  • Fitments: 2015-2018 Indian Scout/Scout Sixty models
  • Item Weight: 1 Lbs.
  • Warranty: 3-Year Unbreakable Warranted

National Cycle Chopped Windshield

Title: Switchblade Chopped Quick Release Windshield

Product Description: Great wind deflector

Pros/Cons: Pro-durable, long-lasting, USA made, Cons-none

Product Specs: See top at features

Warranty: 3-Year Unbreakable Warranted

Price: $242.95 best price on (Amazon)

My Overall Review: 10 out of 10

In Summary, If you need a great pair of aftermarket hand deflectors that are a precise fit to your Indian scout/scout sixty then these are the pair to buy. They come in tinted to help out with the sun and for a well-made product that should last many years.

The National Cycle Chopped Windshield is the answer to the many new windshields that currently are put out by Indian and Harley Motorcycle companies. This windshield is not only functional and long-lasting but it makes the bike look cool. A great buy and when paired together with the hand deflectors this set-up will help you enjoy those long summer rides.

They are nice and pleasing to everyone you meet and that compliment the look of the bike. So I recommend this product for use to all my friends who ride a scout or scout sixty in motorcycle land, it is a worthwhile investment that will make your ride much more comfortable.

If you enjoyed reading my review on Motorcycle Parts Accessories-For my Scout Sixty, please feel free to leave a comment or your own review in the comment section below.

Enjoy Longer Rides!



Local Motorcycle Rides-First of 2019

My First Ride of the Season

Riding by the Church
Riding by the Church on Post

This was my local motorcycle rides first of 2019 and of the season and it was cold in Minot N.D. Here we are again as the new riding season has begun for the riders of Minot North Dakota. Today was a short ride and I  included a highlight of my ride with some tunes, I hope you enjoy it.

Riding out the Gate
Leaving the Front Gate

So, I will begin to explore the world of motorcycle blogging, I mean how hard can it be, you turn on the camera and speak. Well, let me start by telling all of you that this last Christmas I received a GoPro 5 Black and purchased a helmet mount for my helmet. I know that soon I will have to purchase a helmet microphone to be able to speak into the helmet while I ride.

Only the Best Stay North
Only the Best Stay North

I am still new to this whole motorcycle blogging but I assure you that you will be a part of my biking adventures for this season. Now, I know that that this will be a long and drawn out process for me, I have no real experience and still need a communication device for my helmet. That may be true but having adventures and sharing them with everyone else who is into motorcycle riding will be my goal.

Finally 70 MPH
Finally 70 MPH

This 2019 motorcycle season I intend to mount my GoPro and ride out to new adventures as much as I can. I will explore many new roads and take all of you on my adventures. My hope is not so much as to make money on this but to get subscribers to my channel who will watch me ride through North Dakota. I am pretty sure that it will be rough in the beginning but if you stick with me I know that it will be worth it.

My Sons Contacts

The reason for this ride was to get my sons contacts from vision source in Minot. My son who I love will start track season and he needs contacts. He competed last year in track and field and did pretty good in the events that he participated in. He used them last year, so why fix it. So, this year I went out and picked up his contacts because I am the one who runs around during the day. This should be a great track season for him and I we are so proud of him.

My son tried many sports like basketball, and football in the past but, he has found the same love I found for track and field when I was in High School. I like the idea that he choose track and field because I had such great memories of my meets in High School and sports has always made me feel better about myself while building character and self-confidence. Track helped me and prepared me both in the physical and emotional sence for my Boot camp at Fort Benning Georgia all 13 weeks of it.

Minot AFB
Minot AFB Sign by the intersection

Nice Ride But Cold Fingers

The ride was cool and I can not believe how much I missed riding my 2016 Indian Scout Sixty. I remember I put on my leather jacket, boots, helmet and cold weather heated gloves. Yes, I said heated gloves but I did not plug them in because I thought it was not as cold. I was wrong, by the time I reached Vision Quest in Minot my fingers were in pain from the cold and I could not wait to get inside and warm up. After retrieving the contacts I hoped back on my Indian and rode back home dealing with my cold fingers.

Next time I ride which will be tomorrow I will hook up the wires to warm up those gloves. I will not take any more chances on my fingers and if it warms up I can always unplug the gloves and secure the cord. But other than having cold painful fingers the mission was a success and the riding was fantastic.

If you enjoyed reading about my adventure please leave a comment below and I will respond as soon as possible.

Riding in the Cold!


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Motorcycle Books-For All Riders

So it is that time of the year again when you have to actually take time and think about gift giving to all of your family and friends. I know complications involved with all the new electronics and everyone trying to sell you what they think will be the best gift this Christmas. But, let me assure you that only you know what that special someone will love this year.

Remember when you were younger and everything ran slower. I remember when I was a teenager I use to love to read books of just about everything. I mean being able to just hold a physical book in your hands, smell the pages and read to your hearts content. The joy of reading is still there but being so busy we just can not find the time anymore.

Well I am here to tell you that I found a list of books that you can buy today for that special someone and know that they will cherish it for years to come. Do not under estimate the power of books to enlighten a loved one especially one who loves to ride motorcycles. Below I will present my top picks for this holiday season that are sure to make your gift giving a pure joy.

So relax and find the perfect book that your motorcycle enthusiast can read and add to their motorcycle book collection in their library. Surprise them and make this year a hit and help them find their joy once more.

1. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

A must have for all who ride motorcycles and a great addition to your library.

The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance An Unforgettable Trip

2. Victory Motorcycles 1998-2017

A complete history of Victory Motorcycle for the victory enthusiast in the family or collector.

  • Hard Cover: $45.00

Victory Motorcycle History

Table of Contents

3. McQueen’ s Motorcycles: Racing and Riding with the King of Cool

If you love McQueen then this book is for you, an interesting read that will be hard to put down.

Hard Cover: $23.79

Kindle: $16.99

McQueen's Motorcycles

Take another look

4. Indian Motorcycle (R): America’ s First Motorcycle Company

This beautiful Hardcover book tells the complete history of Indian motorcycle to include the purchase by Polaris in 2011.

Hard Cover: $34.00

Indian Motorcycle Company

Back of Book

5. The Art of Racing Motorcycle: 100 Years of Designing for Speed

An illustrated rich complete history of the racing motorcycle for the motorcycle speed lovers.

Hard Cover: $44.11

The Art of Racing Motorcycles

6. How to Become a Better Long Distance Motorcycle Rider?

This book will help you become a better rider in taking long trips, and is full of helpful information.

Paperback: $19.99

Kindle: $9.99

Become a Better Rider Back of the Book

7. The Complete Book of Classic and Modern Triumph Motorcycles 1937- Today (Complete Book Series)

This is the complete History of Triumph Motorcycles and it is available now for all of your family and friends who love Triumph.

Hard Cover: $35.05

Triumph Motorcycles

8. BMW: Motorcycles of the Century, Guide to Models 1923-2000

A reference for the BMW collector by collectors of vintage motorbikes from the pristine BMW brand.

Hard Cover: $43.14

BMW Motorcycles of the Century

Back of Book

9. Harley Davidson: A Complete History

This is the book to own if you are serious about your Harley, now you will know the great history of Harley Davidson.

Hard Cover: $34.00

Harley Davidson History

Inside Cover

10. An Illustrated Directory of Military Motorcycles

If you an avid collector or military motorcycle enthusiast this is the book to get, also makes the perfect gift.

Mass Market Paperback: $51.01

Paperback: $16.87

Military Motorcycles

Here is my short list of 10 of my favorite books that make great Christmas presents to all of your motorcycle enthusiast friends. Not only will they enjoy receiving these fine books but they read them through the holidays. I only hope that you find the perfect gift for that special someone who can be difficult to shop for.

If you enjoyed reading Motorcycle Books-For All Riders please leave a comment below or your own review and I will respond back to you.

The Joy of Reading,



Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear-2018 Winter

Welcome to November 2018 in Minot North Dakota. Today is 7 November 2018 and the current temperature is 17 degrees but it feels like 2 degrees and snowing on and off most of the day. Here in North Dakota it gets cold and the temperature today is just the appetizer the main course is still on its way. The main course comes in mid January with temperatures’ in the -30 to -40 degree range. At these temperatures’ something that is mechanical takes extra time to warm up especially motorcycles.

Having winter riding fun

Wait!, did you say motorcycles?, Yes I did, I keep my motorcycle ready to go in the garage just waiting for the snow and ice to clear the road so I can ride. You need cold weather motorcycle gear and look at what the weather is like and how much time you have to ride before the next snowfall. It is critical that you time everything just right or you will be stuck in a snowstorm.


It was not always this difficult to ride in the winter I remember back when I lived in New Jersey on Ft Dix I use to ride on range road from the start to the end and this was a great ride with lots of twisty curves, hills and straightaways. I use to always say how much I hated to live in New Jersey and how I could not wait to move out of there. I never stopped to think what I had in New Jersey and everything it offered me.

Sure New Jersey had some bad smells in certain parts and bad commuter traffic but it also had the beach 30 minutes from my house and an Indian dealer 45 minutes from me. It had many fine restaurants, malls and places to go especially in the winter. I had all of it but I never got it until it was gone. When I moved to Minot North Dakota AFB I knew it would be different but never realized how much of a change this place would be.

If, you live in Minot N. D people say, (Why not Minot), will I have many reasons why not but the most important to me is that there is no ocean here. North Dakota has;

  • Great camping
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Shooting
  • Boating
  • Archery
  • Sking
  • Winter sports
  • Rivers
  • Lakes

All magnificent outdoor activities that my family and I enjoy in the summer but no ocean. What they do have is cold winters and for that you need to purchase cold weather motorcycle gear for the 2018 winter. Let us begin with the head and what to wear under the helmet.

1. Balaclava by Geartop, best full face mask, premium ski mask and neck warmer for motorcycle and cycling in black

Great balaclava for all riders

  • Color: Black, Pink and White
  • Sex: Unisex
  • Manufacturer: GearTop
  • Size: One Size Fits All
  • 588 Customer Review, 4.3 out of 5 stars
  • Item Weight: 0.16 ounces
  • Product dimensions: 10.2×5.5×1.2 inches
  • Best Price Here: $11.78

Now let us move on to the rest of the body and what to wear and not be cold. Now I know that leather is the best when it comes to riding but sometimes the weather is too cold for leather and you need something more. Below you will find my recommendations for that something more. All this gear will keep you toasty warm when you continue to ride in the winter.

2. Joe Rocket Survivor Mens, Waterproof 1 Piece Motorcycle Rriding Suit

Winter riding suit
  • Color: Black
  • Sex: Mens
  • Manufacturer: Joe Rocker
  • Size: Large- XXLarge
  • Customer Review, 4.1 out of 5 stars
  • Item Weight: 7.15 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 21.3 x 20.1 x 6.3 inches
  • Best Price Here: $359.99

3. Motorcycle Heated Gloves

Motorcycle Heated Gloves

  • Color: Black
  • Sex: Mens
  • Manufacturer: Volt
  • Size: Small- Large
  • 40 Customer Review, 4.0 out of 5 stars
  • Item Weight: 3.0 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 12 x 2 x4 inches
  • Best Price Here: $107.97-$179.95

4. Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company Mens Afterburner Boots

Men's Motorcycle Boots

  • Color: Black Leather
  • Sex: Mens
  • Manufacturer: Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company
  • Size: 8-15
  • 160 Customer Review, 4.0 out of 5 stars
  • Item Weight: 5.6 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 14.1 x 14.1 x 5.1 inches
  • Best Price Here: $151.99

Here are my top choices for cold weather motorcycle gear. If, you are like me and find it hard to store your motorcycle for the winter do not fret. The weather can get pretty cold and nasty depending on where you live but preparing for the ride and weather will help you ride safe and warm.

I hope that I helped you in make an informed decision on what cold weather gear to buy to ride in the winter. I also ride in the winter whenever possible and I live in North Dakota. It gets pretty cold in the plains and where I live currently the temperature is 14 degrees but it feels like 6 degrees not great riding weather but with the right gear you can ride.

If, you enjoyed reading Cold Motorcycle Gear-Winter 2018 please leave a comment or your own review below and I will respond.

Stay Warm My Friend!



Bullet Bottle Opener

Bullet Bottle Opener

Get it Here:

Price: FREE!

Owners: Ape survival

Overall Rank: 4.7 out of 5

The Free Bullet Bottle Opener
Open your next beer with a bullet!

Bullet Bottle Opener

  • Dear Gun Enthusiast

    If you ever served in the military or just like guns you will appreciate The Bullet Bottle Opener, complements of Ape Survival. This makes a great gift for your friends or family members. I consider it a standard issue equipment and you will use it for years to come.

    Ape Survival has 700 of these great bullet bottle openers available for free, all you have to do is provide a ship to address and cover a small shipping charge. That is it!,  nothing else, the bottle opener will be in the mail to your home address.

    This makes the perfect gift for gun owners or anyone else who is a gun enthusiast. But if you want to get your hands on one you must act because these bottle openers will not last long. Remember, only 700 of these bullet bottle openers are for free and once these are gone you will have to pay to get one!

    Makes a great gift
    Comes with a nice gift box.

They Love Guns

I have family and friends that just love guns but when the holidays come around it is hard to shop for them. There is always so much at the local gun store and if you do not know the specific gun it is impossible to get a great gift.

Until now, once again Ape Survival has come through for all of us. Here is a great gift for a special friend or family member or even an office buddy in your secret Santa grab bag. This opener brings comments every time you use it, someone will always say something about it.

This custom-made bullet opener is made simple but sturdy classy and tough. And now because they ordered too many of them they are free to anyone that orders them. This Christmas gift will be much appreciation by the person receiving it. This is the perfect gift and it is FREE!, not only will you give them a great gift, but it will only cost you a small shipping charge.

If you have friends who love beer and guns this is the perfect companion for them and it comes in its own gift box. But, you must hurry and order it because once these are gone they will cost you to get. Do not delay any longer, order your bullet bottle opener today!

Bullet Bottle Opener
Get your bullet before they are all gone!

My Final Opinion on This Product

This bullet bottle opener is a strong and durable opener designed for daily use. It makes an awesome gift to anyone who loves guns and drinks beer. This bottle opener would be ideal for the motorcycle riders or anyone who loves guns and ammo, it will not only provide years of reliable service but years of enjoyment. In my opinion I recommend this product to anyone who rides a motorcycle or drinks beer or both.

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Open it with a Bullet!


Knife Belt-Dan Valois SSD-90

Name: Knife Belt-Dan Valois SSD-90

Get it Here:

Price: Free

Owners: Self

Overall Rank: 5 out of 5

Knife Belt
Nice Knife Belt

Product name: Knife Belt-Dan Valois SSD-90


  • Knife contained in the belt buckle
  • A sharp, handy knife, anywhere
  • Draw the knife from the belt buckle in a split-second
  • Belt adjustable from sizes 24 to 52
  • Ultra-sharp knife and a serrated blade for fast, easy cuts
  • Belt stays tight and locked
  • No more digging through your pockets or reaching back for a knife
  • Right where you need it, every time
  • Webbing is super-tough
  • Fits any standard belt loo

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

  1. Nice concealment
  2. Knife is sharp and out of the way
  3. Secures firm in belt

The Bad:

1. Belt size does not go over 52″

2. Have to pay for shipping

3. Belt comes in black

Deployed knife
Great looking belt that’s always ready!

Who is this Product for?

This product is for all motorcycle riders and people who would like to own a nice utility knife that can you can use for self-defense. The product designed for self-defense but one can use it for a variety of emergencies. It secured inside the belt until needed for deployment.

Guaranteed: Each knife belt comes with a 365 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Price: Free -Only 500 available

My Final Opinion on This Product

This is a great product for anyone who wants to carry a knife and not worry about putting one in a pocket. Designed for self-defense but one can use it for any survival situation requiring the use of a knife. It is a nice utility knife belt that you can use while working outside or inside. I recommend this product for motorcycle riders and people who would just like to be ready for what ever nature throws at them.

Knife Belt-Dan Valois SSD-90 at a Glance

Name: Dan Valois-90 Belt Knife

Company: Self

Overall Rank: 5 out of 5

Verdict: This is a no, No Brainer and it is FREE

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Be Ready!,